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About The College

State Institution of Film and Television, Rohtak, is a part of a bigger campus with necessary and modern facility for training students in the art of filmmaking. While students grip the practical facet of filmmaking, they also learn fine gradation of this art. They begin to view their craft in framework with the moving picture and the impact it has on the viewers. Films are the work of artistry, fantasy, creativity, and imagination, technical analysis and when the brains behind the camera are young, a “film takes outline of revolution”. The college envisions conveying kind of sight, artistry and technical knowledge, creativity to the students that entrust their imagination to transform the world. The college aims to cater world-class education in all technical and creative facets of filmmaking the television through 3-years, full-time programs.

Facts and figures:

  • Establishment year-2011
  • Affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak
  • Governing body-Private                                

    Courses Offered

    Film Acting

    This course is designed for those who have some theatre experience but little or no film experience. Those with abundant enthusiasm for film art with diverse background are really the ones this institute is looking for. The course will provide an intense learning experience, total immersion in the craft of acting and opportunities to work on actual film scenes and productions. The course curriculum will not only cover the acting techniques in general but also dwell deeper in various styles and methods of acting. The Student learn the nuances of major international acting schools of thought like Stanislavski, Meisner and Chekov.


    Cinematography is the art and craft of creating motion picture images. Of the most important aspects of cinema, a cinematographer is responsible for the translation of ideas into visuals. This requires a high amount of visual maturity.


    Film Direction entails the actual making of the film from scratch to screen. A film director begins with an idea and in collaboration with the crew at various levels, gives this initial idea a shape and form to make it into a complete film. Students taking up film direction are given rigorous practical training in the crafts of cinema, making them aware of the various processes.


    This specialization aims to develop student’s understanding of the concepts of editing in film and television. In particular the course is designed to develop the underpinning knowledge and skill required to work in an editing environment and make students familiar with different editing procedures.

    Sound Recording and Sound Design

    Students of Sound Recording & Sound Design course will learn the art and craft of sound recording for media. The learning process is to grasp the art as well as the relevant techniques and the technology.Given the fact that there are 1000 films produced in Hindi and regional languages per year, and more than 150 channels need software on 24 x 7 basis, one can see the need for a large number of trained personnel.


    Ph: 01262 216 485




The four Institutes on the campus Institute Of Fine Arts,Institute Of Design,Institute Of Urban Planning and Architecture,Institue Of Film and TV have been modelled on the lines of respective apex institute of national importance in the respective fields. Each of the four Institutes has been provided with separate institute building and common central facilities including Auditorium, Art Gallery, Knowledge Center and a Cafeteria. The Institute has been set up on a sprawling campus of 22 acre. The campus has been designed by

Graduates will have opportunities to work in the film and
television industry on various positions. Broadcast industry, live
sound, FM channels.
Students graduating from the direction stream
can work in the film industry. They can also
alternatively work in the broadcast industry, in
developmental sector or as independent filmmakers.
Students graduating from the
cinematography stream can work in
the film industry. They can also
alternatively work in the broadcast
industry, ad-filmmaking or even in the
developmental sector.
On completion

  • Film and Television Institute of India offers a limited number of scholarships to deserving students in:

    • Three year Diploma courses in Film and Television.
    • One Year Certificate Course in Television


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