IMU CET 2019 Eligibility

Exam Date : 28th May 2019 To 31st May 2019
Result Date : 4th June 2019

IMU CET 2019 Eligibility Criteria

IMU CET 2019 Eligibility Criteria

  • Conventions: The IMU CET 2019 qualification criteria characterize certain conventions to be followed by the contender to apply for the IMU course.

  • Specialist: The examination directing expert will characterize the qualification criteria for IMU CET 2019.

  • Warning: The applicants need to guarantee that he/she fulfills all the necessities indicated by the experts for the IMU CET 2019 exam according to the qualification criteria or else his/her application will be crossed out.

General Eligibility criteria for IMU CET 2019:

  • Hitched: Married applicants are not qualified to show up for the IMU CET 2019 exam.

  • International ID: The applicants are encouraged to apply for the Passport before taking admission to IMU courses.

  • Age: The minimum age of the competitor must be 17 years and most extreme age must be 25 years at the very latest by first August 2019.

  • Age-Relaxation: There is an age unwinding of 5 years for saved applicants.

  • Restorative wellness: Candidates seeking to take up marine courses at IMU have to get medical wellness certificate from doctors endorsed by the Director General of Shipping to fulfill the qualification criteria to attend IMU CET 2019.

  • Note: The qualified candidates showing up for the exam before 31st May 2019 are also additionally qualified to take the IMU CET 2019 exam.

Physical Fitness for IMU CET 2019:

  • Fitness Certificate: IMU CET 2019 competitors looking for admission into marine courses (DG Shipping-affirmed courses) are required to produce a medical wellness certificate endorsed by the Director General of Shipping.

  • Differently abled Hopefuls: IMU CET 2019 applicants with Disability (DA) are not qualified to take admission for the marine program.

  • DGS Guides: IMU CET 2019 applicants are needed to be physically fit and need to meet the restorative necessities that is determined by DGS rules.

Visual perception Eligibility for IMU CET 2019:

  • Vision: IMU CET 2019 hopefuls must have great binocular vision. Their vision ought to be 6/6 (typical) in each eye independently.

  • Scale: IMU CET 2019 applicants joining B. Tech (Marine Engineering) degree course, their vision ought to be unaided 0.5 (6/12) in each eye or 0.67 (6/9) in the better eye and 0.33 (6/18) in the other eye.

  • For DNS: Those connected for DNS, B.Sc. (Nautical Science) and B.Sc. (Sea Science) degree course, their vision ought to be unaided 1.0 (6/6) in the better eye and 0.67 (6/9) in the other eye.

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