Walchand College of Arts and Science Infrastructure: Campus, Hostel & Other Facilities

Ayesha Taneem Ayesha Taneem | Dec 14, 2021
Ayesha Taneem
Ayesha Taneem

Updated on - Dec 14, 2021

Facilities :- 

Class Rooms 

The Walchand College of Arts and Science has total 35 no. of Class rooms available for teaching in the premises. The Class Rooms are completely dedicated for the Different activities which are conducted through out the academic year like Teachers Day, Traditional Day, and Science Day etc. 

Chemistry Laboratory 

The Department has well-equipped and sophisticated two separate laboratories of 2200 sq. ft. each. The Department has a special research Laboratory which available for Research Students. The Department is recognized for M. Phil. / Ph.D. courses. 


The Department has well-equipped and sophisticated two separate laboratories. The Department has a special research Laboratory which available for Research Students. The Department is recognized for M. Phil. / Ph.D. courses. 

Physics Laboratory 

The Department has two well-equipped and Spacious Laboratories in which we have various important instruments. The dept is currently running the course for B.Sc. I /II. 

Botany Laboratory 

This Department is also the oldest department of our college. Currently It is running B.Sc. I/II courses. The Department has separate Research Laboratory with Some important instruments. The Department is working on one ongoing project which is sanctioned by RGSTC worth Rs. 17 lacs. Two research students are working on that project alongwith The Project Head Dr. S.P.Gaikwad. 

Computer Laboratory 

The department is equipped with the latest computer machines, installed with latest softwares. We have two computer laboratories, which are well equipped with latest terminals, scanners, printers, CD printers, LCD projectors and legal copies of latest softwares like windows XP, MS-office, Visual Studio, ISM and Shreelipi. These laboratories support an environment for Networking, Multimedia databases and advanced technologies and one laboratory is oriented for basic study of electronics and microprocessor. 


It is well equipped and sophisticated Laboratory which is enriched with advanced instruments like incubator, Microscopes, autoclave, centrifuge, oven etc. 

Geography Laboratory 

It is well equipped and sophisticated Laboratory which is enriched with advanced instruments like Ranging Road, Japan Model Spirit Level, Audi lade, India Map, Pocket Stereoscope, Fourteen Barometer, Geological Models, Optical Scare, Ariel Photographs, Magnified Glasses, Aninometer, Thermograph, Computer etc. 

Geology Laboratory 

It is well equipped and sophisticated Laboratory which is enriched with advanced instruments like Microscope, Crystal Models, Contact Goniometer, Earth Globe, Mirror Stereoscope, Silicate Structure Model Kit, Rotometer measurer, Geomorphic model, Refractometer, Binocular etc. 


For outstation students seeking accommodation, the institute has the provision of hostel facility, the hostel that is placed in the Campus, carves out a homely atmosphere for the students. Separate boys and girls hostels are located within the campus. Decent and affordable boarding facilities are available in abundance. 


Separate Vehicle parking facility is available in the institution for both staff members and students with the supervision of security guards. 

Tissue Culture Laboratory 

WCBT has unique air-conditioned Animal and Plant Tissue Culture laboratories of 1000 sq. ft each, at present used for training and research I animal and plant tissue culture experiments, respectively. These laboratories are provided with sophisticated high-tech equipments such as Autoclaves, Air shower, CO2 incubator, Culture racks, digital balances, BOD incubator, Hybridization oven, inverted microscope, Laminar Air flows, Hot air oven, shaking incubator, deep freezers and a host of other devices. 

Molecular Biology Laboratory 

Sophisticated air-conditioned molecular biology laboratory of 1000 sq. ft. is made available at WCBT. It is utilized to conduct experiments for isolation, purification, digestion, ligation and amplification of DNA. The laboratory is enriched by sophisticated equipment viz. digital balance, electrophoresis system, ELISA reader, heating block, heat cool block, microplate shaker, 3D rocker, Gel documentation system, PCR workstation, hot plate, UV

trans-illumininator, cooling centrifuge, microscopes, ultra cooling refrigerator, water bath, etc. 

Biochemistry Laboratory 

Well designed Biochemistry laboratory with separate digestion chamber is functional for training the students in the basic biochemical analysis concerned to carbohydrates, Proteins, lipids etc. It is supported by Magnetic stirrer, pH meter, Spectrophotometer, Digital Balance etc. 

Microbiology Laboratory 

Well equipped Microbiology laboratory of 1100 sq.ft. capable of culturing all kinds of aerobic microorganisms. It is enriched by advanced equipments viz. autoclave, Bio-safety cabinet, Centrifuge, Microscopes, Oven, incubators etc. 

Computer Science Laboratory 

It is of 1000 sq.ft. and has 40 desktop computer systems with 24 hrs. Broad band Internet Facility. 

Common Facility Centre (CFC) 

It is also established to suit easy access for unique instruments such as Spectrophotometer, Inverted microscope, ELISA reader, Cooling Centrifuge, Deep Freezer, Incubator shaker etc. 


Separate spacious resourceful library cum reading room with latest editions of relevant books, national and international research journals, periodicals and 24 hours hrs. Internet facility is also made available.

Well- designed and well equipped seminar hall is made available for building all round personality of students through curricular and extracurricular activities. 

Seminar Hall 

A Seminar hall with a capacity of more than 200 students is also well equipped with audio-visual aids such as computer, LCD and audio system. The hall exclusively caters to the needs where more students are to be addressed.

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Almas Rangrez Batch 2019 M.Sc [Master of Science]
Reviewed on Oct 30, 2019
2.5 Fees
3.5 Academics
3.5 Infrastructure
3.5 Campus

College Infrastructure & Hostel Facilities : I am not living in a hostel but I know the hostel fees there is two boys' hostel and 2 girls hostel. Hostel facilities are also good and fees of hostel per month are approximately 1500.

Fees & Scholarships :

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Asmita Sagar Batch 2017 B.Sc Biotechnology
Reviewed on Apr 07, 2018
2 Placements
1.5 Fees
3.5 Academics
3 Infrastructure
3.5 Campus

College Infrastructure & Hostel Facilities : One hostel for boys and girls. Don't know. No food canteen. Classrooms are ok.  laboratories are excellent and well maintained and functional with the proper instrument and lab material. No wifi.

Entrance Exams & Admissions : 12th pass

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Venkey Shanku Batch 2016 Others
Reviewed on Mar 17, 2016
3.5 Academics
2.5 Fees
4 Placements
2.5 Infrastructure

College Infrastructure & Hostel Facilities : The quality of classrooms in my college in not bad. The department of mathematics is not good. There is no WiFi in my college.

Academics & Faculty : The class timing is morning from 8:15am to 10:45am

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