NEET PG 2020 Application Process

Exam Date : January 5, 2020
Result Date : January 31, 2020

NEET PG 2020 entrance test aspirants have to fill NEET PG application form to apply. For applying, they need to follow the application process to fill the form. This section will help a candidate to fill the application form in a proper format and clarify all the confusion regarding documents. It will also let a candidate know some key tips for future needed documents.

NEET PG 2020 Application Process 

The complete NEET 2020 registration process is explained clearly with images below.

NEET PG 2020 Application Process

  • Registration: Candidates should register for NEET PG 2020 on the official website by clicking on the "Register for NEET PG" link.
  • Date: Candidates can submit the NEET PG 2020 Application Form from November 1, 2019 to November 21, 2019.
  • The aspirants are required to follow the following steps during the NEET 2020 Registration Process: 

NEET PG 2019 Application Process

How to fill NEET PG Application Form?

Step 1: Make a profile for NEET PG 2020

  • First time users: Candidates who are the first time users have to follow the instructions under the heading "I am ready to register" in order to start the process of NEET PG 2020 online registration.
  • Existing users: Candidates who have already registered can enter their username and password and see their profile. Candidates, in order to begin their registration, have to type CAPTCHA mentioned on the page and have to continue for NEET 2020 registration as shown below.

Note: Candidates can choose to save the password details on the website, to make the logging in process easier.

NEET PG 2020 Application Process

Enter the relevant details for NEET PG Application 2020:

Candidates should mention their basic details such as:

  • Name of the Candidate
  • Gender
  • E-mail address
  • Father's Name and Mother's Name

NEET PG 2020 Application Process

  • Login purpose: Now candidates have to create their username and password for further login purposes. 
  • Create a username and password: Create a username without using any special characters, create a password that has a minimum of 7 characters and a maximum of 20 characters.
  • Select secret question: Candidates have to select one secret question and must give the related answer to that question (This is an additional security measure used in case if candidates forget their usernames or passwords).
  • Privacy policy: Candidates should agree on the data privacy policy of NEET PG 2020.

The page for this section is shown below:

NEET PG 2020 Application ProcessEnter Contact Information as follows:

  • Candidate's Primary Telephone Number.
  • Candidate's Secondary Telephone Number.
  • Candidate's Postal Address.

NEET PG 2020 Application Process

  • Upload Photo and Signature: Candidates should upload their photograph and signature in this section. Candidates have to upload their latest coloured photograph and their digital signature as shown below.

NEET PG 2019 Application Process


NEET PG 2020 Scanned files to upload
Images to be uploaded Specifications 
Format Size Dimension
Passport size Photo          JPEG/JPG/PNG 50-100 kb  3.5X4.5 cm
 Signature  JPEG/JPG/PNG 10-50 kb  6X3 cm
Left-hand thumb impression  JPEG/JPG/PNG 10-50 kb  4X3 cm

Step 2: Completion of the NEET PG Application Process 2020 

  • Save and Continue: Now, candidates have to click on NEET PG 2020 from the drop-down list and then click on SAVE & CONTINUE option as shown below.

NEET PG 2019 Application Process

  • Read the instructions: Candidates will be directed to the page which gives all the information related to NEET PG 2020 Examination. Candidates have to read carefully all the information and click on the 'continue' option.
  • Personal information about candidates: The candidates will be directed to a page in which the candidates have to provide their personal information like:
    • Nationality.
    • Date of Birth.
    • Candidate's Category.
    • Residential domicile state.
    • Confirmation of Diplomate of National Board (DNB) Speciality courses.
    • About Candidate's disabilities (if any).
    • Candidates should select a religious or linguistic minority.
    • It is mandatory for candidates to provide any two identification marks.
    • Medical Council of India (MCI) / State Medical Council (SMC) Registration Number with the name of Medical Council and type of registration.
    • Aadhar card number issued by the Government of India.

After providing all the information, the candidates have to click on "SAVE & CONTINUE".

