Getting the right score or rank in JEE Main 2021 examination always has confused candidates, and we have the answer. By reading this article, you will find out how much to score in JEE Mains 2021 examination, which will help you secure a seat in NIT, IIT, or IIITs. With the growing competition in the JEE Main examination every year, the question 'Is 90 percentile good in jee mains?' is still a top priority among candidates. The idea of the score or rank needed for NIT, and how much marks required for IIT, will be cleared by reading this article. With the right strategy, you can prepare for the JEE advanced 2021 examination and secure admission in the NIT or IIT institutions. However, depending upon the course and college you target, the term 'JEE Main Good Score' differs from candidate to candidate. Check the analysis below to understand what is a JEE Main good score.

Good Score In JEE Main To Be Eligible For JEE Advanced

To answer the question about what a good score in JEE Main 2021 is, it is a score that makes you eligible for the JEE Advanced 2021 examination. By analyzing previous year trends, we can tell you that the score or rank required to appear for JEE advanced was high. The table below is a detailed chart of the percentages required for minimum cutoffs based on category. The trends of the previous year's are listed below, along with the tentative values for 2021:

Year The required cutoff in JEE Mains to appear for JEE Advanced
General Category SC ST OBC
2021 80 - 85 45 - 55 40-50 70-75
2020 70 50 40 73
2019 90 40 40 70
2018 74 29 24 45
2017 81 32 27 49
2016 100 52 48 70
2015 105 50 44 70
2014 115 53 47 74

Note: 200-210 is the average marks required in the General category of JEE Main to appear for the JEE advanced exam.

Good Score In JEE Main Score For Admission In NIT

Securing admission in any of the NITs by answering JEE Main requires a good score of around 80-90 percentile. Candidates must also be placed in the top 15000-20000 ranks to get admission into the institution. As per previous year trends, any candidate who was featured in the range of 1-20000 had secured a seat in the country's top NITs. The newer NITs also chose candidates around the 200000 rank range.

Good Score In JEE Main Score For Admission in IIIT

Securing admission in IIITs by answering the JEE Main requires a 70-80 percentile score. The candidate must also be among the top 25000 ranks to secure the seat. Candidates within the range of rank 1-25000 had made it to the top IIITs across the country. Newer IIITs and regional level institutions as well-considered candidates who were within the range of 25000-100000.

Good JEE Main Score To Secure Admission in Top Engineering Colleges

Apart from the IIT, NIT, or IIITs, securing admission in the top engineering colleges in India requires an 80 per cent score in the JEE Main examination. Besides the JEE Main, candidates can answer the entrance exams conducted by the specific university or institution. Aspirants can also try to secure direct admission in the B.Tech courses of top private engineering colleges across the country.

A good score and rank in JEE Main depend on several factors. It depends on the marks secured by candidates who appear for the current year's JEE Main examination. Hopefully, this article gave you an idea of the possible percentile required to enter the college you choose. Click on the link below for a detailed analysis of marks vs. rank.

5 Tips to Get A Good Score In JEE Mains Exam 2021

Aspirants will be looking under every rock to find the best tactics to study for the NEET 2021 examination. At Getmyuni, we have experts to help you with the exam in the form of question papers, mock tests and more. Make sure you check the artiles on the website related to the JEE Main 2021 exam. Here are five tips to get you started. 

  • Focus on the tough topics
  • Gather all the material needed before hand
  • Look for good online coaching to help you understand the topics better
  • Do not strain on one topic for a long time
  • Stay healthy and mentally fit and keep a routine going. 

Make sure you check back on the Getmyuni website for more details related to JEE Main 2021. Good luck!

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