Integrated MBA is a two in one course combining both bachelor and master programs enabling students to take up managerial job positions on completing. The duration of such an integrated course is for five years.

The advantage of pursuing such a course is that students save much time from preparation for MBA entrance exams, and no subjects are repeated during the tenure of such a program.

All About Integrated MBA Courses

Integrated courses come with a lot of choices for the students to choose from on completing 12th standard. Here's a list of popular combination of undergraduate and postgraduate course:

  • Business Management Studies combined with Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Plus Master of Business Administration 
  • Business Business Management Plus Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Technology with Master of Business Administration

BBA + MBA Integrated Course

It is considered as a unique program combining both undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of business management and the opportunity to pursue chosen areas of specialization. Job opportunities include working as branch manager, sales manager, store manager, marketing manager, relationship manager, Hr executive etc.

B.Tech + MBA Integrated Course

One of the most popular combinations of undergraduate and postgraduate among students is and MBA. This program helps students to equip themselves with both technical and managerial skills during the duration of such a program. The integrated course is for 5years; the advantage here is that it saves them one whole year of studies. Job opportunities for completing such a program include product managers, program managers, chief technology officers, etc.

Integrated MBA Course Career Scope

Job opportunities for pursuing integrated MBA programs are full. Students depending on their specializations, can choose to work in different domains like banking and finance, management consulting, insurance, data analytics, advertisement etc.

Career opportunities include working as an accounting manager, financial analyst, investment banker, marketing manager, sales trader, hr executive, credit manager, recruiting staff, etc.

Benefits of Pursuing an Integrated MBA Program

  1. Enables students to understand the relevance of context in business
  2. Help Develop social consciousness
  3. Help in sharpening critical thinking skills
  4. It Inculcates integrative thinking ability
  5. Promote interpersonal awareness and ability to work in groups
  6. Students are equipped to apply the basic principles of communication to write and create useful business messages, case analyses, and reports.
  7. Develop competence in quantitative analysis
  8. Creating leaders with a sound understanding of ethics

BBA MBA Integrated Course College List:


Students choosing integrated MBA courses have proved to maximize career impact in a short span. On completing such a course, students will be awarded two degrees and will be presented with ample job opportunities.

Integrated MBA Course FAQs

  1. What are the different specifications available with an Integrated MBA program?

           The different specializations a student can choose are Human resource, Finance, and Marketing.

      2.  What is the course fee for Integrated MBA?

           Fee structure of courses always varies from college to college. But it roughly ranges between 50,000 too few lakhs per annum.

      3.  How are average degrees different from integrated programs?

           Pursuing an integrated MBA program saves time for students from preparing for entrance exams and subjects aren't repeated during the                   tenure of such a program.

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