NEET PG 2019 Application Process

  • Educational Qualification: Candidates have to provide their educational background details as follows
    • Total aggregate marks obtained in MBBS along with the University/Institute name, state, month and year. 
    • Information related to the Internship.

NEET PG 2019 Application Process

  • Photo and Signature: All the candidates must upload their photograph and signature on this page and agree by selecting 'agree' option in the "Declaration by Candidate" column.

NEET PG 2019 Application Process NEET PG 2019 Application Process

Step 3: Schedule the exam for NEET PG 2020

  • Location Preferences: NEET PG 2020 exam will be conducted across 41 cities across India. Candidates can choose any one of the locations and schedule their exam. Once, the candidates have selected their preferred location, the candidates have to select the test site which gives the exact address.
  • After it has been done, the candidates have to click on "Schedule Appointment" and the test site will be booked for the candidate.
  • Selection of Date and Time: The candidates have to select the date and time of the examination. Once the scheduling of the exam is done, candidates have to click on the "SAVE & FINISH" button to move on to the payment page.

Selection of Location for NEET PG 2020 Exam: Here candidates can select their exam city, at which they will be taking the NEET PG exam.NEET PG 2019 Application ProcessSelection of Date and Time for NEET PG 2020 Exam: This image below shows, the next stage after selecting the NEET test city, i.e scheduling the time for an exam. By clicking the 'Select Appointment' button one can fix the date and time for the NEET PG 2020 exam.

NEET PG 2019 Application ProcessSelection of Test Site for NEET PG 2020: At this juncture, the website will display the address of NEET PG 2020 test centre. In addition to this date and timing will also appear. So, test-takers can see this and confirm the location.NEET PG 2019 Application Process

Note: After the selection of location, candidates are not allowed to change their choice of NEET PG 2020 Exam Centres.

Step 4: Payment for the NEET PG 2020 Exam

  • Pay fees online: Candidates should pay the examination fees of NEET PG 2020 through online mode. The modes of payment are Debit card/ Credit card/ Net banking.

The exam fee details for NEET PG 2020 is given below:

NEET PG 2020 Exam Fees
Category Exam Fees
General/OBC Candidates Rs 3750/-
SC/ ST/ PWD/ PH Candidates Rs 2750/-

NEET PG 2019 Application Process

  • Edit Profile: After the payment is completed, the candidates will be directed to the confirmation page where the page displays all the information entered by the candidates. The candidates will have to make the necessary corrections by clicking on the edit profile button
  • Candidates can take a printout of the same for future reference. 

Note: Candidates have to make the payment carefully. Because, once paid, the fees will not be transferred or refunded.

Step 6: Printout of filled-in NEET PG 2020 Application Form  

Once all the details are completed, filled-in the application form of NEET PG 2020 will appear on the screen which must be printed. The printout of the NEET PG application form can be preserved for future reference. 

NEET PG Application Process - Mandatory Documents

Photograph of the candidate

  • Size and dimensions: The candidate should take a scan of his/her passport size photograph in a white background and with no borders. The size of the photograph should be between 4-40 kb. The dimensions of the photograph should be 4.5 cm (height) and 3.5 cm (width) with the candidate's name and the date on the photo.

Signature and Thumbprint of the candidate

  • Size and Dimensions of Sign and Thumbprint: The candidate should take a scanned copy of his/her signature and thumbprint in a white background. The size of the image should be between 1-30 kb. The dimensions of the image should be 3.5 cm (length) and 1.5 cm (width).
  • The format of Sign and Thumbprint: The signature and thumbprint should be without blur when NEET PG Application 2020 is uploaded. The signature and the thumbprint images which are scanned and uploaded should be in either .jpg or .jpeg format.
  • When applicants take a printout of NEET PG 2020 application, thumbprint and signature will be available on it.

NEET PG 2019 Reference Books

Discussion Forum

NEET PG 2017 Application Process

What is the Application Process for the NEET-PG 2017?

