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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2021
Societies & Associations 9/10

There are a lot of clubs to choose from, each club has their own fests. The fests are a must to attend and participate and are also well-known in other colleges. Being situated in Bandra, the college has many eateries, hangout spots to enjoy.

College Infrastructure 8/10

Thadomal does not have any hostels for student accommodation but there are many PG accommodations outside of the college in nearby areas. The canteen is good and reasonable. The classrooms are good and the library boasts a plethora of books and can leave you spoilt for choice

Fees and Scholarship 7/10

Thadomal, unfortunately, has higher fees than a lot of colleges. My fee was around INR 1,47,000 for year

Placements & Internships 8/10

TSEC has many prominent companies that come for campus placements every year and the college boasts a high placement rate. It also has a good alumni network

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2020
Societies & Associations 7/10
  • There are many student societies and club at TSEC
  • RIFELS is the best and the main festival of college.
  • Life in college is good.
College Infrastructure 7/10
  • There are no hostels at TSEC.
  • The food quality is quite nice at TSEC and it's INR 50 per meal.
  • Infrastructure is very good at TSEC
Academics & Faculty 8/10
  • Class timing starts at 8 am.
  • Quality and method of teaching are very good
  • Overall experience is good at TSEC.
Fees and Scholarship 6/10
  • The course fee is INR 134000 per year at TSEC
  • There is a Tata scholarship and many more scholarship available at TSEC
  • 20 to 30 students get scholarship every year
  • Loans are availed easily.
Placements & Internships 7/10
  • Key companies at TSEC are mostly in the domain of IT
  • Average salary will be INR 3 lakhs per annum and the Highest salary is INR 12 lakhs per annum
  • The eligibility criteria is that the student should score 50% and above in 12th board specifically in PCB subjects
  • A good score in the entrance exam(cet, jee) is also needed to get into TSEC.
  • The main thing required for admission is domicile certificate.
  • Typical cutoff is to score more than 110

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Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Biotechnology), batch of 2017
Fees and Scholarship 9/10
  • The course fee per year is approximately Rs. 1,25,000. A separate exam form is required to be filled every year. In the first and last year, a separate exam fee of Rs. 50 is charged.
  • The college encourages scholarships to financially weak students, from backward classes. Also, for the academically bright students, the college is registered for the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust scholarship.
  • Every department topper of the year is considered for this and the college takes an effort to forward the details of these students to the trust.
  • The scholarship procedure usually occurs between September to march.
  • The scholarship amount is a handsome value, mostly the 1/4th of the fees paid for that year. 
Placements & Internships 7/10
  • Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, [TSEC Mumbai] has a separate placement and entrepreneurship cell which is dedicated to guiding students for their placements.
  • Every year, the college conducts an orientation for the students in the last month of the third year of BE.
  • The average packages offered are between Rs. 3 to Rs. 4 lakhs per annum.
  • Talking about internships, the college does not actively provide for internships. The students are required to themselves look out for internships and enroll for them. If the student does not get an internship, he/she can always apply for a training by paying the corresponding fee.
  • I am a BE Biotechnology student and to find an internship in my field is quite difficult as most of the companies that offer internship require a six months term.
  • Very few students get internships in biotechnology and biomedical engineering departments. It is important for students of these branches to keep an open eye at all times, subscribe to sites, and keep applying.
  • These students can also mail to researchers in institutions, government or private research labs and hospitals and their research departments, regarding the same.
  • Training programs are available at various places in Mumbai itself.
  • Key companies that hire from our college are Infosys, Capgemini, Infotech

