After B.Pharmacy, which course is best to invest time and energy, is one of the most frequent questions for the pharmacy graduates and this article is enveloped with information regarding all that questions. There is also a 6-month course after B.Pharmacy available which is offered by few institutes or the students can also enter into master courses after B.Pharmacy. 
Pharmacy is a branch of health science that is associated with research and development of medicinal concepts and the pharmacy courses open a wide range of opportunities in one of the challenging careers. Pharmacy is not only related to the drugstore but also various fundamentals of the medicines. A pharmacist is an individual who assesses and tests the kind of drug/medicine that is being delivered to the consumer. There are various prospects to this job right from researching to serving the patients and doctors, all of which are done by the pharmacist. The pharmacist also tracks and keeps a note of the kind of medicinal supply taking place. They need to be collaborative with the doctors, nurses, and patients as well. They also play an important role in laboratories to evaluate the research in the field of medicine. Their job role is considered as one of the most responsible jobs, for they are responsible to safeguard the medicines provided.

List of Courses after B.Pharmacy

Pharmacy courses are highly popular and offer a challenging career ground. B.Pharma is an undergraduate course, below are some courses that can be done after B Pharma, which are master courses after B.Pharmacy. They are also known as paramedical courses after B Pharmacy.

  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  • M.Pharmacy
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacy practice and Drug store Management
  • M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharm.D
  • Diploma in Clinical Research
  • Diploma in Drugstore Management
  • Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Trial Management

MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

This course is a Management course that is offered for two years. This managerial course can be pursued after completing B-Pharma. It focuses on the aspects of management and various business practices in the field of Pharmacy. There are different aspects like accounting and strategies that are offered to the students. This course is designed with a perspective to emphasize the importance of Pharmacy with Management.

Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharma)

The eligibility criteria of M.Pharm is  graduation degree in B-Pharma from a recognized university. The duration of the course is for two years. This course is for aspirants who are willing to study the in-depth process of a pharmacy. The curriculum is designed in a way to expand the knowledge of the students by providing different techniques and skills. There are methods right from analytical to methods of synopsis that the students are offered. 

Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacy practice and Drug store Management

It is a diploma course for one year of duration. The course provides a different perspective on the world of drugstore and the potentials in the same. The course is highly studied in-depth and practically assessed as well. The importance of the pharmacy industry and its adverse effects are covered under this course.

M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

This course is a Management course that is offered for two years. Some drug-based remedies and cures are offered to students as part of their curriculum. The students are also walked through various aspects of quality assurance in the drugstore and developmental remedies. The course covers methods of testing and detecting the samples that are given in the laboratory. 


Pharm D is a doctoral course that lasts for three years, out of which, two years are academics, and there is one year of internship. Students who have completed B.Pharma from a recognized board (PCI) are eligible for this course. Students are walked through different patterns of research and equipment analysis. There are various workshops, as well conducted.

Diploma courses after

Diploma in Clinical Research: Clinical Research is a field of healthcare science which deals with the safety and effectiveness of medications on human beings. The medicines are diagnosed well before human use. The Diploma in Clinical Research is a one-year diploma for aspirants who are keen to know about the research and its objectives. There are clinical trials shown to students for better understanding. The diploma covers major aspects related to clinical analyzing and conducting different experiments.

Diploma in Drugstore Management

 Diploma in Drugstore Management is a short term diploma course for the students who are willing to study drugstore management on the surface. There are various methods of sales and the methods of marketing taught to the students in the drugstore area. The skills like analyzing and researching are more focused. The course elevates light on the different ways of understanding the skill sets in Drugstore Management.

Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Trial Management

Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Trial Management is a program that is not entirely discovered by many institutes. Fewer colleges are offering this course. This diploma course is a 10-month program offered to students who are willing to know the operations and technical standards used in the process of clinical research and hospitals. There is infrastructural study as well provided to the students.

6-month courses after B Pharmacy

Medical Coding Course: Medical Coding is the fastest growing aspect in healthcare that offers coding the transcription of the doctors. This course can be pursued after graduation or post-graduation as well. This course is a 3 to 6 months duration course.

Regulatory Affairs Courses

Regulatory Affairs course is designed for students who are willing to study the fundamentals of regulatory submissions in the medicinal field. There are various managing aspects of how the drugs and medicinal products are bought into the regulated market from different countries such as the US, Europe, Canada, etc.

There are short courses for sales representatives who aspire to work for a clinic or fund their own drug store. This course is crucial and can be pursued after graduation, as well. 

Apart from these, there are various courses after B Pharmacy in abroad which include topics like clinical research, coding, and many to the list.

Scope of  Pharmacy

The Indian Pharma Industry is considered to be the largest provider of generic drugs. There are nearly 50% of demands globally for the generic drug usage from India. India is also known as a hub for scientists and that is what makes the scope for aspirants higher.  Students have vast job opportunities and with the pandemic, in the hour of the country, there are many opportunities opened for the same. Right from online courses to full-time pharmacy courses in post-graduation are available in this field. 

Top Recruiters of Pharmacy Course Graduates

The top recruiters are:

  • Cipla
  • Lupin
  • Apollo
  • Sun Pharma
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Government Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Private hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Research centres
  • Schools and Universities 


  1. What are the top colleges to pursue pharmacy courses in India?

    Top colleges to pursue Pharmacy course are:

    • IGNOU, Delhi
    • Delhi Pharmaceuticals and Sciences
    • Bharat Vidyapeeth, Pune
    • AIIMS, Bhopal
    • School of Health Sciences, Dehradun
    • NMIMS, Mumbai
    • Apollo Institute of Hospital Management and Allied Science
  2. What are the various job profiles of the pharmaceutical industry for B. Pharm graduates?

    Job Profiles are:

    • Pharmacist
    • Food and Cosmetic Scientist
    • Pharmacologist
    • Drug Inspector
    • Scientist 
    • Lecturer 
    • Quality control
  3. What are the skillsets to pursue pharmacy course?

    Various skills one must possess to pursue a Pharmacy course:

    • Analytical skills
    • Leadership skills
    • Teamwork abilities
    • Decision-Making skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Innovativeness 
    • Proactiveness  
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Communication
  4. After B Pharmacy, which course is best?

    There are different courses like:

    • Diploma in Drugstore Management
    • Diploma in Clinical Research
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacy practice and Drug store Management
    • Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Trial Management
  5. What are some job oriented courses after B Pharmacy?

    The job oriented courses are:

    • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
    • Pharm d course after b pharmacy
    • Master of cosmetic Technology
    • Medical Coding course
  6. What are the courses after B Pharmacy?

    Courses after B Pharmacy are:

    • Diploma in Clinical Research
    • Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharma)
    • M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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