Class 12th is a significant juncture in candidates’ academic life. A career option must be evaluated critically from a long-term perspective. It would help if you kept in mind several constituents such as job opportunities, average salary, growth in the sector, the value of experience, and the level of competition while making career choices.

The students who opt for PCM in the 12th are mostly in a dilemma with career prospects. They believe that engineering is the only best option available which will lead to a bright future. Parents want their child to become an engineer just because they will have a high-paying job and a better future ahead. But it is a misconception in today’s time. There are tremendous opportunities and career alternatives which are available for the students pursuing PCM. There are no constraints to career options

List of Professional Courses after 12th Science PCM

Below we are providing the best courses students can pursue after 12 of science major. Select the course that suits you the best and follow your passion and dreams.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

B.Sc or Bachelor of Science degree initiates up a whole lot of career prospects for the aspirants. Whether you are from Maths, Chemistry, Physics, or Biology, B.Sc. degree holders can always go for research work, advanced studies or career in allied areas. After pursuing a B.Sc., Chemistry applicants can go for several job opportunities.

Engineering courses (BE and B.Tech)

Science is one of the popular streams extending a wide range of technical courses. If you want to become an Engineer, B.E and B.Tech are the courses you must choose after 12th Science (Mathematics Group). The Bachelor’s course duration is four years. After the Bachelor’s course, the usual PG course that person may do is M.Tech.

Architecture (B.Arch.)

B.Arch is a UG level course in the field of architecture. Architecture is a lucrative career option for Non-medical students who do not want to opt for engineering. This course helps in learning the distinct areas of architecture like planning, constructing, and designing, the physical structure. A person with sharp observational skills or having the ability to make efficient use of space is the best candidate to pursue this course. The students can opt for Interior Design, Urban Design, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, etc.

Commercial Pilot Course

Being a science student, who always wanted to have an adventurous life and have capabilities like a speedy, calculative, and sharp analytical mind, then Commercial Pilot will be the best-suited career option for you. Applicants must try to get admission into Government colleges like Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy where fees are quite flexible.

Merchant Navy Courses

This field is the best option for candidates who enjoy sea travel, cargo, and international trade. The people working in the Merchant Navy facilitate international trade by transporting cargo, goods, and commercial items all over the world. This career is both professionally and monetarily rewarding. There are several courses in the Merchant Navy like Nautical Science, Marine Catering, Marine Engineering Harbour & Ocean Engineering, and Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering. So, if you love sea travel, then this is considered to be an excellent alternate career option after class 12 PCM.

Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA)

BCA is a 3-year course that gives a depth knowledge of the different computer languages and coding. The specialists have a thorough knowledge of programming languages, computer hardware, and coding, and computers. BCA is regarded as a good option for those who want an alternate career for BE / B.Tech in CSE.

Bachelor in Pharmacy

B.Pharm or Bachelor in Pharmacy is a job-oriented course. There is a massive demand for pharmacists in the field of medicine. The student will find it easy to attain jobs just after the completion of this course. In Pharmacy Courses, students studying the chemical structure, combination, function, uses, and preparation of the medicines.

Career in Physics

Physics offers many opportunities for those who have excellent command over the subject. A career in Physics domain demands logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and possessing an extraordinary passion for Physics. One can make a career in areas such as Econophysics, Computational Physics, Aerospace, Medical Physics, Nuclear Physics, Data Science, and more. Besides that, you can also go to research or teaching fields.

Career in Mathematics

A career in Data Science, Banking, Insurance, Stock market, Meteorology, etc. can be considered extremely advantageous for candidates having good command over mathematics.

Career in Defence

Candidates having the zeal to serve the nation, a career in defence is what you should think about. It is considered amongst the most prestigious careers; defence involves protecting the country from various outside threats. There are three branches, the Navy, the Army, and the Air Force


There are ample career opportunities rather than Engineering for candidates who wish to opt for PCM in the 12th. One can choose the course of their preference and interest and can exceed in that field. All the disciplines mentioned above are both professionally and monetarily good options in the initial of the career.


1. What are the best career options for candidates after pursuing 12th science PCM?

Ans. PCM doesn’t force candidates to pursue engineering or any such hardcore jobs. Developing a career in Content Writing, Digital Marketing is providing great opportunities in the modern era.

2. What are the most suitable career options after 12th Science (PCM)?

Ans. Interesting career options to pursue after 12th science PCM - Aerospace, Computer Software/hardware, Geothermal Sciences, Electronics, Architecture, Mechanics, Commercial Pilot, Auto Mobiles, Artificial Intelligence, Joining the Army.

3. What are the career options after 12 (PCM) besides B. Tech or a BSc (no science)?

  • Architecture
  • Aviation
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Merchant Navy
  • Industrial Design
  • Fashion Technology
  • Defence
  • Animation & Graphics

4. What are the Institutions that offer Best Quality Studies after 12th science PCM?

  • PSG Technology Coimbatore
  • National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
  • lovely professional university
  • NSIT, New Delhi
  • College of Engineering, Pune

5. Can one develop their career in the aviation sector after 12th science PCM?

Ans. Yes, one can get great career prospects in the aviation sector. For more insights, you can refer to the above article.

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