What is Digital Marketing?

Right from what we see till what we consume has been digital. The pace at which the digital community is growing is rapid, and the utilization of digital products has also increased. The products and services that are offered visually through your screens can be termed as digital marketing. It is also termed as the usage of technology like the Internet, smartphones, television to showcase your product and market the same. The advantage of using digital mediums is vast and has a lot of scopes to develop even further. Sitting just behind screens, one can make decisions and buy or sell the kind of product or service one wants to. The digital age has now provided customizations to businesses according to their convenience. There are various opportunities in this field one can explore. Digital Marketing has made promotions of various products easy, just one click away. It has also offered various jobs to people during this pandemic. There have been so many revolutionary things that have taken place with the digital space coming in.With digitalization, traditional marketing has now been reduced as there is more convenience with the digital space. We see everyone using their phones to check up on the tiniest bit; people around are primarily dependent on the Internet.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

The concept of digitalization came to India in the 1990s, as the usage of the Internet had increased drastically in the country. The fundamental reason for the boom on the Internet was old and outdated marketing practices. The Internet changes the way of looking and perceiving the way the market functioned. The expansion of the digital space was observed the most in the year 2014, with content writing being introduced in the country. People had started preferring blogs, e-books, articles over the hard copies in a store. The content creation has then only expanded with multiple thousand. 

Digital marketing has also provided various platforms for people to showcase their talent, their services, their products, and many to the list. It has created opportunities for younger minds with fresh and new ideas. The Internet has helped in gauging the economy of the country. In the past decade, there has been a massive increase in the usage of social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp. People have also started their pages on these social sites and have made a source of their income.

Digital Marketing Scope of Work:

Digital Marketing has been in the revolutionary aspect for the longest of times. The opportunities and advantages that it has are enormous. Every organization that you opt-in for has a social media page that has all the essential information put in it. This is the exact impact that it has on the current youth and is highly recommendable. 

Scope of work and career prospects in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketer/ Manager:

This is the most popular designation in digital marketing. The job of a digital manager is to set an appropriate timeline for the organization’s digital page. The manager is also in charge of looking after creating campaigns that go up on the company’s page. They are responsible for managing the budgets that are spent on various campaigns.

Content Strategist/Writer/Marketer:

The content team specializes in curating and creating the best suitable content for the target audiences of the company. They look after increasing the company’s engagement rate by providing the best social media content. They use tools that increase the reach of the company and complete the company’s objectives.

Email Marketing Specialist:

This is a job role that is specific and deals with emails. They are responsible for launching the campaigns related to Emails and providing a customer database at frequent intervals. They are mostly into a lot of writing; it is specifically persuasive writing.

SEO & SEM Specialist:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Each organization today has a website of its own; the primary duty of an SEO specialist is to increase the traffic on the website. By traffic, one means engagement and reach. The specialists have a different analytical tool that they use to increase the traffic. They understand the algorithms on the website and accordingly assign the content.

Social Media Expert/Manager:

The main work of the Social Media Manager is to make various posts and content curation on the social media page. They are in charge of making the social media of the company look more exciting and exciting by offering content to the audiences. They look after the overall functioning of the social media. It is essential to master these platforms as with times they are the most preferred.

Data Analyst:

Analytics is considered as an essential tool in the digital marketing space; it is also referred to as the backbone of the digital space. The job of the Analyst is to determine the various analytics involved in a campaign, that could be tracking data, optimizing advertisements, running tests, and also outlining the insights that they receive on the pages.

Media Planner:

Every event is made, planned, and executed in a manner. In the same way, the Media Planner is one who is responsible for making decisions in the promotion of a particular product or service. They are in charge of looking after the estimation and budgeting involved in, promoting a product.

The above job roles can be pursued after completion of the individual’s graduation or post-graduation. That could B.E BBA, BMM, MBA, Master of Arts.

Scope of working in a digital marketing agency

Digital Marketing Agencies are the ones specialized in offering the best in the digital space. The more prominent brands are all handled by some well-known agencies, that work on curating different projects, campaigns, branding, celebrity endorsements, and a positive image of a firm. Various people in the agency handle all these aspects. The agency works for 365 days and 24 hours of the day, according to the clients’ requirements.

Future scope of Digital Marketing

The wireless networking environment has made an impact on businesses today like never before. According to a recent study it is stated that there is going to be an increase of 40% in the digital space in the coming years.the demand for digital marketing and the operations associated with it are at the top.Digital Marketing has set various imprints by making revolutionary changes and also allowing the fastest and highest return on investment. For any startup, digital space is the most convenient and affordable. 

The space with the coming years is only going to get bigger. People who want to make a career in the digital field, this is the right time to do so. There is enough exposure and also notable job opportunities. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in 2020

The very evident reason we are so dependent on the digital space currently is more so because of the pandemic we are in. 2020 has been one of the most content consumed a year in terms of digitalization. There have been various people curating content every second and thousand of them consuming it. 

For we have not been able to go out for work, the work is also gone digital, more significant decisions, and essential meetings now happen over the phone.The upliftment of the Digital Industry is gone way too far, and from now on, there is no looking back as it would only keep expanding.

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