Engineering is acknowledged to be one of the most preferred career choices among students in India. B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is still the most preferred undergraduate degree course that aspirants take up after passing class 12 examination in Science stream.

A most frequent question that arises on the mind is, "What to do after B.Tech?". After undergoing the exhausting path of JEE and other engineering entrance examinations, students are placed on another juncture. 

Everyone has certain ambitions, plans, and the choices of what they aspire to be in the future should be according to these sentiments. It is when candidates need to decide what to be in the future and how you should go about it. So, there is an array of short-term courses after B.Tech that a candidate can choose from.

Pursuing a diploma or certification courses after B.Tech can develop basic knowledge and industry exposure in a short span of time

Courses After B.Tech

Here are some PG courses after B.Tech that candidates must opt for after the successful completion of their B.Tech degree. Some top courses after B.Tech are as follows;-

M.Tech (Master of Technology)

This is one of the most popular courses after B.Tech and the most popular choice for most of the B.Tech degree holders. To pursue these courses, students will have to opt for a specialization in the M.Tech course in the particular discipline to excel in a specific field.

Below are some of the most preferred streams that graduates can take up for pursuing M.Tech and are the best professional courses after B.Tech :

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Industrial Safety Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Product Design and Development

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

This course might usually sound out of the list, but MBA courses after B.Tech is definitely an excellent option for engineers too and are not exclusively for the management students. There are many MNCs and popular tag companies that hire engineers with excellent management skills. And, an engineer possessing an MBA degree has tremendous value in the industry.

Below are some of the popular management specializations for the aspirants:

M.Sc (Master of Science)

The Masters of Science or M.Sc degree is again a popular choice for the candidate who is interested in going for higher studies in abroad. This course focuses on engineering, mathematics, medicine, or technology. The M.Sc course offerings will focus on specific topics that have a comprehensive and more in-depth knowledge base. So, basically, in simple words, it can be defined as a course with more of partial knowledge to let the applicant accumulate more and more exposure to industrial practices.

Below are some of the popular M.Sc specializations for the aspirants:

MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

MCA is a three years Master's degree course in computer applications. Students with an interest in programming or software development can pursue this course. The MCA course concentrates on the development of software fields and software applications. It has different disciplines to pick from like programming, developing maintaining and testing, etc.

M.Phil (Master of Philosophy)

For the aspirants who look for higher degrees within a short period, the M.Phil course is considered to be an ideal choice. This postgraduate program is r 1-year course after B.Tech and aims at developing skills and professionalism.

The students with a keen interest in advancing analytical and synthesizing skills can opt for the M. Phil course in their area of interest. Regardless of the subject, the candidate has decided, the course presents a rigorous and scientific study of all the areas of a specific subject chosen by the candidate.

Below are some of the popular MCA specializations for the aspirants:

Civil Services

The Civil Services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is one of the difficult examinations to crack. Still, it can be a prominent option for an engineering graduate to obtain a government job. Cracking the Civil Service Services examination can prove fruitful for a B.Tech graduate who wants to become an IPS officer or an IAS officer.

List of Colleges for Courses after B.Tech

Mentioned below is the list of colleges offering courses after B.Tech:-


  1. After BTech EC, which course is better?
    • Web Designing Course
    • Graphics Designing Course
    • Digital Marketing Course
    • Software Testing Course
    • PHP/MySQL Training
    • Android App Training
    • Java Training Core & Adv.
    • AngularJS Course
    • Python Training Course
    • C and C++ Training Course
  2. What are the courses after B.Tech CS?
    • M.Tech
    • M.SC
    • ME
    • MBA
    • M.PHIL 
    • Ph.D 
  3. What are the Best courses after B.Tech in Civil Engineering?

    Ans. Project Management, Construction Management, Infrastructure Finance & Management, Real Estate Management, and other related management programs

  4. What are the Designing courses after B.Tech?

    Ans. CAD - CATIA is typically for mechanical designers/tooling engineers.

  5. What are the Hotel Management courses after B.Tech?

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