One-year Diploma courses are introduced for students in India under the different departments. The primary objective of introducing these one-year-long diploma courses is to formulate student knowledge. There are various courses available under the one-year diploma. Some of which are 1-year diploma courses after 12th in Science, 1-year diploma courses after 12th Commerce, 1-year diploma courses after graduation, 1-year diploma courses after 12th arts, etc.


Diploma courses are the new popular thing among students who wish to kick start their career early. Students wishing to join the working industry as soon as possible by pursuing several job oriented courses are relatively increasing every day. Several Diploma courses in India offer this opportunity for the students. Students wishing to do the same can enroll in one of these courses and start building their careers.

This article would certainly help you in choosing the best diploma courses after 12th. We bring you the courses that could be pursued with a course duration of not more than a year. This article gives a list of those diploma courses followed by the students within a year.

One-year Diploma Courses after 12th Commerce.

Students not sure about the course to select and having confusion in selecting, we are here to brighten you up; we bring you the best courses which are in high demand that can offer you the best; check the below courses:

    • Diploma in Mass Communication
    • Diploma in Acting and Anchoring
    • Diploma in Electronic Media
    • Diploma in Radio Programming and Management
    • Diploma in Radio Management
    • Diploma in VFX
    • Diploma in Banking and Finance
    • Diploma in Financial Accounting
    • Diploma in Hotel Management
    • Diploma in Yoga
    • Diploma in Fashion Designing
    • Diploma in Business Management
    • Diploma in Retail Management

Diploma in VFX

This course is a ten months intensive program which trains students for the visual effects industry. It helps them in constructing complex visual effects for a feature film by using relevant tools and techniques. The students are taught to enhance their visual effects using software photoshop, Mocha, NUKE, and Silhouette FX.

This course is in high demand, with excellent career opportunities and a lucrative salary for students who want to make their careers in visual effects. Students tend to become real professional visual effects artists by improving their knowledge and skills in visual effects.

Diploma in Banking and Finance

This course is designed to train the students in banking functions, different aspects of banking. This course also teaches the students concepts of global banking, markets. Various policies of banks are also part of the course.

This course's primary job scope is from banks, both Government and Private banks, and insurance companies.

Diploma in Financial Accounting

This course trains the students in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Management skills, Business Law. This course helps students to gain the required knowledge and skills needed in the field of accounting. This course can also be pursued within a year. Students with this course's primary job roles are in the Accounts maintenance department and finance maintenance.

Diploma in Hotel Management

This course is mainly to enhance the skill required for the Hospitality industry. Diploma in Hotel Management course will train you in hospitality, food management, front office handling, and acknowledge the students with the hotel industry's work environment. The first job opportunities are hotels, restaurants, catering companies, and cruises that recruit students with this diploma.

Diploma in Yoga

This course will teach you the different yoga practices, postures, asanas, therapies involving yoga, and all the required skills that make you a certified yoga teacher. The job roles offered are mainly as a yoga teacher in health centers, gyms, private tuitions are all the best way to start teaching.

Diploma in Fashion Designing

This course can also be pursued within a year; this course is designed to give the students an insight into the fashion industry. Diploma in Fashion Design course also helps you understand the process, fabric selection principles, and situational demand in the fashion industry. This course will help you build all the skills required in the fashion industry. The primary job roles are as assistants for the designing companies, famous designers, or work as assistants for the fashion industry's expertise.

Diploma in Business Management

Students will learn about the principles of business management and enhance skills in managing various functions related to the smooth running of the business. This course offers you great job opportunities, in all business that requires management, proper utilization of the available resources and to bring the best out of it.

Diploma in Retail Management

This course mainly covers topics like merchandising, retail functions, store design, sourcing, space management, effective utilization with minimum resources are the most important things that are taught in a Diploma in Retail Management course. The most certainly offered jobs for this course are in shopping marts, stores, an executive at stores, and you can start your retail outlets.

Diploma in Photography

Diploma in Photography  is a one year course that offers students employment in different areas like

  1. Universities 
  2. Event Management Company 
  3. Film Industry
  4. Print and Electronic Media
  5.  Photography Shops
  6. Wilderness Photography
  7. Documentary

The salary for different job profiles under the above employment areas lies between INR 2 and 5 LPA.

