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Master of Arts [MA] (English), batch of 2017
  • The students from different cultures and societies take part together in celebrating the festivals and organising fests. They provide amenities such as a football field, badminton courts, volleyball courts, jogging park, etc in The English and Foreign Languages University, [EFLU] Hyderabad.

  • The University provides hostel facilities for everyone who is not a resident of Hyderabad. There are 5 different hostels inside the campus. Indian students have 3 hostels (1 for men, 2 for women) to themselves while foreigners have 2 hostels. One for boys and one for girls. The hostel fee is Rs 1500 per year. 
  • There are options for PG and rented rooms near the University as well. It ranges from Rs.3,000 to 5,000 per month. 
  • The university has 2 different places to eat - the mess and the canteen. The mess fee usually ranges from Rs. 2.000 to 2,500 per month. There is quite a variety of dishes prepared every week. However, the non-veg items are restricted to 3 meals per week. On the whole, the food is fine. one can get by quite well. But it gets monotonous. The canteen provides a break from the monotony of mess food and provides a larger variety every day breaking the confines of time. 
  • The quality of the classrooms are one of the finest one may encounter in a governmental institution in India. Most of the classrooms are equipped to with projectors for making presentations. The Wi-fi can be found in the library, guest house, reading room, etc. The hostels also provide free internet for all its students.

  • The teachers in The English and Foreign Languages University, [EFLU] Hyderabad are all well qualified for their jobs and they display utmost interest and care towards their students. The classes are rigorous yet refreshing. They actively encourage students to think for themselves and prepare them for their goals.

  • The university fee is considerably low compared to private institutions and is around Rs 4,000 per year.
  • There are various scholarships available for students based on merit cum means(family earnings), orthopaedical physically handicapped, single girl child, etc.
  • Usually, loans are not required. 

  • Being a central university The English and Foreign Languages University, [EFLU] Hyderabad hosts placement sessions every year for graduating students. International companies like Oracle, Amazon and others come to hire students after their graduation. Many teaching opportunities are also attracted to the institution. Several internship opportunities are also available while doing the course and even after. 
  • The average salary offered usually ranges from Rs 25,000-30,000 per year. 
  • Most students applying for a job usually get placed in some company or teaching jobs. The university also gives importance to research and many students get research opportunities in different institutions across the world. 
    The teachers care about their students and actively help the students for these processes.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process
  • The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, is one of the most prestigious institutions of India to study languages. To apply for the course, one must have at least 55% in their Bachelor's programme and clear the entrance exam.
  • The entrance exam is a test of grammar and logic set by eminent professors of the institution. The previous years' question papers provide a true insight into the nature of the entrance test and are quite easy to crack if you have a good grasp of English grammar.
  • The typical cutoff is usually around 85. That is, of course, for the first list. Usually, three lists are put up. the lowest cutoff is around 75-80

MA MCJ, batch of 2015
  • The course instructors at The English and Foreign Languages University are very talented, well qualified and very energetic in every issue.
  • There is an international conference held by the EFLU University and Hyderabad central university.
  • As part of the work students of both the universities have actively participated in the conference and many have volunteered and got a chance to have meals with the delegates right away.
  • The opportunities are many in the university. The people here have many tight-ups with the other universities all around the world so the next step to the further education will right away start from the day you join the university.

  • Students at The English and Foreign Languages University get the facility of a hostel. There are 3 hostels for the male and females accordingly.
  • Students have the freedom to cook by themselves. Both female and males international hostels have their own Kitchens to cook. Local students have an opportunity of living in the hostel as the guest of current hostel member.
  • There is a mess in both the hostels in boys and girls. International hostels have their own kitchen but they can still be the member of other hostels and be a part of the mess.
  • The fees are also subsidized and every room has an internet connection and free wifi facility available in and around Library.

  • There are a wonderful study atmosphere and scope for all-round development of the students at The English and Foreign Languages University.
  • You can find almost 10-15 languages being thought and the people are from different places with different languages.
  • Studies are the major part and the next awesome thing about EFLU University is that the student here will have much of exposure towards other culture and languages.

  • The English and Foreign Languages University involves its students in everything from sports, education, cultural activities, and gives an access to meet delegates.
  • The library of the EFLU University has a wide stock of books, journals, and international magazines.
  • The value of the library doubles with the experienced faculties guiding the students.
  • Professors and mentors are excellent.