JEE Main question paper for the year 2018 is essential when preparing for the examination. By reading this article, you will get an insight into the JEE Mains 2018 exam question paper, answers, solutions, and pdfs that can be used to prepare for the following year's exam. The 2018 JEE Mains Question Paper can be solved using suitable IIT JEE books, videos, and pdf, which should be a priority for students preparing for the exam. Candidates looking for the JEE Main 2018 question paper with solution pdf download can access the link below and begin preparing for the exam. The major benefit of using previous question papers is to understand the pattern, the types of questions, and how marks are distributed around the paper.

Furthermore, the JEE Main 2018 January exam analysis, along with the April question paper, will aid you in preparing for the examination. Additionally, the jee mains 2018 question paper in Hindi is available, and you can find it using the links below. This way, the JEE Main question paper 2018 helps you improve your time management and focus on the paper's harder sections.

JEE Mains 2018 Question Paper

The JEE Mains 2018 question paper pdf shows that there were a total of 4 sets, which were Code A-D respectively, and consisted of 90 questions and 360 marks. The JEE Mains 2018 question paper PDF download is available online and accessible for candidates. Finding the solutions at the earliest will give you more time to prepare for the examination you are answering. The JEE Mains question paper 2018 PDF and other years and subjects are listed in the link below.

Candidates looking for the Jee Mains 2018 question paper with solutions PDF download are in luck, we have all the answer keys detailed in the link below. The link also has the IIT JEE Mains question paper 2018.

The JEE Mains 2018 online question paper answer key will guide you through the sets, and codes. Additionally, the JEE Mains 2018 question paper 2 with solutions are also provided on the link above. Furthermore, you can find the 2018 IIT JEE Mains question paper and answers available here. The JEE Main 2018 April Exam Analysis below will help you understand what you can expect in the coming examination.

JEE Mains 2018 Question Paper Analysis

The JEE Mains 2018 offline exam conducted by the CBSE on April 8, 2018 and the online exam was held on April 15, 2018, to April 16, 2018. After the examinations, the JEE Main 2018 online question paper with solution pdf download was available, and students preparing for the following year could access the same. Reading through the analysis below will help you understand the JEE Mains questions paper for 2018, better. It will also help you in time management and improve your preparation.

There were thirty objective type multiple-choice questions for Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. For every correct answer, four marks were awarded and one mark was deducted for an incorrect answer. If an answer was not attempted, there was no negative marking for that specific answer.

Difficulty Level Easy Moderate Hard
Subjects Questions Marks Questions Marks Questions Marks
Maths 7 28 13 52 10 40
Physics 13 52 14 56 3 12
Chemistry 13 52 10 40 7 28
Total 33 132 37 148 20 80

According to the candidates and our experts, all three subjects were similar in terms of difficulty. However, Out of the three, Physics was the hardest, followed by Maths and Chemistry. With a total of 90 questions, candidates saw 33 easy, 37 moderate, and around 20 questions were difficult to answer.

JEE Main Paper 1 2018 Question Paper - 2018

The jee main question paper 2018 with answers is available above. You can access the same by clicking on the respective link. Candidates answered the JEE Main Paper 1 2018 exam for BE and B.Tech. The duration of the examination was 3 hours, and the question paper consisted of 90 questions. The jee main 2018 online question paper pdf download link above will help you find all 90 questions so you can prepare for the examination. The maximum marks allotted was 360. The Question paper had three parts - A, B, and C, which consisted of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, having 30 questions each. For every right answer, four marks were allotted, and 1/4 marks were deducted for the incorrect answers. There was no negative marking for unanswered questions.

For your convenience, we have the complete set of JEE Main 2018 question paper download pdf in the link above.

Question Distribution in 2018 JEE Main Question Paper

The table below denotes the distribution of questions in the JEE Main 2018 question paper in various subjects for Class 11 and 12. The question paper was said to be of moderate difficulty and the cut of marks have decreased as compared to subsequent years. 

Class Class 11 Class 12
Subjects Questions Total Marks Questions Total Marks
Maths 16 64 14 56
Chemistry 13 52 17 68
Physics 15 60 15 60
Total 44 176 46 184

JEE Mains Paper 2 Question Paper PDF - 2018

JEE Main B.arch 2018 question paper pdf is available in the link given above. The JEE Mains Paper 2 consists of both - B.arch and B.Planning. There were three parts to the question paper, namely Part I, Part II, and Part III. Part I of the question paper dealt with the aptitude test and had 50 objective type questions, which consisted of four marks for every correct answer. Part II had 30 questions related to mathematics and again had four marks for every correct answer. Part III had only two questions and carried 70.

When answering Part I and II, you need to make sure you fill in your test booklet's correct spaces. Part III is answered on a separate drawing sheet. Please take a look at the JEE Main Paper 2 2018 Question Paper, download, and attempt to answer them at your own pace. Candidates looking for the JEE Mains paper 2, drawing questions with solutions 2018, refer to the link above, which has all the answers. Don't forget to click on the link above for the Jee Main paper 2 2018 question paper download section.

JEE Mains Advanced 2018 Question Paper

The IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) have released the JEE Mains Advanced 2018 Question Paper for both paper 1 and paper 2 in the last week of May on the official website only. Candidates are advised to download and begin exam preparations by answering the PDFs available. Additionally, candidates can use previous JEE Main question papers and understand the pattern. Answering more question papers will boost your confidence, and this improves your performance.

The examinations are very competitive and require a lot of hard work. Make sure you start early and secure a seat in the college of your dreams.

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