Strategy planning has become the first and foremost important step in any organization. It is important in laying down the long-term goals and mission of an organization. It is all about planning, directing, organizing, staffing, controlling, and coordinating that is aimed to achieve a specific goal or series of goals. strategic management can help in the market place which is continuously being agitated through the innovations of technologies. Strategic management can help in delivering a solid bottom line to the execution. In this article, Basic concepts about strategic management along with Strategic Management courses, Online, Short Time, Degree Courses in India are discussed.

What is Strategic Management?

Strategic Management is an incorporative concept of various aspects relating to Management. It is a managerial course that has a mix of ideas from business strategies to human resources. It gives a perspective on the world of buyers and sellers. This course is also determined to provide a broader view of the business decisions taken and then analyzed accordingly. Strategic management courses are less discovered than any other course in India. 

India is a large market with ongoing trends and researches. The scope for being strategically aware and updated is significant. There are various untouched aspects of the industry that require intricate planning and developing strategies. Students must have a minimum of 50% of marks from a well-recognized university in their Graduation and take the Entrance Exams conducted by the respective college. It is for students who want to pursue Masters or Postgraduate in Strategic Management.

Strategic Management Courses in India

The strategic management course provides students with the concepts of management techniques and organizational theory. The courses benefit students by imparting management skills and understand these skills practically as well as theoretically and boost their leadership qualities. In some colleges, internships are offered in tie-up with the course. Enrolling in the course of strategic management may vary with the institution. The course helps the students study the competitors of their business and what can be done is worked on. The curriculum comprises various industrial experiences that the students will learn and understand. Students willing to attend classes full-time can enroll in a college that offers Strategic Management Courses.

Below are some of the list of Strategic Management Courses:

  • Mba in strategic management
  • Strategic management of innovation
  • M.Sc strategic management
  • Strategic management short course
  • Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership

MBA in Strategic Management

MBA in Strategic Management is a course that is affiliated to students who aspire to complete their Masters. It is a course designed with theory and industry-based instances for a better understanding of students. Every student is given tasks to analyze and study different companies and their approach towards the same. This course also teaches how to learn consumer behavior and the crux of clients' reactions. They are also taught how to interpret data collection. There is in-depth teaching of Business principles and Business Methodology.

Course Fees for two years: 1L - 15L

Colleges that offer MBA in Strategic Management Courses in India

  • IIT Kanpur
  • Xavier Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Institute of Management NIRMA University; Ahmedabad
  • IFMR University of Chennai

Strategic Management of Innovation

Strategic Management of Innovation course is for 12 months and comprises those who strive to take up challenges while working. This course's overview focuses on candidates who have already worked in the industry and have prior experience in the industry. It aims at improving and taking up innovations at your workplace. This program involves techniques for analyzing strategic innovation and executing business processes. The methods of innovating with competitors are also taught.

Course Fees for 12 months: INR 90,000 - 1L

Colleges for above Course

  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

M.Sc Strategic Management

Master of science or M.SC in strategic management is aimed at providing specialist skills in business strategy, strategic thinking, and analytics. It is an opportunity for skill up-gradation through studies focused on strategic thinking and management for aspiring professionals. The program is designed to develop business leadership, Strategic decision-making, Negotiation, Quantitative skills and imparts critical knowledge of various techniques and tools of contemporary business and management practices along with theories. It is a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills and talents.

Course Fees for 2 years: INR 20,000-1L

Colleges that offer MSC in Strategic Management Courses in India

  • Christ University, Bangalore

Strategic Management short course

This is a unique Strategic Management Certificate Course that is designed for 100 days for managers and executives. Students with prior working experience can also apply for strategic management short courses. It helps the candidates in developing leadership and managerial roles. The course aims at teaching candidates the analytics of the market. There are various aspects, such as Strategic Management, Strategic Application, and the same execution. There are case studies and group discussions that happen. The overall objective of this course is to understand the process of the market using appropriate techniques.

Fees for this Course: INR 1.25L

Colleges that offer Strategic Management short course in India:

  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • IIM Kozhikode

Online Strategic Management Courses

Candidates who are unable to go for a full-time course can sign up online for strategic management courses in distance learning. There are a variety of online courses that a candidate can choose from such as:

  • Strategic Management: From Insight to Decision
  • Strategic Management Certification
  • Strategic Management

While opting for strategic management courses in distance learning, students can contact their desired institution to get clear information about the course as the duration and fees are subjected to vary based on the institution.

 Strategic Management Course Benefits

  • There are many job opportunities for students who are looking forward to making their career in Strategic Management.
  • Strategic Management Course Content helps you build different aspects of the industry, such as analyzing, researching, data collection, and consulting.
  • With experience in various electives, one becomes more confident with the work assigned.
  • There are job specifications, and this would not demand you to work all over the clock.
  • It provides students a specific framework for decision making and also provides an industry perspective.

Scope of Strategic Management Courses

The scope of the Strategic Management course is to enable students who aspire to be in Managerial positions. It helps students cater to a larger part of the market, such as analyzing and studying the buyers and sellers.The entire focal point and the scope of these courses enable students with every principle that the industry operates with, from entrepreneurial skills to developing and analyzing how the business works.

After studying the Best Strategic Management courses for making a promising career, a student also has to make an excellent command of some skills, and those skills are listed below.

  • Researching
  • Planning
  • Strategizing
  • Networking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills

Strategic Management Job Profiles

After completion of any Strategic Management Courses in India, the student can apply for various job profile, and some of those popular job profiles are listed below

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Consumer Analyst
  • Strategy Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Strategic Planning Manager

Strategic Management Colleges

Colleges that offer Strategic Management Courses in India

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