Software Development courses concentrate on programming, developing, and fixing the softwares on various systems. This course is developed for the technical minds who are drawn towards the softwares in computer systems. These developers develop the software programs and fix the bugs within the program and help in the maintenance of those softwares. 

The steps involved in the software development are analyzing the need for the software, researching the market for similar softwares and their drawbacks, designing the software, sorting out the requirements and platforms needed to develop the software, implementing the CodeCode to run the software, surveying and fixing the errors occurred.

What are Software Development Courses?

As in undergraduate Software Development degree courses, Software Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and Information Technology courses cover the aspect of Software development. 

Many institutes provide certifications in a programming language, web development, embedded systems software, and various language applications along with these undergraduate courses. 

Different courses concentrate on different programming ends, such as front end developing, back end developing, and full-stack development. The front end developers concentrate on the user-friendliness of the software, the back end developers work on the functions of the software, and the full stack developers work on developing the full software. 

This specific course sharpens the learners' skills towards creating and testing new softwares with the help of previously earned programming knowledge. 

Software Development Degree Courses

Some of the popular courses that gain the learners a degree and the knowledge in the development of softwares are listed down. 

Undergraduate courses: 

A few popular UG Software development courses in India are listed

Postgraduate courses:

 A few popular PG Software development courses around the world are listed

Software Development Certification Courses

Though many organizations out there facilitate students in developing softwares and other related concepts, few certificate programs stand out and speak for themselves in the companies. Some of the best Software Development courses are discussed in detail.  

Microsoft Technology Associate Developer 

Microsoft Technology Associate Developer crash course is a beginner-friendly one offered by Microsoft, which guides the students through various software and web development. It also introduces learners to develop various mobile applications such as games, etc. The candidates are free to choose a single certification or multiple ones, and this software developer course duration extends according to the certification required by the candidates. 

Microsoft Azure 

To enroll in this course, one must have basic software and web developing knowledge. It deals with cloud services and teaches the learners to build, develop, and manage high-level web applications with an exemplary user interface. 

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer is an intermediate level course to do after completing an initial Microsoft Technology Associate Developer course. This course is the one that equips the tech minds to master web applications, share point applications, application lifecycle management, and windows store apps. The question paper is normally multiple-choice questions based. 

AWS Certified Developer (Associate Level)

The full form for AWS is Amazon Web Developer. This peculiar course aimed at the developers to design and develop a functional application on the AWS platform. The certification exam contains multiple-choice questions to test the candidates' skills on various topics such as AWS platforms, web applications, data security, solutions for cloud-based problems, and fixing the bugs on software applications. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate Level)

AWS Certified Solutions Architect course concentrates on data management on the AWS platform and developing working applications on the platform without compromising the security and solutions for AWS platform bugs. This course recommends the learners to work on their platforms for at least six months before certification to get better exposure to the Amazon Web Services. 

Cloudera Certified Developer

Apache Software Solutions mainly design this course for developing solutions in Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop is a software that assists the users to maintain big data and provide solutions to computing and storage hurdles. This certification course provides all sorts of knowledge regarding this open-source software and developing solutions in it. The learners are certified as Cloudera Developer only if they secure more than 70% in the certification examination. 

Oracle Certification

Oracle certification program for the programming language Java is available at various levels, such as Associate, OCP (Professional), OCM (Master), and Expert (OCE). This Java certification holds greater value and certifies a person as a developer or programmer. The certification exam contains scenario-based and multiple-choice questions designed to trick the learners.

Oracle Certified Professional MySQL 5.6 Developer

Oracle Certified Professional MySQL 5.6 Developer is a highly professional certificate, which is all about developing softwares on the MySQL data server. To clear the exam, the candidate should secure at least 65% of marks, and the question paper is designed in such a way to test the basic understanding of MySQL. 

Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX certification course deals with Application Express Workspaces and the solution development in the data servers. It is a multiple-choice question paper with 150 to 220 questions to answer in three and a half an hour. 

ITIL Foundation

This program is developed especially for IT professionals, which consists of IT services and solutions, IT service life cycle, and management of Information Technology operations. An intermediate level certification provides greater value. 


This course is all about developing softwares on the Puppet Platform using Ruby language. The completion of this certificate requires considerable knowledge of the Puppet software and the Ruby scripting language. 

Red Hat

The Red Hat is also a software solution platform, and several companies also value proficiency in this platform. This certification program equips the students to develop software solutions for different complications. 

Other Certifications

Apart from the best certification courses for software developers discussed above, the Software development aspirants can also get certification on diverse programming languages and their uses and some other software technologies that will make them gain superior knowledge on software development. Some of the popular certification courses are available on C/C++ language, Java, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Python Language, Big Data, Database Management System, Php, and Scala programming language, HTML, User Interface Development. 

In this list of courses, Java, Python, and php languages are used for backend development, and javascript is used for front end development. 

Online Software Development courses

So many platforms offer free online courses for Software Development. Few courses listed below are offered by sites such as Coursera, Edx, Udacity, etc. 

  • Android App Development
  • Software Development Methodologies
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Java Programming for Beginners
  • Cloud Application Development
  • AWS Developer Series
  • Agile Software Development
  • Designing the User Experience
  • Essentials of Computer Science for Software Development
  • Computer Science basics for Game Development 

Some of the best Udemy courses for Software Development include Software Development A-Z with insights on Python, UML, OOP, Software Development in Python, and Fundamentals of Software Development.

Software Development courses colleges:

The notable colleges that offer the degree courses for a person to hoist their careers as software developers are listed down. 

S No Colleges
1 Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
2 Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai
3 Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
4 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
5 Christ University, Bangalore
6 Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
7 St Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad 
8 Government Science College, Bangalore


Software Development Career

Though the career in Software Development can be quite challenging as it requires the workers to update their knowledge on newly developed programming languages constantly, it is a rewarding sector. It will always be at the top of the high demand chain as the upcoming era moves towards digitization. 

Some of the top recruiters of Software Developers are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, HCL, Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consultancy, Tech Mahindra, Mindtree, IBM, Experion Technologies, Oracle, Accenture, SAP Labs India, Cognizant, and Capgemini.

Some of the government sectors that need Software Developers are the Ministry of Information Technology, National Informatics Centre, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Defense Research and Development Organization, Indian Space Research Organization, National Investigation Agency, Union Public Service Commission, etc. 

Software Development Salary

The average salary listed for any Software Development engineer is around INR 5 lakhs per annum. Python and Java programming are the crucial skills the company looks for in any Software Development engineer in the real-time market. The salary of a Software Developer with high working experience might reach INR 10 lakhs per annum. 

Software Development Course Books

Books might come a long way in shaping a graduate's career since it elaborates on the concepts, and certain books are specifically designed for the beginners to help understand the aspects of Software Development right from the basics. Listed down are few notable books. 

  • Software Developer's Guide written by John Sonmez 
  • Automate with Python by Al Sweigart 
  • Clean CodeCode, written by Robert Cecil Martin

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