The aviation industry in India has seen some higher growth in jobs and institutional businesses in the last three years. It is expected to become the third-largest aviation-based country by the year 2024. The number of aeroplanes in this sector has increased by almost 1100 by the year 2027. It is also observed that air traffic in India has risen to nearly 15% to 18% in one year. The Aviation Industry is quite demanding but is also considered to have many perks alongside. The industry is vibrant and hectic at the same time. The ones who are a part of the Aviation sure get to see new places and explore the same.

What is Aviation Management?

The Aviation Management Courses in India aim at providing students with an experience filled with extreme knowledge and helpful insights. This field is for those who are passionate about aviation. The aviation industry is growing and is huge, but it lacks skilled professionals with appropriate guidance and knowledge. The main aim of the Aviation Management course is to teach students the responsibility of a team player. It is also to be continuously updated and alert about everything that is covered. These courses bring exciting subjects on the platter to discover and understand the techniques of the same. There are courses such as cabin crew, ground staff, hospitality, travel management, retail management, 

Just like plenty of courses available in the aviation industry, there are multiple job opportunities as well.

This industry only enhances one's communication skills and makes them take up leadership in any given instance.

In India Aviation Management courses distance learning program and classroom, learning program provides education for various certification and degree courses.

And therefore popular Aviation Management Training Courses at  different certification level in India are mentioned below

Aviation Management Courses:

MBA in Aviation Management

Masters in Aviation Management is considered as the most prestigious for the skills that are learned during the course. The course is designed to make students more realistic and practical in the field. Various subjects are related directly to the practical world.

Major topics such as the development of the types of machinery and how they are operated are also taught and are more practical. The course also elevates students with their language skills. There are domain experts that train the students with a perspective of making them more preferred in the upcoming world. There are some leading colleges in cities like Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

MBA in Aviation Management Course Details:  It is a 2-year full-time program

Course fees: INR 2L - 11L

Colleges for Aviation in MBA:

BBA in Aviation

The bachelor's in aviation is a course for students who have finished their 12th standard and are passionate about the aviation world. The course enables students by teaching them the basics of aviation financial accounting. Students study various case studies. Multiple topics are covered under the course, such as accounting, managerial skills, marketing, and communication skills.

Course details:  It is a 3-year full-time program

Course fees: INR 70,000 - 4 L

Colleges for BBA in aviation 

Diploma in Airport Management

Diploma in Airport Management is an undergraduate course for students who aspire to finish their studies early. This course enables short term but with excellent knowledge about the industry. This course teaches students the techniques of problem-solving and cognitive processes. There are real-time instances given to the students to analyze and conduct their observation for the same.

Course details:  It is a 12-month full-time program

Course fees: INR 40000- 1L

Colleges for Diploma in Aviation 

  • Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management, Bangalore
  • Trade Wings, Kolkata
  • Trade Wings, Bangalore

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BSc in Airline and Airport Management

B.Sc in Airline and Airport Management undergraduate course that can be opted soon after the candidate has completed the 12th standard. There is a various compilation of subjects that the course offers the students with Cargo handling, Financial Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, functional operations of Airlines and Airports. The course shows realistic examples from the aviation industry and gives them a perspective on things. There are various courses post the undergraduate and also many job opportunities awaiting.

Aviation Management Course details. It is a 3-year full-time program.

Aviation management Course fees: INR 1L - 3L

Colleges for B.Sc in Aviation

  • Global Institute,Amritsar
  • LPU,Jalandhar
  • Institute of Indian Aviation and Allied Management Studies,Bangalore

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M.Sc in Aviation

M.Sc in Aviation course is designed for students who are passionate about the Aviation Industry. The aviation industry always demands the most enthusiastic individuals with a lot of passion. This course is designed to make the students more professionally able in the world of aviation. There are real challenges that are taught to the students and aspects of the working of the aviation industry. Topics like strategizing the management and studying aircraft and their operations are covered.