Asked By: Mohan D,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

NEET PG 2017 Application Process is:

  • Official Website of NEET PG: Candidates willing to apply for NEET 2017 examination will have to visit the official website ( to start the Application Process.
  • Application Form to NEET PG: Since the Application Process for NEET PG 2017 is done online only, Candidates are requested to scan his/her passport size photograph in white background with no borders. The image should be clear enough to avoid blurring of the image while printing out the application form of NEET PG 2017. The image should be in colour as well. The Candidate should also take a scanned copy of his Signature and Thumbprint in white background, making sure the image is clear enough to avoid blurring later on. They have to be scanned and uploaded in .jpg/.jpeg format only at the end of the Application Form.
  • Usage of Photographs in NEET PG Application Form:  After filling in the Application Form for NEET PG 2017 with the required details of the candidate according to his/her current official data, candidates will have to upload the scanned images of his/her Passport size photograph, Scanned Signature and Thumbprint at this stage. Candidates should keep in mind that once the application has been submitted, no changes can be made further. The registration will be completed only when the images have been uploaded successfully since these images will be used further for the Application Form as well as on the Admit Card of the candidate.
  • Payment of Application Fees to NEET PG: After the registration is completed, you will be redirected to a secure payment gateway. The candidate should pay the application form fee online or offline to finish the application form to JEE Main. The candidate shall pay using Credit/Debit Card or by Net Banking if they are opting to pay the Application form fee online. Candidates are advised to have a copy of the successful payment done for the NEET PG 2017 examination for future references.

NEET PG 2017 Exam fee

Fee structure for exam fee at NEET PG 2017

Asked By: Sanjay kumar,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

NEET PG 2017 Exam fee:

Rs. 2750/- (For SC/ST/PWD (PH) candidates)
Rs. 3750/- (For General/OBC candidates)

The above exam fee is inclusive of examination fees and Information Bulletin.

The prescribed registration fee should be remitted through payment gateway provided using a Credit Card or a Debit Card issued by banks in India or through Internet Banking. For more information, please visit the website (


Guidelines for uploading documents NEET PG 2017

What are the criteria for uploading the Documents at NEET PG 2017

Asked By: Mahesh k,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Guidelines for uploading documents, photograph, and signature:

Image and Digital Signature Upload:

Candidates will have to upload their Colour Photo (must be clear picture against a white background and not more than 6 months old) and the image of their Digital Signature on their profile page.

Candidates will have to click on "Browse" button to search for the image and upload it.

The instructions on the image specifications will be provided on the screen itself. Follow the instructions carefully to upload the images.

Candidates will be allowed to upload and edit the images during the registration window from the 26th of September till the 31st of October 2016.

Photo ID and MCI/SMC Certificate:

From the beginning of 2016, all candidates will be required to upload the image of their photo id that they will be carrying to the test center on the day of the exam and their MCI/SMC certificate online.

Click on "Browse" button to search for and upload the images.

Candidates can upload as well as edit the Photo id and the MCI/SMC certificate during the registration window from the 26th of September till the 31st of October 2016.

Uploading the Photo ID and MCI/SMC Certificate:

Candidates need to upload Photo Id and the MCI/SMC Certificate on Education Background page while filling up the application form.

Documents should be uploaded in PDF format and should be less than or equal to 500 KB of size.

The candidate should scan a document in this specified size:

  • While scanning a document candidate should select “Save as PDF” option and Scan size as A4.
  • Select resolution max up to 200 dpi to create PDF document of the required size.
  • Please make sure that uploaded scanned documents are clear and readable.

Application Process to NEET PG 2017

What is the Application Process to NEET PG 2017

Asked By: Sudeep kumar,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

For aspiring individuals to register and take the NEET PG 2017; visit on the “Register for NEET PG" link.

Candidates can register and schedule for NEET PG 2017 from the 26th of September until the 31st of October 2016.

During the registration process, the candidates are required to:

  • Create a profile.
  • Complete the NEET PG application.
  • Schedule the exam.
  • Pay for the exam.

The candidates should gather all the information needed to complete the registration process, including their Credit/Debit card details, Educational history, and Internship details.