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United Institute of Management, [UIM] Allahabad Infrastructure Details

Student Accomodation

The United institutes house a capacity of over 1200 students. Separate hostels accomodation for girls & boys are available at both Allahabad & Greater Noida Campuses.The accomodations are complete with all the amenities for the residents. The facilities include :

  • Gyms

  • T.V. Room

  • Telephone facilities

  • Internet facilities- 52 MBPS dedicated leased line.

  • Generator backup in case of power failure.

  • Mess and dining services for a nominal charge.

Food Courts

This is one area of the campus which never seems to be deserted. A popular hang out for the students, the food court offers a wide choice of items to cater to the student's tastes. A high standard of hygiene is maintained, ensuring the satisfication and contentment of students.

Sports and Recreation Activities

A massive sports arena is built within the united campus. Spacious and sophisticated courts have been designed keeping in mind the benefits students can obtain from sporting activities. There are ample basketball, tennis, badminton, and volleyball courts to suit the precise interest of the student. United also takes pride in the fact that its students have proved to be athletes and won accolades for the institute with their sheer caliber.

Medical Facilities

Medical services are provided round the clock at the campus. A 24 hour ambulance is always at service in case of emergency. The girl's hostel also contains a self sufficient clinic within its site. Moreover, there are tie ups with the neighboring hospitals of the region guaranteeing the well being of the student.


Wireless hot spots are available at various location in the institutions for students to access internet on their laptop.


The Canara bank operates within the united campus in Allahabad. This provides all the necessary services to the students and staff. The fees deposition and personal account are operated through this bank itself.


More than 25 buses operate everyday for the students and staff. The day scholars living in areas away from the campus are pick-up and dropped from their residences in this safe and secure mode of transport.

Lecture Halls

Spacious, comfortable and naturally sunlit e-classrooms are equipped with advanced teaching aids like multimedia, LCD panels, PA Systems and OHPs. Online information systems are also utilized effectively by students for sharing knowledge, conceptualization and attaining clarity of thought through interactive pedagogy. A virtual class room operates between professionals from corporate world, academician from networking institutions and the faculty members and students of United.


An enviable collection of nationally and internationally acclaimed books of over 65,000 volumes are shelved at the library of Allahabad campuses and the Greater Noida campuses, although in the initial years, already has more than 30,000 books. Students are also given Book Bank facility in which one book of each subject is lent for a whole semester. This helps in having regular availability of books for student perusal. Moreover, the college library is a member of INDEST, DELNET (Developing Library Network) through which the students have access to & can issue books, articles, periodicals, etc from premier institutes of the country including all IITs. These libraries subscribe to over 200 journals and magazines of national and international origin. Nearly all the available newspapers are within the easy reach of the students.

Book Bank

Book Bank lends text books on semester basis for each subject. This saves the expenditures of the students. Learning is enhanced through the regular availability of books for every students.

Digital Library

Moving with the times, United has established a well equipped Digital Library which has thousands of books stored in electronic form. Moreover the digital Library has online subscription to over 400 International Journals (IEEE & IEE) which are accessible, for faculty members and students from any PC within the Campus including Hostels.

Computing Infra

The finest computing environment exists at both the campuses with computer labs having state-of-the-art technological equipments, hardware, software and internet facilities. The institutes, both at Allahabad and Noida have 24 hours hi-speed connectivity of internet through leased line.The infrastructure enables the students to work on the latest software packages and programmes. All the computer labs operate for the duration of 12 hours a day which is extended during peak hours. Hostels too, have also been provided with 24 hours leasline connectivity. The Allahabad campus has over 1050 computer systems whereas 300 computers have been initially installed at the Greater Noida Campus. United is a member of MSDN academic alliance through which it has gets around 100 system & application software of Microsoft every year.


To supplement theoretical knowledge with practical skills the college has a number of workshops. The workshops have been equipped with hi-tech machine tools and related equipments. Both the colleges have Carpentry shop, Foundry & Forge shop, Fitting shop, Machine shop, Sheet metal shop, Smithy shop and Welding Shop.The advance machining center houses precision lathes, honing, milling, drilling, shapers, slothers, surface grinders, etc. Foundry and forge are capable to provide castings. Welding workshop has the facility of oxygen acetylene, welding electric arch welding, resistance welding, TIG Welding and MIG Welding. Various cutting devices including gas cutting are available in Sheet Metal Workshop. The Fitting, Pattern, Carpentry and Smithy are the feeders to the workshops.

Neighbouring industries like Areva, Recron, ITI Ltd. effectively utilize the calibration, testing and manufacturing facility of the workshops. Students use workshop extensively for developing prototype working models.


Advanced and state-of-the-art laboratories with calibrated and accurate equipments have been set up for imparting practical training to the students. All the Laboratories are equipped with sophisticated and advanced technology which help students to attain clarity of the concepts through practicals. Students commit mistake and are guided to salvage. Like the Workshops, the Laboratories too, offer extensive test and measurement services and product development assistance to industry.In addition, the first year students also attain extensive research and experimentation facilities in the sophisticated physics and chemistry labs. These labs contain the latest equipments for the prescribed experiments making it easier for the students to carry out their research work.

Labs & Workshops

Department of CS & IT

  • Client Server Data Base Lab

  • Compiler Construction Lab

  • Computer Graphics & Animation Lab

  • Computer Network Lab

  • Data Base System lab

  • Distributed System Lab

  • E-Commerce Lab

  • Hardware Design Lab

  • Information System/MIS Lab

  • Information Technology Lab

  • Multimedia System Lab

  • Numerical Techniques Lab

  • OOP’s & Algorithm Lab

  • Operating System Lab

  • Software Engineering

  • Unix & Network Programming Lab

  • Web Technology Lab

Department of Electrical & Electronics

  • General Pharmacy

  • APHE Lab

  • Pharmaceutics Lab

  • Pharmacognosy Lab

  • Pharmacology lab

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

  • Microbiology Lab

Department of Pharmacy

  • Control System Lab

  • Electrical Engg. Lab

  • Electrical Machine Lab

  • Electronic Measurement & Transducer Lab

  • Measurement Lab

  • Network Lab

  • Power Electronics Lab

  • Power System Lab

  • Project Lab

Department of Electronics & Communication

  • Analog Circuit Lab

  • Analog Communication Lab

  • CAD of Electronic Circuit Lab

  • Computer Organization Lab

  • Control System Lab

  • Digital Circuit Lab

  • Digital Communication System Lab

  • Electronic Workshop & PCB design lab

  • Electronics Lab

  • Integrated Circuit Lab

  • Micro Processor Lab

  • Microwave & Optical Communication Lab

  • Project Lab

  • Telemetry Lab

  • VLSI Lab

  • Communication Lab

Department of Mechanical

  • Applied Thermodynamics Lab

  • Automobile Lab

  • CAD / CAM Lab

  • Fluid Machine Lab

  • Heat & Mass Transfer Lab

  • Kinematics and Dynamics of Machine Lab

  • Material Science & Testing Lab

  • Measurement Lab

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab

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