Course details:  It is a 2-year full-time program

Course fees: INR 1L - 3L

Colleges for M.Sc in Aviation

PGDM in Aviation

PGDM in Aviation is a Post Graduate Diploma course for students who have completed their graduation. There is comprehensive coverage of topics such as Aerospace and Aviation Management. The program offers students various crisis management aspects that can be utilized by the students to post the course. There are In-flight services, and how that is to be managed is covered.

Course details:  It is a 2-year full-time program

Course fees: INR 2L - 10L

Colleges for PGDM in Aviation

Certificate Course in Aviation Management

The certification course is a short course that is offered for students post their 12th standard and offers not much but the basics of the aviation industry and challenges that can occur. Different methods of /management and how one should deal with prototyping the production.

Course details:  It is a six months course

Course fees: INR 50000 - 1L

Apart from all some Free Online Aviation Management Courses are offered by different colleges or institutions.

Aviation Management Course Benefits 

  • The ongoing routine of the Aviation industry operates in a way that opens paths for networking with new people, be it the crew, pilots, or the passengers.
  • The salary is highest paying for senior levels and also is long term.
  • Different perks of having early access to travelling and availing tickets through the networks.
  • It is an energetic field, and there is only learning that takes place.

Aviation Management Course Eligibility

Aviation Management Courses Eligibility is determined according to the certification level that means for different certification levels the eligibility is different.

Aviation Management after 12th:

The eligibility for Aviation Management Courses after 12th state that Students with a minimum of 50% marks in their 12th can apply for the Bachelor's Course, which is for three years. Students from all streams are eligible.

Aviation Management After Graduation

Students with 50% of marks are mostly preferred, and there are various criteria such as Personal Interview, Group discussion with equivalent qualifying exams that are conducted. (Post Graduate Courses)

Top Entrance Exams for Aviation Management

Entrance exams for Aviation Management are:

Career Scope in the Aviation Industry

With the growth in every industry, the Aviation Industry has also grown large. With increasing Airplanes, Airports, and Traveling becoming the lifestyle of nearly 60% of youthful people, the aviation industry is expected to grow in the next five years.

There are so many job opportunities that are available in the Aviation industry right from the Ground floor to Aircraft Management.The scope for Managerial roles has increased because of the professionalism and skills that they offer and make it a smooth workplace.

It is considered as the most demanding sector and highest-paying jobs. There are enormous choices to choose from the industry and explore. The job roles offered are most rewarding and are considered essential.

Various Job profiles that are offered in India

  • Aviation Operations Specialist
  • Trainer
  • Cargo Supervisors
  • Guest Service Manager
  • Air station Manager
  • Air traffic controller
  • Ticketing
  • Airline customer care operator
  • Asst. manager in warehouses
  • Asst. manager in Ticketing firms

Requirements for Aviation Sector

  • Passionate 
  • Enthusiasm
  • Proactiveness  
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork abilities
  • Decision-Making skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Innovativeness 
  • Communication 
  • Language skills


Aviation Management FAQS

  1. What are the top recruiters for various Aviation Management Courses?
    • DHL
    • INDIGO
    • British Airways
    • ESSAR
    • Emirates
    • GMR
    • Air India
  2. What are the popular specializations in Aviation Industry?
    • Aviation Law
    • Aviation Marketing
    • Business communication
    • French language
    • International Management 
    • Entrepreneurial Management
  3. Which is the best college for pursuing Aviation management courses in India?
    • DY Patil University, Mumbai
    • Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Chennai
    • SJES University, Bangalore
    • NIMS, Rajasthan
    • Andhra Pradesh Aviation Academy, Hyderabad
    • University of Petroleum and Energy Studies - [UPES], Dehradun
    • Jain University, Bangalore
  4. Is Aviation Management a popular career choice in India?

    Yes. the aviation Management courses have fetched a lot more in the coming decade and have opened several opportunities for students who aspire to make their career in Aviation.

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