Have you ever wondered that you can get jobs quickly after completing one-year courses, you would wonder how that could be possible, yes it can be possible? Students, after completion of the 12th board, can quickly get jobs by pursuing ITI courses. There are numerous jobs available in the industry that want to pursue short term courses and find preferred jobs. One of the selected career paths for such students is to pursue ITI courses after 12th. This article gives information about all the best ITI courses to pursue after the 12th.

What are ITI Courses?

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institutes; these are governed by the DGET – Directorate General of Employment and Training. These Industrial Training Institutes provide vocational training courses and make them job-ready for the students who pursue ITI after 12th, be it of any stream Science, Arts, and Commerce. Candidates who seek job opportunities early in their careers can pursue ITI courses.

While these courses enable the students to develop industry-specific skills and take up the jobs of their respective fields, after completing 12th, these courses' main aim is to enable students to start their own small scale business and provide employment to others.

The ITI courses mainly focus on providing employment-oriented skills and train students to be ready for industry-specific tasks. There are thousands of colleges private as well as the government offering these ITI courses in India. The duration of ITI courses can vary from 6months to 2years depending on the course followed by norms set by ITI.

Types of ITI Courses After 12th

ITI courses for students after 12th are of two kinds ITI based on subjects to focused or the skills provided by the courses

1). Engineering ITI courses:

These are the courses that primarily focus on all the engineering types like Maths, Science and Technology, Engineering.

2). Non - engineering ITI courses:

These are the courses that primarily focus on Soft skills, languages, Job-specific skills and knowledge

ITI Courses List After 12th:

ITI Course after 12th
S.No Course  Duration Stream
1. Computer Operator & Programming Assistant 2 years Non- Engineering
2. Instrument Mechanic 1 year Engineering
3. Stenography English 1 year Non-Engineering
4. Stenography Hindi 1 year Non-Engineering
5. Insurance Agent 1 year Non-Engineering
6. Radiology Technician 2 years Engineering
7. Surveyor 2 years Non-Engineering
8. Computer Hardware & Networking 2 years Engineering
9. Library & Information Science 1 year Non-Engineering
10. Catering and Hospitality Assistant 1 year Non-Engineering
11. GoldSmith 2 years Non-Engineering
12. Interior Decoration and Designing 1 year Non-Engineering
13. Desktop Publishing Operator 1 year Non-Engineering
14. Mechanic Lens or Prism Grinding 2 years Engineering
15. Mason 1 year Non-Engineering
16. Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician 2 years Engineering
17. Architectural Draughtsmanship 2 years Engineering
18. Health and Sanitary Inspector 2 years Non-Engineering
19. Computer Operator & Programming Assistant 2 years Non-Engineering
20. Physiotherapy Technician 2 years Engineering
21. Craftsman Food Production 2 years Non-Engineering
22. Travel and Tour Assistant 2 years Non-Engineering
23. Marine Fitter 1 year Engineering
24. Human Resource Executive 1 year Non-Engineering
25. Basic Cosmetology 1 year Non-Engineering
26. Call Centre Assistant 1 year Non-Engineering
27. Mechanic Agricultural Machinery 1 year Engineering
28. Old Age Care Assistant 1 year Non-Engineering
29. Health and Safety Environment 1 year Non-Engineering
30. Marketing Executive 1 year Non-Engineering
31. Multimedia Animation and Special Effects 1 year Engineering

Eligibility Criteria for ITI Courses

Getting admission to any route depends on you clearing its eligibility criteria. If you fail to meet the eligibility stipulations set by using the institute for the course, you will no longer be considered for admission to the program. Given beneath are some fundamental eligibility criteria for ITI courses that you should qualify.

Apart from these, the institute from which you seek to pursue the direction might have some different set of prerequisites as well. You should check out the designated stipulations of the direction at the institute before applying for admission.

  • You should have cleared class 10th/ class 8th in the ordinary mode.
  • The college from which you complete your diploma should come underneath an acknowledged board of education.
  • It is mandatory for you to have received passing marks in all the exams that you have in type 10th/ category 8th.
  • Depending upon the choice of ITI direction in which you are seeking admission, you ought to compulsorily have some subjects at the category 10th/ class 8th level.

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Top Colleges for ITI Courses After 12th

  • Gyan Ganga Polytechnic College- Kurukshetra, Haryana
  • Ch.brahm Prakash Industrial Training Institute- Delhi
  • Sarvodaya industrial training Shahdara- Delhi
  • Govt. industrial Training Institute Woman- Ambala


  1. What is meant by ITI courses?

    ITI courses are those courses which are specialized in skills development and have a wide array of skills to choose from.

  2. Can these courses be pursued after the 10th?

    Yes, you can apply for the courses after passing the 10th standard from a recognized University or board.

  3. Does the ITI course have good job opportunities for students?

    Yes ITI courses have numerous job opportunities regarding different skills like electrician, caretaking, Hairstylist, etc.

  4. Is there an age limit to pursue ITI courses?

    The minimum age limit is 14 years and there is no upper limit.

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