MAH MCA CET 2020 Application Process

Exam Date : March 22, 2020
Result Date : April 14, 2020

Steps to submit MAH MCA CET 2019 Application Form

Visit the official website of DTE Maharashtra. Click on the link 'MAH MCA CET Application Form'.
Fill in the personal, academic and contact details. Upload the scanned photograph and documents.
Click on the Submit button and pay the application form fee.
Take the print of the application form for further reference.

MAH MCA CET 2020 Application Process

  • The application form for MAH MCA CET 2020 can be filled by online mode only.

  • The application form of MAH MCA CET 2020 will be available from January 20, 2020 to February 24, 2020.

MAH MCA CET 2020 Instruction before applying:

Before the candidate starts applying for MAH MCA CET 2020 please ensure that he/she have the following documents ready, as they will be required at the time of submission:

  • Scanned copy of your Signature and Photograph.

  • A genuine and working E-mail id and mobile number.
  • Necessary arrangements for Application Form fees.

MAH MCA CET 2020 Procedure to submit Application Form:

  • Official Website: Candidates to go to the official website and click on the option "APPLY ONLINE" which will open a new screen.

MAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form

  • Tab: Click on "MAH MCA CET 2020 Application Form" tab and then a new page will be displayed on the screen.

  • Select: Choose the MAH MCA CET 2020 exam Application Form section and then choose "MCA".

MAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form

  • Basic Information: After choosing the course and filling up the correct and proper Basic information.

MAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form

MAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form

  • Documents Upload: upload the required scanned documents.

MAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form

  • Details: Once after uploading the required documents the candidate has to fill with other Basic details such as Domicile, Contact information, address, Religion, and Bank details etc.

MAH MCA CET 2018 Application FormMAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form


MAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form

  • Qualification Details: After Entering all the details the candidate must enter his/her Qualification details such as 10+2 details, degree details and other qualification details if any.

MAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form

  • Self Declaration: Click on "Submit" to enter the MAH MCA CET Application Form and then a new page will be open up where the candidate must ensure all the details given is correct and the must agree to the conditions and Submit the Application.

MAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form

  • Preview: Once after the candidate completes filling the application form a preview page will be displayed which the candidate can take a print for future use. The Preview page will contain Basic information, personal details, contact information, qualification details etc.

MAH MCA CET 2018 Application FormMAH MCA CET 2018 Application ProcessMAH MCA CET 2018 Application FormMAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form

  • Payment: The candidate should then pay the MAH MCA CET 2020 Application Form Fees via Net Banking/Debit/Credit Card.

MAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form

  • Save and Print: Save and Print the MAH MCA CET 2020 Application Form for the future use.

MAH MCA CET 2020 Description of Application Form Photograph Image:

  • The photograph must be a recent passport style colour picture.

  • Make sure that the picture is in colour, taken against a light-coloured (preferably white) background.

  • If you wear glasses make sure that there are no reflections and your eyes can be clearly seen.

  • Caps, hats and dark glasses are not acceptable. Religious headwear is allowed but it must not cover your face.

  • The Dimensions should be 200 x 230 pixels (preferred).

  • The size of the image file should be between 20kb - 50 kb.

  • Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more than 50kb. If the size of the file is more than 50 kb, then adjust the settings of the scanner such as the DPI resolution, no. of colours etc., during the process of scanning.

MAH MCA CET 2020 Instruction for Scanned Signature Application Form:

  • The applicant has to Sign on a white paper with Black Ink pen.

  • The signature must be signed only by the applicant and not by any other person.

  • The signature will be used to put on the Hall Ticket and wherever necessary.

  • If the Applicant's signature on the answer script, at the time of the examination, does not match the signature on the Hall Ticket, the applicant will be disqualified.

  • The Dimensions of the image should be 140 x 60 pixels (preferred).

  • The size of the file should be between 10kb - 20kb.

  • Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more than 20kb.

  • Signature in CAPITAL LETTERS shall NOT be accepted.

MAH MCA CET 2020 Guidelines:

Guidelines for persons with disabilities using a scribe:

  • The visually impaired candidates and candidates whose writing speed are adversely affected permanently for any reason can use their own scribe at their cost during the online examination.

In all such cases where a scribe is used, the following rules will apply:

  • The candidate will have to arrange his/her own scribe at his/her own cost.

  • The scribe arranged by the candidate should not be another candidate for the same examination.

  • If any violation of the above is detected at any stage of the process; candidature of both the candidate and the scribe will be cancelled.

  • Candidates eligible for and who wish to use the services of a scribe in the examination should invariably carefully indicate the same in the online application form.

  • Any subsequent request may not be favourably entertained.

  • A person acting as a scribe for one candidate cannot be a scribe for another candidate.

  • The scribe may be from any academic stream.

  • Both the candidate as well as the Scribe will have to give a suitable undertaking confirming that the scribe fulfils all the stipulated eligibility criteria for a scribe mentioned above. Further, in case it later transpires that he/she did not fulfil any laid down eligibility criteria or suppressed material facts the candidature of the applicant will stand cancelled, irrespective of the result of the online examination.

  • Those candidates who use a scribe shall be eligible for a compensatory time of 20 minutes for every hour of the examination.

  • Only candidates registered for compensatory time will be allowed such concessions since compensatory time given to candidates shall be system based, it shall not be possible for the Competent Authority to allow such time if he/ she is not registered for the same.

    Candidates who have not registered for a compensatory time shall not be allowed such concessions.

Guidelines for Candidates with locomotors disability and cerebral palsy:

  • A compensatory time of twenty minutes per hour or otherwise advised shall be permitted for the candidates with Locomotor Disabilities and cerebral palsy where dominant (writing) extremity is affected to the extent of slowing the performance of function (minimum of 40%impairment).

Guidelines for Visually Impaired candidates:

  • Visually Impaired candidates (who suffer from not less than 40% of disability) may opt to view the contents of the test in magnified font and all such candidates will be eligible for a compensatory time of 20 minutes for every hour or otherwise advised of examination.

  • The facility of viewing the contents of the test in the magnified font will not be available to Visually Impaired candidates who use the services of a Scribe for the examination.

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