Introduction to Design

There are a wide variety of design courses available. A design course provides knowledge about the fundamentals of design and how design is implemented in different sectors of the industry. It also involves design methodologies, values and philosophy. It follows the aesthetics of products and few courses focuses on the architectural trends and history and few involves drawing, photography or modelling. Design can be applied in many fields such as advertising and marketing, graphics, interiors, products and fashion. It emphasises the creativity of students and develops focus, versatility and flexibility. Illustration skills of students will be developed in order to showcase their own concepts and designs with the technical ability. There will be a development in research skills and planning skills in order to strategize an approach to each project, creativity and attention to each detail.

Design Courses after 12th

  • Fashion Designing

  • Leather Design

  • Textile Design

  • Interior Design

  • Product Design

  • Accessory Design

  • Animation Film Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Acting/ Dance/ Music

  • Air hostess

  • Mass Communication and Media

  • Animation/ Web Design

  • Foreign languages

  • Cartoonist

  • Accountancy

  • Event Management

  • Hotel Management

  • Journalism

  • Sociology

  • Political Science

  • Economics

  • English

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

Design Course: Details

Fashion Designing

  • Fashion Designing includes topics like textile technology, garment construction and technology, ornamentation, fashion marketing, merchandising, etc.

  • Provides opportunities in the growing fashion industry.

  • Graduates can work as fashion designers, fashion consultants, fashion merchandisers, fashion event organizers, stylists etc.

  • Well known fashion designing courses can be listed as Bachelor of Design ( Fashion Design ), B.Sc. in Fashion Designing, BFT ( Bachelor of Fashion and Technology )

  • There are many short-term courses available too.

Leather Design

  • Designing leather accessories

  • Belts, wallets, purse, handbags, furniture, etc. are made of leather.

  • The leather designing course involves processing, designing and merchandising of leather, leather products and accessories.

  • The leather industry is growing rapidly in the present era.

  • Few leather design courses are Bachelor of Design ( Leather Designing ), B.Sc. in Leather Designing, Bachelor of Design- Fashion Leather Accessory Design.

  • Diploma and certification courses are available too.

Textile Design

  • Textile industry and Fashion industry are interconnected.

  • Topics covered will be textile technology, design and marketing, CAD, printing and merchandising.

  • Courses available are Bachelor’s Degree Course ( Textile Designing ), Sc. in Textile Design, Textile Engineering, Diploma in Textile Engineering, Diploma in Textile Designing and few Certification courses.

Interior Design

  • Interior Design is an art of designing a space with few elements without losing the context and the functionality of the space.

  • Topics included will be interior designing, furniture designing, landscape designing, product designing, set designing, etc.

  • Design courses include Bachelor of Design ( Interior Design ), B.Sc. in Interior Designing, few Diploma and Certification courses are available.

Product Design

  • Product Design involves the designing of products for various purposes.

  • Productivity and usability can be increased through product design.

  • It is a field of Innovation and Development of basic products.

  • Courses include Product Designing, B.Sc. in Product Designing, few Diploma and Certification courses are available.

Accessory Design

  • Accessory Design Department is a part of the Fashion Industry.

  • This department deals with the designing, development and manufacturing of accessories.

  • Accessories include ornaments, handbags, watches, .lifestyle products, footwear, jewellery, etc.

  • Courses include Bachelor of Design ( Accessory Design ), B.Sc. in Accessory Design, few Diploma and Certification courses are available.

Animation Film Design

  • Animation Film Design is the department related to the Department of Animation and Multimedia.

  • Topics involved will be 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Clay modelling, Mixed media, etc.

  • Training will be given in the field of animation and multimedia.

  • Graduates will have opportunities in sectors like animation, digital filmmaking, graphic design, etc.

  • Courses include Bachelor Degree Course related to this field ( Animation Film Design ), B.Sc. in Animation, few Diploma and Certification courses are available.

Graphic Design

  • Visual communication sector includes Graphic Design.

  • Graphic Design is applied in many sectors like magazines, newspapers, logos, website etc.

  • Courses include Bachelor Degree Course related to this field ( Graphic Design ),  Sc. in Graphic Design and Web Designing, BA in Graphic and Web Designing, etc.

Eligibility criteria

  • The Design Course will usually be for a period of 3-4 years

  • It is an undergraduate level program

  • The classroom consists of lectures collaborated with practical workshop sessions

  • The minimum educational qualification will be 10+2 pass ( Any stream )

  • Admission process differs from colleges to colleges

  • Few entrance exams to be given across India are CEED ( Common Entrance Examination for Design ), SET - Symbiosis Entrance Test, NIFT Entrance, Pearl Entrance Test, SOFT Entrance Test, NEED ( National Entrance Examination for Design ), NID-DAT ( National Institute of Design- Design Aptitude Test )

The scope of Design Course

The attributes of design are becoming more diversified and are present in many business sectors, architectural field, civil engineering, organizational, human behaviour, etc presently. A designer can work in different sectors of activity such as fashion designing, interior design, graphic design, industrial design, web design, etc. Graduates with design understanding will have opportunities in marketing firms/ advertising agencies. Understanding the theory of the effect of design on consumers/ consumer behaviour will be helpful in online or retail sales whereas photography skills can be applied in freelance work.

Career options in the Design field

  • Fashion Design

  • Accessory Design

  • Textile Design

  • Leather Design

  • Fashion Communication

  • Knitwear Design

  • Apparel Production

  • Lifestyle Accessory Design

  • Apparel Design and Merchandising

  • Industrial Design

  • Product Design

  • Furniture Design

  • Interior Design

  • Toy and Game Design

  • Civil Construction

  • Architecture

  • Transportation and Automobile Design

  • Ceramic and Glass Design

  • Communication Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Film and Video Communication

  • Animation Design

  • Photography Design

  • Exhibition Design

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