Tech engineering is one of the most popular engineering programs among the science stream students. Bachelor of Technology[B.Tech] is pursued after 12th science(PCM/PCB). This course helps students in all ways, such as developing technical skills, soft skills, and analytical skills. There are many reputed institutions/ universities in India which offer B.Tech courses in various specializations such as electrical engineering, electronics & communication engineering, computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc.

What to do After B.Tech Engineering?

In the final year of B.Tech engineering, the students are bombarded with questions of what to do after B.Tech? What is the best after B.Tech? Every student has predetermined goals and aspirations and, accordingly, with the plans to achieve what they wish to do in the future.

In the third and fourth years of the B.Tech engineering program, students start getting worried about what to do after B.Tech in mechanical engineering? There are a plethora of career opportunities waiting to be achieved by the students. Proper guidance and awareness about these opportunities and developing all the required skills and knowledge will bag a great career.

There are numerous career options like higher studies, companies that provide you with lucrative jobs, this article will acknowledge you with those career opportunities that are ideal after B.Tech. So read through the article and choose the best.

College Placements

Placements offered by the colleges, be it off campus or on campus, having no interest in pursuing higher studies. Students wishing to take up jobs right after completing the B.Tech then opting for placements is the best choice. Most prestigious engineering colleges provide excellent placement opportunities.

Be prepared for these placements and put in all the efforts to bag yourself the best jobs offered to the engineers. These placements provided by the colleges can open you to the industry early in your career and serve as a foundation for your higher studies if you wish to pursue higher education in the future. Campus placements for engineering students are on the rise every year with high packages being offered to students in their three years of engineering 

The career opportunities provided to B.Tech are mainly in technical fields. B. Tech graduates are offered lucrative jobs in both public or private sectors in India. Some of the popular opportunities that are available to B.Tech graduates are listed below-

  • Computer science engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Automobile engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Electronics engineer
  • Aeronautical engineer
  • Marine engineer
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Mining engineer
  • Ceramic engineer
  • Production engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Software develop
  • Product manager
  • Construction engineer
  • Telecommunication engineer

Master of Technology[M.Tech]

M.Tech is the most popular course opted by most of the students after B.Tech. Having any plans for further studies with specialization then Master of Technology [M.Tech] is best preferred after B.Tech. M.Tech or ms by research is the next step after B.Tech to look into with a focus on the specialization you wish to take up and take your career in. Specialization in your preferred field will provide an edge over others and bring credibility to your professional life.

Pursuing M.Tech from prestigious colleges like IITs. NIT's and CFTIS, bring with benefits of its own. Pursuing M.Tech requires for appearing in entrance exams like Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and other exams offered by various universities.

Master Of Business Administration[MBA]

Tech engineers interested in gaining knowledge in various aspects of business and management then MBA after B.Tech is the right choice. Master of Business Administration [MBA] is the most popular course and pursued mainly by students in India, which provides an enormous scope. Specializations offered in MBA are hr, marketing, digital marketing, international relations, sales, and more. MBA has become quite famous among engineering students in recent years. Engineering students who wish to change their stream after B.Tech and wish to make a career in business and management are seen drifting toward MBA.

CAT (Common Admission Test) is the most common entrance exam for entry into the IIMs and other leading institutes and various common entrance exams at state levels.

Certification Programs/diploma Programs

Tech students wishing to gain knowledge limited only to respective fields can pursue various certification courses or diploma courses. Students wishing to obtain knowledge in their areas so that they can better stand among the crowd without spending a lot of time studying further, certification, or diploma courses are the best options after B.Tech. 

Courses such as VLSI, robotics, embedded technology, protocol testing, ethical hacking, machine designing, and more specialized courses are pursued among the B.Tech students. These courses are job oriented and aimed at providing specialized skills that add up to your qualification. These short-term courses will add some specialized educational qualifications to your resume, some popular certification and diploma courses after B.Tech that are mostly recommended are-

  • Information security & ethical hacking
  • C, C++, Java, .Net, SQL
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • Web designing
  • Robotics
  • Very-large-scale integration (VLSI)
  • Embedded Technology
  • Networking professional
  • Software Testing
  • Technical Drawing & Designing
  • Electrical Distribution System
  • Iso lead auditor courses
  • Primavera Training
  • Statistical quality control (SQC) courses
  • Cracking various Competitive Exams:

Working for the government is one of the most prestigious things in society. Government jobs come with benefits of its own that make it one of the best, among others. Various competitive examinations are conducted every year to fill the different vacant government jobs. Lakhs of students applying for these exams qualifying in these exams can bag you the government's highest-paid jobs. 

One such examination is the civil services examination, the most robust and most attempted examination of our country to get into the government's administrative side. Indian engineering services are the jobs that are only preferred for engineering graduates. B. Tech graduates who love a government job that provides you with much better facilities and a safeguarded future than competitive government exams are the ones, so go on start preparing for these exams.

Serving your country is also the best thing for any patriotic, interested in helping the nation then joining the Indian army/navy/air force or any other wing. The facilities provided for defense personnel and benefits are best. So the NDA entrance test, AFCAT are some exams that could be the next thing for the patriotic B.Tech graduates.

Abroad Education

Abroad, education is the most popular choice among students all the time. One of the things on the wish list of engineers is to go overseas to pursue higher education. Foreign universities provide the best opportunities and facilities that the universities in India lack. If your wish is to explore and experience an entirely new culture while pursuing your masters, going abroad is the best option. 

Qualifying in exams like GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and many more are the necessary steps as per the criteria. Studying abroad comes with great benefits, but proper homework in selecting the best program from the best country, could not stop you from living your dream. Check and make sure to meet the various eligibility criteria enlisted by the colleges/universities.


Entrepreneurs are the next big thing in the world; a better idea and management skills can set up the next billion-dollar company. India has been recognized as the startup hub globally and has paved the way for many entrepreneurs across the country.

If you are someone with an entrepreneurial dream, with the success of many startups in recent years, setting up your own business could be the best next step after B.Tech. Entrepreneurship is the one option after B.Tech that will let you have the freedom to express your creativity and ideas.

But, the entrepreneurial path doesn't seem to be so easy. Setting up your own business will require a lot of hard work, groundwork, patience, and the strength to put up with difficulties, struggle, and all the setbacks that will demotivate and discourage the entrepreneurs. Before proceeding in this venture, make sure to be confident throughout the way and put in all the effort to make it work in any circumstance. 

Final thoughts:

There are a lot of career opportunities available after B.Tech engineering. All you need is to do proper research and follow your passion and interest and harness your talent to find a suitable job. 


  1. Can B.Tech graduates pursue an MBA?

    Yes, B.Tech graduates can pursue MBA by appearing for various entrance exams to get into MBA colleges.

  2. Career options after B.Tech?

    Read through the article to find the best opportunities after B.Tech.

  3. What are the ideal courses after B.Tech?

    M.Tech, MSC. MBA etc

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