What is Printing Technology?

Printing Technology is a department that comes under the engineering branch that deals with the research, manufacturing, and configuration of devices, elements used for printing and development in printing schemes.

In the current scenario, printing is frequently accomplished as a large-scale industrial procedure. and thus this domain provides a great scope for career and so there are numerous courses available under printing Technology for students to choose and this article will introduce you to the different type of courses available under printing technology and also terms associated with it like eligibility course fees, top colleges study material etc.

History of Printing Technology

In Early Times printing is done by woodblock by hand in China and it is known as woodblock printing and after that new and mechanical Printing Technology is introduced to the world by Johannes Gutenberg who invented the first printer in 15 century and thus he is also known as Father of printing

 Apart from this, the printing Technology innovates with time and in few last months, the almost 10 New Printing Technology introduced.

List of new technologies

  1. MELD Manufacturing’s MELD technology
  2. Aurora Labs’ Multilevel Concurrent Printing
  3. VELO 3Ds Intelligent Fusion
  4. EOS's Laser Profusion
  5. Essentium's High-speed Extrusion
  6. Hp's metal jet
  7. Fortify's Flux print Technology
  8. Evolve Additive Solutions’ STEP
  9. Origin’s Programmable Photopolymerisation
  10. Farron's Flight Technology.

 What are the printing Technology courses?

Printing Technology courses are basically the courses that contain knowledge about topics like

  • Introduction and history of printing technology
  • Types of Presses & Plates
  • Different printing stages like hand-operated printing & steam-powered presses, modern 3D, laser
  • Digital Printing Technology
  • Communication skills
  • Graphic Design and Printing Technology
  • Colour Science and Administration
  • Typesetting
  • Book publishing
  • Publishing ink technology
  • Print output administration

Types of printing Technology courses

Types of printing Technology
Digital Printing Offset Printing
Rotogravure Letterpress Printing
Lithography Screen-Printing
Flexography Electrophotography
Intaglio Inkjet printer
Gravure Thermal printing & Pad printing
Relief print Liquid electrophotography
Laser printing Transfer-print

Printing Technology Courses

List of certification printing Technology courses

  • Certificate in Printing Technology
  • Certificate in offset printing Technology
  • Certificate in paper and printing technology
  • Certificate in Pre-Press Operations
  • Certificate in Press Operations
  • Certificate Course in Offset Press Work

List of Diploma in Printing Technology Courses

  • D.VOC. Printing Technology
  • PG Diploma in Printing Technology

List of Degree in Printing Technology Courses

  • B.Tech in Printing Technology
  • B.E. Printing Technology
  • B.VOC Printing Technology
  • Printing Technology
  • M.Tech Printing Technology
  • M.E. Printing Technology
  • M.VOC Printing Technology
  • M.Sc Printing Technology
  • PhD printing Technology

Certificate in printingTechnology

Certificate in printing technology is a course of 6 month which offers students knowledge about topics such as

  • Overture of Printing Technology
  • Offset Printing Machine
  • Supervision of UV offset Printing Machine
  • Repairing process of sheet-feed Printing & UV offset Printing Machine.

The initial course fee for Certificate in Printing Technology start approx from INR30,000 and with this, the minimum eligibility criteria for opting this certification course in printing technology is that a student must pass at least 10th class with a required minimum percentage.

D.VOC Printing Technology

The Diploma in Printing Technology is a course that time period is of 3 years and so the syllabus of diploma in printing technology is divided into 6 semesters which is listed below

D.VOC Printing Technology Syllabus

Semester 1  Semester 2 Semester 3
English & Communication Skills Printing Process Offset Printing (Sheetfed / Web-fed)
Applied Mathematics Graphic Design Conventional Prepress
Applied Science Applied Science II Surface preparation
Information Technology Computer Application I Computer Application II
Information Technology practicals Advertising and Multimedia Screen Printing Techniques
Students Central Activities based on Communication skills) Printing Process practicals Surface preparation practicals
Basic Engineering (Electrical / Electronics/ Mechanical) Graphic Design practicals Screen printing practicals


Semester 4 Semester 5  Semester 6
 Printing and Packaging Technology I Gravure Technology Packaging Technology II  
Ink Technology Business Management Costing and Estimating
Paper Technology Binding and Finishing Computer to Technologies
Flexography Digital Prepress Print for Package
Printing Machine Maintenance NIP Technology Quality control techniques
Paper and ink examination practicals Digital Prepress practicals Computer to Technologies practicals
Package test on different products practicals Binding and Finishing practicals Quality control techniques practical

The initial course fees are approximately INR 35,000 -3Lacs.

From this, the minimum eligibility criteria for opting Diploma and printing Technology is that a student must pass 10th or 12th class with the minimum required percentage from their respective boards.

B.E Printing Technology

The bachelor's degree in printing technology is a course which lasts for 4 years and the syllabus is divided into semesters a student who wants to opt this course should qualify entrance exams like Joint Entrance Exam or state entrance exams after 12th class. The average course fees start from approximately INR 1.5LPA.

