LSAT 2019 Application Process

Exam Date : June 2, 2019
Result Date : June 18, 2019

LSAT 2019 Application Process

Aspirants must fulfil the LSAT 2019 eligibility before filling up the application form. It is advised to the candidates who are applying for LSAT India 2019 to be extra cautious while uploading documents and filing important details as once submitted no changes can be made. The application process of LSAT 2019 includes the filling of the application form, uploading the required documents and submitting application form for LSAT 2019

Make sure that you fill the application form of LSAT India 2019 carefully. Interested candidates can find the complete details regarding LSAT 2019 Application process below:

LSAT Application Process 2019  

Basically, there are six steps for filling the LSAT 2019 application form as shown below.

LSAT 2019 Application Process

Stepwise instructions to Fill the LSAT 2019 Application form

While filling up the LSAT India  2019 Application Form, candidates are needed to keep the documents that are required ready with them. The Important Dates for LSAT 2019 exams are out now.

Step 1: LSAT 2019 Registration on the Official Website

  • Candidates visiting LSAT 2019 official website for the first time have to register for the exam first by tapping "Create new account".
  • Applicants having their LSAT 2019 Registration credentials: login ID and password; can directly login and fill the application form.

LSAT 2019 Application Process 

 Step 2: Entering Personal Details in LSAT 2019 Application form.

  • Candidates registering for LSAT 2019 have to enter their personal details such as name, gender, DOB, city name, state, nationality etc.
  • After entering all the details, press next to continue filling the LSAT Application form.

LSAT 2019 Application Process  

Step 3: Uploading photograph in LSAT Application 2019 form.

  • File to be Uploaded: Applicants have to upload their photographs while filling the LSAT Application form online.
  • Format: Photograph that is to be uploaded has to be only in PDF/PNG/JPEG formats.
  • Size: The size of the photograph must be not more than 2 MB.

LSAT 2018 Application Process 

Step 4: Contact information for LSAT 2019 Application form

  • Candidates have to enter their following details listed below:
    • Phone number with the STD Code
    • Mobile number
    • E-mail ID

LSAT 2019 Application Process 

Step 5: Communication details (Address) for LSAT Application 2019 form

  • First, all aspirants have to select whether their present address is the same as the permanent address.
  • If a candidate's present address is the same as permanent, one can click yes, else no.

LSAT 2019 Application Process

  • Candidates have to enter their Present address as shown in the image below.
  • The details required are provided below.
    • Door Number.
    • Street name.
    • Locality.
    • City/Town.
    • Area.
    • Country.

LSAT 2019 Application Process 

  • Candidates have to enter their Permanent address here; if their Present and Permanent address are different.

LSAT 2019 Application Process 

Step 6: Select Program Preference for LSAT 2019

  • Here, the candidates have to select their preferred program in which they are willing to enroll.
  • There are totally three preferences available.
  • Candidates must also select their Preferred location.

LSAT 2019 Application Process 

Step 7: Select college preference in the LSAT 2019 Application Form.

  • Here candidates have to specify their preferred colleges in which they are interested to get admitted out of all LSAT 2019 participating colleges.
  • Aspirants can select eight colleges in total based on their choice.

LSAT 2019 Application Process 

Step 8: Selecting the language of instruction in School

Here the candidates have to enter,

  • The primary mode of the language used for instructions in their school.
  • And about their English fluency level.

LSAT 2019 Application Process 

Step 9: Enter the class 10 and class 12 Details

Candidates have to enter their class 12 information such as,

  • Board
  • School name
  • City Location
  • Year of passing.
  • Status (Appearing or Passed)

LSAT 2019 Application Process 

Candidates have to enter their class 10 details such as,

  • Board
  • School name
  • City
  • Year of passing.
  • Marks Obtained.
  • Percentage of Marks.

LSAT 2019 Application Process 

Step 10: Enter Additional Information for LSAT 2019 Application form

Here candidates have to enter their

  • Father's and Mother's name
  • Father's and Mother's Occupation
  • Father's and Mother's Designation
  • Father's and Mother's Phone Number
  • Father's and Mother's Mobile Number
  • Father's and Mother's active email id etc..

LSAT 2019 Application Process 

Step 11: Agree to the LSAT 2019 terms and conditions

  • Candidates have to carefully read the LSAT 2019 details for terms and conditions.
  • After reading if aspirants are satisfied, they can click yes and continue.

LSAT 2019 Application Process

Step 12: Complete the payment of LSAT 2019 Application form

  • After filling the complete application, applicants have to pay for the application form.
  • This fee is inclusive of both application and handbook. The total amount is 3,800/-

LSAT 2019 Application Process

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