Introduction to E-Learning

  • In this fast-growing era, technology is developing enormously. Technology is being implemented in all the sectors of business and education. In the education sector, e-learning is marking its importance. E-Learning is breaking the stereotype of traditional teaching and learning. Students need not be confined to the classrooms, whiteboards and books. Technology is taking over the world of education. 

  • Description: E-Learning can be defined as formalised teaching and learning with the help of electronic resources/devices. E-Learning is the network-enabled transmission of knowledge and skills through which the delivery of education can be done to a large number of people at the same or different times. E-Learning was not accepted by many people but the rapid growth of technology and advancements in education, it is being noticed by many people. It is accessible at any time and location. 

  • Scope: E-Learning has been used by corporate sectors, especially when training programs are conducted by MNCs across the globe. Employees are learning important skills while sitting in the boardroom/ seminars,  which are conducted by same/different organizations. The schools using e-learning technologies are growing faster and are imparting teaching and learning very effectively.

  • It is very important to take forward the concept of traditional teaching and learning but the importance and effectiveness of technology-based learning cannot be neglected. Various sectors like agriculture, medicine, education, business, services, and government organizations are adopting this concept which is adding to the progress of the nation.

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1 Benefits of E-Learning
2 Features of E-Learning
3 E-Learning websites
4 E-Learning websites: Details

Benefits of E-Learning

  • E-Learning is providing a single source for learning materials. The content which is being delivered is identical for all learners and is of high quality.

  • E-Learning is computer-based and online. Updating the data is easier compared to the time spent in distributing paper, CD, DVD based content.

  • An internet connection is all required for the e-learning process, hence it is easily available, flexible and dependable.

  • One of the important benefits is it will reduce the amount associated with training and development.

  • E-Learning is not only accessible but also standardized. Every learner is provided with the same quality content and one can access the data in their comfort zone. 

Features of E-Learning

Efficient and scalable

·       Easy to create and communicate

·       Newly updated data is made available easily

Time-saving and easily accessible

·       Can be accessed anytime from any place and means

·       Can fit into one’s daily schedule

Tracking of learning activities

·       Progress of students can be easily tracked

·       Everyone learns at a different rate, hence one can learn in his/her own pace

Easy update of the content

·       Existing data can be updated easily in all the sectors


·       E-Learning allows educators to set a certain degree of coverage for their target audience.

·       Results in all audience receive the same training.

E-Learning websites

  • Khan Academy

  • Coursera

  • W3 Schools

  • TedEd

  • Codecademy

  • Open Culture

  • Academic Earth

Art and Music

·       Dave Conservatoire

·       Drawspace

·       Justin Guitar

Math, Data Science and Engineering

·       Codecademy

·       Stanford Engineering Everywhere

·       Big Data University

·       Better Explained

Design, Web Design/Development

·       HOW Design University

·       HTML Dog

·       Skillcrush

·       Hack Design

General College and University

·       edX

·       Cousera

·       MIT Open Courseware

·       Open Yale Courses

·       Open Learning Initiative

·       Khan Academy

·       MIT Video

·       Stanford Online

·       Harvard Extension School: Open Learning Initiative

·       Canvas Network

·       Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple

·       Open UW

·       UC San Diego Podcast Lectures

·       NovoEd

IT and Software Development

·       Udacity

·       Apple Developer Site

·       Google Code


·       Mozilla Developer Network

·       Learnable

·       Pluralsight

·       CodeHS

·       Aquent Gymnasium

E-Learning websites: Details

  • Khan Academy
    Khan Academy’s team have created self-paced, free, the source of online education that is gaining popularity due to its standards. It is an easy road for students to start learning about any subject that they choose. It is one of the viable options for adults too, who wants to improve their technical skills or learn any other subject.

  • Coursera
    There are a wide variety of options available on this website. Coursera has a partnership with museums, universities and other institutions to offer better quality free classes on various subjects. Students are provided with various topics or one can just choose the subject they are interested in.

    Coursera provides information about the following:

    • Syllabus of the course

    • The format of the course

    • Background and experience

    • Materials needed

    • Brief of the course

    • Statement of accomplishment from the instructor

  • W3 Schools: W3 Schools website provides knowledge on various aspects of web design. HTML, PHP, SQL, Jquery and more. For each topic, there are a variety of tutorials, tests, etc. Students are provided with the final test and the certificate of completion.

  • TedEd: TedEd not only has motivational speakers but also it is filled with educational videos on a variety of general educational topics. It can be accessed for free.

  • Codecademy: Codecademy helps students to select their learning objective and suggests the proper course for an individual. Any students interested in coding can access this website as it provides practical recommendations for students about how to code.

  • Open Culture: Open Culture provides classes on a variety of subjects that are offered by different Colleges and Universities and also internet based certification programs.

  • Open Yale Courses: Popular websites lead by Yale instructors.

  • Academic Earth: Academic Earth is the education website accessible worldwide. It has the unique concept of education, easily accessible and potential for students from unprivileged areas.

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