Every student arrives at a crucial point on clearing their 10th board exam. It is one of the critical milestones in every student's life. Also, it is a turning point and a base for further studies and career options. 

List of Career Options After 10th Standard

Career Options After 10th standard influence students further decisions and here's a  list of career options after 10th for students to opt from:-

  1. Class XI/Class XII
  2. Polytechnic Diploma courses
  3. Paramedical Courses
  4. Industrial Trading Institute (ITI)
  5. Short-term Courses

The majority of the students will opt for Class XI-Class XII. Three main streams that are available to study are given below


Career options after 10th in the science stream provide ample opportunities making it everyone's favorite. If you are opting for Science, students must study Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as core subjects along with Biology or Computer Science. Apart from these core subjects, languages will be a part of the curriculum too. 

Science stream students can further get into Medical or Engineering courses(B.E/B.Tech) based on the subject of study in Class XII. Biology students go for Medical while Computer Science and Electronics students go for Engineering. 


The core subjects of Commerce are – Business Economics, Accountancy, Business Study, and Business Law. Not just these, students will have exposure to income tax, accounting, marketing, and other related subjects. And of course, the language subject will be compulsory.

Career prospects in Commerce are huge, just as Science. Career options after 10th in Commerce for a career include opting for further studies in Management (BBA/BMS), Economics, Actuarial Science, Chartered Accountancy, Finance, Bank PO, Cost, and Management Accounting, Stockbroking, Statistics, and many more. There are lots of thriving options on hand.


Art provides students with various subjects to study from like sociology, history, literature, psychology, political Science, philosophy, economics, etc. along with compulsory language subjects.

Career scope of Arts is diverse. Career Options After 10th Class provide Students further specialization in a field and career options after 10th in arts include working in Teaching, Writing, Journalism, Psychology, Literature, Fine arts, Political Science, Economics, etc.

Polytechnic Diploma courses

Polytechnic Diploma courses are Diploma courses one can join after Class X. It is a 3-year course. On completing such a course, students are either take up employment or pursue B.E/B. Tech as a lateral entrant and considered as the best career options after 10th.

Specializations Include

  • Mechanical
  • Computer Science
  • Civil
  • Automobile
  •  Bio-Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Textile technology
  • Chemical
  • Marine technology
  • Bio-Medical 

Paramedical Courses

The Paramedical branch is related to the allied healthcare sector, and just like medical courses, paramedical courses also provide excellent career opportunities.

Students who are immensely dedicated to serving the community and working in the healthcare industry must join such a course because this role comes with loads of responsibility it requires immense attention, discipline to monitor the patients and needs to work in rotational shifts.

As the field of medicine grows, demand for trained personnel as medical assistants and technicians increases, thus adding to the number of job opportunities.

  • Diploma in operation theatre technology
  • Diploma in x-ray technology 
  • Diploma in ECG technology 
  • Diploma in dialysis technology 
  • Diploma in medical record Technology

The diploma is useful for students who are unwilling to pursue undergraduate programs but are eager to take up courses and are in for something semi-professional that pays them early on.

Industrial Trading Institute (ITI)

ITI is an acronym for Industrial training institute, a government initiative responsible for providing industry-ready training to students. It's a two-year certificate program in the technical field. Set up to provide vocational training to students across India. This course is not equivalent to a Diploma. Mentioned below are the career options after 10th in Science stream:-

  • Computer hardware and network maintenance
  • Electrician
  • Electronic mechanic
  • Mechanic
  • Medical electronics
  • Surveyor
  • Radiology technician
  • Mechanic (auto electricals and electronics)
  • Mechanic (refrigeration and air conditioner)
  • Civil 

Pursuing ITI students can find opportunities in construction, manufacturing, refurbishing firms, health industry, etc. Students equally opt for ITI as a career option after 10th in India.

Short-term Courses

Short duration courses have a duration of 3 to 6 or 12 months, aiming to provide the learner with job-ready skills. The courses offered are career options after 10th without maths according to the trend in demand that helps students refine and enhance their abilities and provide certificates after completing the course, which can help get the desired job.

  • Web Designing
  • Certification Course in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)/Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Designing 
  • Certificate Programme in MS-Office
  •  2D and 3D Animation
  •  Certificate Course in Programming Language (JAVA, C, C++)

Right career option?

Deciding what to do after class 10 is a crucial decision and should never be taken in a hurry. Analyzing several factors that come into the picture, including interest, passion, assessing your skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, irrespective of which stream or career option opted students should make sure the subjects covered under such a course interest you.

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