SES Shivaji Arts and Commerce College Infrastructure: Campus, Hostel & Other Facilities

  • Karwar, Karnataka
Ayesha Taneem Ayesha Taneem | Dec 14, 2021
Ayesha Taneem
Ayesha Taneem

Updated on - Dec 14, 2021

Facilities :-                          

General Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall is spacious, well ventilated and equipped with well-designed furniture, which makes learning an enlightening activity. Lecture hall has state of the art facilities like Interactive projector with suitable sound systems.

Method Rooms

The Method rooms are Spacious and well ventilated. Teaching, paper presentations, seminars, workshops are conducted every day, with the help of Interactive projector with suitable sound systems in a conducive atmosphere

Science Education Resource Centre

The Science Education Resource Centre is fully equipped with all the apparatus is chemicals required for secondary school syllabus which helps the student trainees to conduct experiments in the classroom during practice in teaching. The Biology section is equipped with all the necessary apparatus and specimens which helps in meaningful coherence

Information and Communication Technology Resource Center

The Information and Communication Technology Resource Center is housed in Spacious hall and is equipped with latest multimedia facilities, 20 Desktop systems with good configuration to cater to the needs of each teacher trainee. The cyber center is connected to the Internet at the click of the mouse.

Psychology Resource Center

Educational psychology initiates the teacher towards understanding the learner. This subject is taught to the budding teachers with series of experiments available in our psychology laboratory, which provides first hand experience in the administration, and analysis of the tests

Technology Resource Centre

Modern methods of teaching requires the use of technology in the classroom. To train teachers with the use of technology in teaching, College is well equipped with Spacious techno lab with facilities like LCD Projector, OHP, Slide Projector, PA System, T.V, VCR & VCD, with internet connection facilities.

Library and Library Services

Library of the college is semi computerized. It has more than 11000 volumes of books and latest national and international educational journals and periodicals. A photocopier/Duplication machine is available for the use of the faculty and students. Digital Library facility is under construction.

Back up, Generator and Water Facility

College has Electricity Back-up for all Rooms, having Generator Facility and also we have Purified Drinking water facility in College Campus.

Attractive College Campus

Our College Campus has attractive Garden with Lawn with , Statues of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja.

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