GRE 2019 Application Process

Exam Date : 1st January 2019

GRE Registration Process 2019

The Gre Registration Process is done online on the ETS official website. You should have an ETS account or must create one. Candidates must be ready with details to complete the Registration for GRE.

GRE Registration details

Candidates should know about the test details before registering for GRE. Some basic things that a candidate should know are:

  • ETS Account

  • Test Fees

  • Services offered and Service Charge

  • GRE Fee Reduction Program for applicants in Financial Need

  • Rescheduling of GRE

  • Cancellation of GRE

  • ID documents and their requirements

  • Modes of Test

  • GRE Test Center

  • GRE Exam Date

Candidates can get full information about the registration process in GRE Registration Details Section.

GRE Registration Process for General Test

Candidates can refer to the following, in order to know the GRE Registration Process.

  • You should have an ETS account in order to Register for GRE. If you dont have ETS account you can create then login into your account through your username and password. Your Username should be the name which is on your ID document.

GRE Registration - Login Page

  • Note: If you have a disability or health-related problems and require testing accommodations then you can visit

  • Once you login you will be directed to your profile.

GRE Registration Process GRE Login Page

  • Your ETS ID will be shown.

GRE Registration - Login page, ETS ID

  • In there you have to click on “Register/Find Test Centers, Dates” button under “My Tests”.

GRE Registration - login page, register

  • Here you have to details, which are given below:

    • Now you will have to select the GRE General Test under “Please select a test”.

    • In “Find test centers at or near this location:” section select a city near which or at which you would like to take the test

    • There is a range of two months in which you can select the test, choose the range which is suitable for you.
    • If you have Restricted Reservation Code you can use it the section of the same name.
    • Select the “Find available test centres and dates” button.

GRE Registration process - select city, date and time

  • Select the test date by selecting by Date or By Distance tab. And then select the date and time you want. Now click Register

GRE Registration

  • Before you finalize your registration for the test, check Test, Test Date/Time and Test Center. If you want to change you can change it.

GRE Registration

  • Read the policy and if you agree, click the box which says so and clicks next.

GRE Registration

  • Now it will show all the information you have entered. Once you confirm the information click next.

GRE Registration

GRE Registration

  • Select if you wanna be a part of GRE Search Service.

GRE Registration Search Service

  • Now enter all your background information and check it once.

GRE Registration Background information

GRE Registration Background information

  • ETS offers a lot of service and test paper which you can buy and then add to the cart.

  • Now you can check out with your cart, now on ETS checkout page you can pay through Debit or Credit Card or PayPal or through American Banks

GRE Registration Checkout

GRE Registration Process Paymetn

  • You will be directed towards confirmation of your order page.

GRE registration Confirmation

  • After Registration candidates will get Admit Card sent through email.

Rescheduling of GRE Exam Date

Candidates are permitted to reschedule their test dates within the testing year. The rescheduling should be done at least four days before the scheduled GRE Date or else the test fee will be forfeited. 

Cancellation of GRE  Registration

  • Candidates can cancel the scheduled GRE test registration through your ETS-GRE account or by informing GRE Services by phone or email.

  • Candidates can visit the above-mentioned link to get more details about Cancellation of GRE Cancellation procedure.


Candidates can get more info about GRE Exam Date Rescheduling or GRE Cancellation process in GRE Registration Details

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