The course fees may vary according to Government or private Institute

Syllabus and subjects

The syllabus that is designed for this degree is divided into 8th semester and contain main subjects and elective subjects

List of Main Subjects

  • Design & planning for print production
  • Electronic composition
  • Flexography
  • Printing Materials
  • Industrial Training
  • Gravure Technology
  • Reproduction Technology

List of Elective subjects

  • Advertising Administration
  • Total Quality Management
  • Portrayal Processing
  • System Research
  • Scanners & Systems
  • Print Plant Layout & Facility Design
  • Book Publishing
  • Continuous Stationery & Security Printing
  • Entrepreneurship Management.

Apart from this the minimum eligibility criteria for opting any bachelor's degree under printing Technology is that a student must qualify 12th class with the main subject has physics Chemistry Maths from state or Central Board.

M.Tech Printing Technology

Masters degree that is M tech printing Technology is of two years and a candidate who wants to of this course should be e qualify Bachelors Degree with the minimum required percentage. Apart from this some of the subjects that are cover under M.Tech printing Technology are listed below

  • Theory of Printing Machine
  • Printing Process
  • Typography & Typesetting
  • Electrical Systems in Printing Machines
  • Quality Management
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Security Printing

 the minimum eligibility for opting any masters degree under printing technology is that a student who wants to opt this course should qualify their bachelor's degree in relevant field with at least a minimum required percent

PhD Printing Technology

PhD printing Technology drop till program of 1 year which a student can perceive only if he or she qualified M.E/ M. Tech degree in relevant field with at least minimum required percentage

Skill sets for Printing Technology Courses

The skills that are required under printing Technology courses apart from academic knowledge are listed below

  • Knowledge of computer science
  • Knowledge of Designing tools
  • Communication skills
  • A keen observer and a quick learner
  • Focus and optimistic

Printing Technology Scope

The scope in printing Technology courses in India is increasing day by day with the innovation done in  printing Technology  and apart from that this other reasons for high scope are that it promises different printing Technology job designations with good salary packages under different employment areas like

  • Printing (Textile Company)
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Digital and electronic printing
  • Cloud Technology Companies
  • Polymer Technology companies
  • Security printing
  • Automobiles
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Textile industries
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Government Presses
  • Publishing Houses/companies
  • Printer Manufacturing units
  • Packaging Industries

Printing Technology Salary

The average Printing Technology Salary starts from INR 2- 3LPA.

There are some factors that affect salary index like job designation experience location and skills

Top Printing Technology Jobs Profile

  • Lecturer
  • Printing Supervisor
  • Printing engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Printing technologist
  • Cloud Technology Specialist
  • Marketing manager
  • Quality Assurance engineers
  • Graphics Designer
  • Branding Designer
  • Packaging Development Manager
  • Screen Room Printing Engineer

Printing Technology Institutes in India

The most popular Institute of Printing Technology courses in India are listed below:

Benefits of Printing Technology Courses

There are numerous Advantages of printing Technology courses but some of the main advantages of printing Technology courses are that after completion of it a student that's a wide range of employment Areas where he or she can apply for a job.

Apart from this is the second main advantage of printing Technology course is that it offers reasonable salaries under every job designation.

Printing Technology FAQs:

    1. What is the definition of silkscreen Printing Technology?

      The definition of silk screen printing Technology is that its printing technology in which printing used on mesh cloth

      In this printing Technology, the cloth is stretched over a wooden frame and the print is done by tusche or by the stencil.

    2. Name of some Printing Technology books?

      Some of the top printing Technology books are listed below-

      • Handbook on Offset printing Technology
      • Modern printing Technology
      • Science and technology of printing materials
    3. Name of the new Printing Technology in India?

      The Latest Printing Technology in India is UV Digital Printing. Apart from this, there is one more New Technology in Printing Industry is used more in India that is inkjet printing Technology

    4. What is 3D Printing Technology?

      3D Printing Information Technology is a printing Technology design specifically for three-dimensional objects

      And  under this printing Technology printing is done by decreeing thin layers of material in the structure of the liquid, crumbled plastic, metal, or concrete, and then intertwining the layers together

    5. Where the Regional Institute of Printing Technology is located?

      The Regional Institute of printing technology is located in Kolkata (Jadavpur) and it comes under JadavpurUniversity. This college found in 1956 and it is a Government Engineering College.

    6. What is Printing Technology Engineering

      Printing Technology Engineering is a sub-branch under the domain of Engineering which mainly focuses on the topic related to printing Technology the duration of this course is almost 3 to4 years.

    7. Name of some top recruiting company in Printing Technology?

      The name of some top recruiting companies in the  printing Technology industry are listed below

      • National Council of educational research
      • State Textbook Corporation
      • Shreeji Printers
      • Indian Express
      • National Book Trust

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