With changing business style and entrepreneurial development in the world, the human resource of the company has backed up with every possible management. They have a vital role in the company’s prosperity and growth. The Human Resource has kept the organizations complete and intact with their time and again the contribution. This field has seen wider growths and successes in the last decade, and it has been immense. It is the most important for an organization to work and function appropriately. From arranging leaves, salaries, recruiting people to strategize the welfare of the management, the Human Resource field has offered it all.According to sources, Human Resource is no more just about managing the personnel but also becoming a differentiator in the business. Often referred to as the HRs of the company they constitute nearly 10% of the organization and are majorly involved in the company’s business and development.

What is a Human Resource Management Course?

Human Resource Management courses are designed for those who can lead a team but at the same time, be a team player. The course offers various perspectives on how the things in this field take place, right from hiring people, arranging interviews, evaluating the candidate, looking after leaves, salaries, and bonuses of the staff are what the course offers.

There are so many jobs and courses that one can study and flourish in the future. There are various courses as well, which offer more practical experiences to the candidates, and these courses make the students ready for the outer world.

Human resource Management online courses, offline courses, short time courses, part-time courses, distance learning courses, certification courses enable students with the best exposure.This field is growing at a faster pace and needs skilled people to work with utmost creativity and dedication. For these courses, candidates need to be extremely responsible as there are various aspects of the company that is dependent on Human Resource.

Human Resource Management Courses

  • BBA HR
  • MBA in HR
  • Post Graduate Diploma in HR
  • Master of HRM
  • Distance Learning courses in HR
  • Certificate courses in Human Resources 


The course in bachelors is designed for students who have recently completed their 10+2 and are willing to make their career in Managing and evaluating people. The course demands students that are soft-spoken and have good communication skills. Interpersonal skills are very important as there will be one on the interaction that will take place during the course with recreated instances for the experience. There are industry Experts that would give insights on their journey in the world of HR.

Course details: It is a 3-year full-time course

Course fees: INR 3L-5L

Colleges for Courses in BBA HR


This is the demanded degree from the past decade and will have a lot of scope in the coming future. This course is a full-time course training students the values of how the Human Resource field works. There is a different set of insights that are taught to the students. There are challenges that the students will be given, in which they will be analyzing the situation and write down their observations. There are various activities such as role-swap, case studies, workshops, and many to add on. Students will be allocated different internships in between the course to get an idea about the corporate world.

Course details: It is usually a six month to 1year full-time/part-time course

Course fees: INR 5L-20L

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Postgraduate Diploma in HRM (PGDHRM):

This Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Course Outlines various aspects and information that eventually help the students in understanding the working process. The focal point of this is to make students learn the efficiency and effectiveness that Human Resource has in the corporate world. There are various subjects taught with theory and application-based method. It is a full-time course available in multiple colleges. There are managerial skills and leadership qualities that the students are offered.

Course details: It is usually a 2-year full-time course

Course fees: INR 5L-20L

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Master of HRM:

This is a full-time course specialized with various comprehensive outputs in the world of Corporate, especially Human Resource. It is completely designed with only vital factors pertaining to the Human Resource field. This course is designed with no other subjects that are involved. This is the most specific course for students who aspire to get a detailed insight into the Human resource field after their graduation. There are analytics and research that are a part of the syllabus and give students exposure to the contrary. 

Course details: It is usually a 2-year full-time course

Course fees: INR 2L-5L

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Distance Learning courses in Human Resource Management


Human Resources Management Certificate course

The Human Resource Management Certificate Course aims at preparing students for the real world. Thee students are trained with the techniques and fundamentals of human resources. There are various professional aspects taught to the students. There are case studies and workshops that are conducted by the institute. Certain institutes also provide placement assistance and help you with getting desired jobs. The course also allows you to validate the competencies.

The Human Resource Management Course details for the certificate are mentioned below:  

It is usually a six month to 1year Human Resource Management course available in both full-time & part-time mode. 

Course fees: INR 1L- 2L

Colleges for Courses 

Some of the colleges that offer a Certificate course in Human Resource Management in India at reasonable fees are 

Human Resource Development Management Course

This is a BSBA course that offers students a career specialized in Human resource by providing them with significant specializations and subjects. 

Benefits of the Human resource course

  • With an increase in skilled labour, the organization has now moved to the more professional side of the corporate world.
  • The job opportunities have increased at a very fast pace, and in the next decade, there is only going to be more demand for the same.
  • The work is not always hectic and has a decent type of working environment.
  • It is considered to be the most vital role of any organization, and many managerial responsibilities are given to HR of any organization
  • This is a lucrative field, and one needs to be aware of the same.
  • A Human Resource Manager is often considered one who is responsible, and that is the perk of this position.
  • The life of Human Resource Managers is always more thrilled as it is not a monotonous job, and there is still something different.

Human Resource Management Course Eligibility

Human Resource Management Course Eligibility is different according to the credential level, and therefore it is mentioned below according to the level of certification.

Eligibility for graduation courses Students with a minimum of 50% of marks in their 10+2 examination from any recognized centre or state board are eligible. Eligibility for post-graduation courses: Students with 50% of marks in their graduation (any stream) and students are also granted admission on the qualifying entrance examination conducted by the university.

Top Entrance Exams for Human Resource Management

For taking admission in Human Resource Management Courses after 12th or Human Resource Management courses After graduation, a student has to qualify entrance exam, and some of that entrance exam are listed below.

Human Resource Management Career Scope

Human resource is so vital that it is next to impossible for any organization to operate without a Human Resource staff.The tasks such as welfare and development of an organization are made possible with the human resource staff, and that increases the labour for the same.From addressing grievances to making every employee feel a part of the organization and for all of this there is a lack of skilled people, but with changing times, we can expect a space for HR staff.

Initially, Human resources were considered only for women with a personality, but with times like now, there has been an increase in the men who are opting for this career option.

There are terms such as the Talent Acquisition team which demands jobs currently and is extremely demanding, so if one has good communication and interpersonal skills, one can always go ahead with this, as this is a part of the HRM.The salary that is allotted completion of Human Resource Management Courses in India is decent. Still, the work is as well smooth most of the time, with an increase in experience, there will increase in rewards too.

Various Job profiles  in India

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Human resource specialist
  • Talent acquisition
  • Trainee
  • Employee relationship /manager
  • Technical recruiter
  • Staffing director

Skills required for this course:

  • Multitasking
  • Fairness in work
  • Proactiveness
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Presenter
  • Competitiveness
  • Decision Maker


  1. What are the top recruiters for various Human Resource Management Courses?

    • TCS
    • Infosys
    • Honeywell
    • Samsung
    • Tech Mahindra
    • Tata
    • Amazon
    • KPMG
    • Jubilant Works
  2. What are the popular specializations in human resource management?

    • Financial fundamentals
    • Industrial relations
    • Organizational behaviour 
    • Labour law
    • Accounting
    • Organizational Behaviour
  3. Which is the best college for pursuing Human Resource management courses in India?

    • IIT - Trichy, Kozhikode
    • IGNOU, Delhi
    • SP Jain College, Mumbai
    • LPU, Jalandhar
    • Xavier University, Mumbai
    • NMIMS, Mumbai
    • ICFAI, Sikkim
    • Amity University, Noida
  4. Is Human Resource Management, a popular career choice in India?

    Yes. Lately, with a skilled profession, this is also termed a highly demanding job, and one can choose this as their career.

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