The minimum required eligibility criteria state that the students who want to opt for a Diploma in Photography should have completed their higher secondary with at least 50% from the national or State Board.

One-year Diploma Courses after 12th Science

The one-year Diploma courses accessible for the student after finishing 12th standard with science stream (PCM/PCB) are listed below

    • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
    • Diploma in Radiological Technology
    • Diploma in Nursing
    • Diploma in Child Health
    • Diploma in Health Inspector
    • Diploma Anaesthesia

Diploma in Audiology and Speech Therapy

The courses in Audiology and speech-language pathology deals explicitly with the study of human communication. The course is designed to teach students about the disorders of hearing. The various ways of diagnosis related to communication are covered under this course. Different testing and language concepts are introduced to the students under the curriculum. There are multiple methods and concept based training given to the students for a better understanding.

Diploma in Anesthesia Technology

This diploma's core concept is to enable students to get an insight into medical problems and assess medical issues. There are different kinds of anesthetics that are studied during the course and their application on people. There are different diagnoses and techniques offered to the students as part of the curriculum. 

One-year Diploma Courses after graduation

After accomplishing graduation from any recognized University with at least 45% to 50% marks in any stream, the student can opt any of the one-year diploma course that is listed below

    • Diploma in Graphic Designing
    • Diploma in Fire Safety and Hazards Management
    • Diploma in Industrial Safety
    • Diploma Health Safety and Environment
    • Diploma in Culinary Arts
    • Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety
    • Diploma in Computer Application
    • Diploma in Human Resource Management
    • Diploma in Food and Beverage Services Management

Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety

The main aim of this course is to teach students the different aspects of industrial safety. This course introduces the student to be prepared during any disaster in industries and act in the best way to avoid and maintain industrial accidents. The job roles provided for the student with this course are safety consultants in industries and design the best safety measures that can prevent any mishappenings in the industry.

Diploma in Computer Applications

This course mainly focuses on improving your IT skills. The students will learn to operate different computer applications in this Diploma in Computer Applications course and work on various software to work in multiple domains of computer Applications. The primary job profiles are assistants for experts in various fields of IT and Computer Applications.

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Diploma in Graphic Designing is a course that deals in providing the details of designing electronically. Graphic Designing is a diploma that deals with creating and using visual illusions on the computer. It is an art of illustrating the graphical version of things. They develop videos, gifs, games, and illustrative pictures. In a world full of digitalization, the demand for graphic designing has increased, and the opportunities have also increased.

One-year Diploma Courses after 12th arts

After completing the 12th standard with 50% in Arts stream from any recognized School, students can opt for One-year Diploma courses in mass communication, designing, and arts and computer.

One year Diploma courses in mass communication department are available for students after completing 12th standard with Arts stream are listed below 

    • Diploma in Mass Communication
    • Diploma in Acting and Anchoring
    • Diploma in Electronic Media
    • Diploma in Radio Programming and Management
    • Diploma in Radio Management

Diploma in Mass Communication

Diploma in Mass Communication is a course that is designed to learn the crux of Mass Communication and the objectives that are related to Communication. There are various subjects that are evolving with different techniques and tools. The vivid range of subjects that are taught to students. There are different mass media vehicles and types of electronic media that are explained to students with different terminologies.

Diploma in Acting and Anchoring

A diploma in Acting and Anchoring is a diploma course that specializes in giving students the perspective about acting and the crux of the same. Students are offered the aspects of anchoring and various sessions of the same are offered. The diploma is a balance of theories and conceptual aspects to the aspirants. The diploma requires a lot of curiosity and confidence that one needs to acquire.

Why Pursue 1-Year Diploma Courses?

Students are looking forward to pursuing those courses which are job-specific and industry oriented. They can start with their career as early as possible; these courses are a good option for those students who want to have knowledge in a particular domain and mainly focus only on their respective fields. Best One-Year Diploma Courses After 12th

Career Scope

These are courses with a duration of not more than a year. The students pursue these courses after 12th boards who wish to start their career and join the working industry early. These courses can offer the job you want to, but the opportunities are limited, the career scope is limited. If you wish to make a great career in these courses, you should continue to pursue higher education and the skills required in your particular domains. So that you can gain knowledge as well as make your career. So go through the article carefully and choose the best course that suits that motivates you to keep on moving and attain greater heights.

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