Retail Management a process that helps with the distribution and selling of products directly to consumers. Retail management's objective is to save time and ensure that the customers easily locate their desired merchandise and return home satisfied.

List of Retail Management Courses

A student can pursue a career in retail management by opting for a 3-year degree program to a year certification course.

  • BBA Retail Management
  • Retail Management
  • Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management
  • Bachelor of Fashion Designing and Retail Management
  • MBA Retail Management
  • in Retail Management
  • PG Diploma in Retail Management
  • PG Diploma in Fashion Designing and Retail Management
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Retail Management

Facts and Figures about Retail Sector

  • The retail sector in the nation of 1.2 billion people is estimated to have $450 billion annually.
  • India holds 5th global destinations in the retail space.
  • With an expected turnover of well over 442 billion euros in 2019, Walmart is still by far the biggest retail company in the world.

Overview of Retail Courses

BBA Retail Management

A student enrolling in a bachelor of business administration in retail management gets to learn about principles of retail supply chain management, retail customer services, store location and management, quality, marketing, accounting, and computer technology. Employment opportunities include working as a retail manager, store manager, operation manager, sales analyst, sales manager, brand manager, marketing, account manager, etc. Area of employment includes shopping malls, supermarkets, retail outlets, supply chains, and logistic firms.

Top Colleges In India forBBA Retail Management

PG Diploma In Retail Management

Postgraduate diploma in retail management is a two-year-long program covering advanced retail management concepts, consumer behavior, sale, supply chain network, and electronic retailing.

Top colleges In India for PG Diploma In Retail Management Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management

A Degree program enables a student to be equipped with everything from fashion design, visual merchandising, product development and innovation, global retailing, logistics, supply chain management, etc. A student can design, manufacture, and apparel, market, sell, and make the product reach the customer on time. Fashion merchandising and retail management enable students to develop innovative, technical, and managerial skills, which are much required.

Career opportunities include being a production merchandiser, marketing manager, retail manager, store manager, visual merchandiser, and fashion merchandiser.

Critical Skills Required To Pursue Retail Management

Good communication skills Effective Time Management
Ability to empathize Ability To Accept criticism
Customer Service Skills Ability to sell
Leadership Skills Analytical skill

Retail Management Career Scope

Retail management is a very people-oriented profession. If you are someone who likes interacting with people and has an extroverted personality, then a career in retail management is the answer. Retail management deals with domains like human resource, advertising, customer service, sales management, logistics, finance, accounting, and store management. Few interesting jobs in retail management include being a retail sales consultant, operation director, assistant store manager, merchandising manager, district manager, etc.


1. What's the future scope in Retail Management?

With an expanding retail industry in India, it has created a global demand for retail managers, thus opening ample opportunities for students t to hold a degree of the same.

2. What are the various job positions offered in Retail Management?

Multifarious opportunities in domains are offered that include marketing manager, store manager, retail sales consultant, operation manager, logistics manager, department manager, etc.

3. What's the fee structure for Retail Management courses?

Fees structure varies from college to college; to give an approximate, it will cost about 50,000 to a few lakhs.

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