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Bachelor of Engineering [BE], batch of 2018
  • TSEC is a very reputed college in MU and hence the cutoff is also high.
  • The recent developments being the JEE scored to be admitted in a college, the CET score was 130 for the third list. 
  • The highest cutoff was for the comps department at 170 marks for the first list and 130 in the last list. IT was at 165 first list and 120 last lists. All other departments were 5-10 marks apart.
Societies & Associations 10/10
  • There are many student societies in TSEC. The council being the nucleus of all these committees. All these committees have their individual fests and each of them is a grand one.
  • There are dance and singing competitions, sports ,hogathon and many other fun things. The other main festivals being Carma hosted by MS.TSEC, Tech next and Rubix hosted by CSI-TSEC, ISSAC hosted by IEEE-TSEC and some others. This makes life in college very less dull and a lot of fun.
College Infrastructure 7/10
  • There are No hostels in TSEC as there is no campus.
  • The PG options are available.
  • The canteen serves good food, both veg, and nonveg. A thali costs Rs.30.
  • The classrooms are in good condition and fully air conditioned. The whole college is wifi powered. All the labs are in pristine working condition with no problems in the teaching schedule.
Placements & Internships 10/10
  • In the third year ,internships are encouraged by the faculties to help students prepare for their placements and they even give extra credit sometimes.
  • The companies that mass recruit from TSEC are Accenture and Infosys. Other prestigious companies which come to the campus are Morgan Stanley, PWC, Deloitte, Ernst And Young, SAP labs and KPMG to name a few.
  • The highest salary being Rs 36 lacs P/A the average salary is around Rs 5 lacs p/a with the lowest being Rs 3 lacs p/a. However, the placement rate is 100% in TSEC.
  • TSEC alumni make an appearance every year at the annual cultural festival to share their experiences after college and life in the corporate world.
Fees and Scholarship 5/10
  • The course fees are really high in TSEC i.e Rs.1,50,000 every year.
  • There are many scholarships available and some of them are very prestigious like the TATA students scholarships. 
  • Loans are not required.
Academics & Faculty 9/10
  • In thdomal Shahani engineering college, the exams are conducted as per Mumbai University rules and normally take place in May and in December.
  • Excluding the terms, there are 2 internal tests in each semester of 20 marks each ,requiring 8 marks on average to pass.
  • The overall feel of this college is very nice.

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Bachelor of Engineering [BE], batch of 2017
College Infrastructure 3/10
  • Infrastructure is weakly built but it's situated in the hub of Mumbai i.e. Bandra
  • There is no college hostel so if you wish to live in hostel, you have to find it out privately
  • You do have post graduate options in the college as well. There is an MBA college also of the same board which is nearby
  • You have a college canteen that is really good and value for money with a variety of options. You can have dal, rice, roti- sabji, or chinese noodles and rice, or the Indian pav bhaji and chaat, or melt your taste buds through the south Indian dishes or Frankie's. There are a lot of stalls outside the college as well. A meal may cost from Rs.40/- to  Rs.70/-
  • The classrooms  have projectors. They are being turned into AC class rooms as well
  • Labs have basic amenities
  • There is a single library having a seating place for around 40- 50 approximately.
  • Dining space is small and a bit crowded. For having access to Wi-Fi you need to be a part of the committee who is offering it. It's not a strong WiFi network
  • There is a student's lounge which is where students love to gather
Placements & Internships 9/10
  • Internships and stipend related to it are a sole effort of the student seeking it. However you can get guidance from faculty and probably the tpo as well.
  • Computers, IT and EXTC are usually the ones who are easily placed.
  • Other branch students also get placed but may not be in core branch itself.
  • The number of students placed in computers and IT are really high.
  • Almost all aspirants get a job offer.
  • I'm not sure about the alumni network but seems a bit week.
  • The current average salary is approximately INR 3 - 3.5 lpa
Fees and Scholarship 10/10
  • Course fee is high. One of the highest among the engineering colleges in Mumbai.
  • There are scholarships available based on merit, economic background, and privately as well, where you can apply yourself.
  • I don't have a good idea of the number of students actually getting scholarships. But it's surely a good number. Probably the needy people with proper documentation can avail it.
  • Whether loan is needed or not depends on the economic background of the students. If needed there are a few organisations that do offer it. The college can guide you well in this.
Academics & Faculty 7/10
  • Academics are nice. Obviously every college has a blend of different kinds of faculty, so does our college
  • In computers, teachers mostly prefer teaching through Power Point presentations
  • Some teachers involve in interactive sessions as well
  • The teachers of F.E. are really intellectual, amicable and nice
  • Daily routine is less stringent. You can easily get off with it
  • Assignments and exam schedules are strict enough. Exams are pretty decent when you work on it
  • Projects are according to syllabus
  • Teachers are easily approachable and ready to help you out when in need
  • Minimal discipline does persist

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Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Chemical Engineering), batch of 2017
Societies & Associations 9/10
  • The college is known for this only. There are a lot of extra curricular activities and technical and cultural societies working for a great life. The college campus is live on every weekend with a new activity making students close to a great exposure.
College Infrastructure 3/10
  • Hostels are not there as such.
  • Students find paying guest rooms in the nearby vicinity. Even though due to this the students from far and wide come over.
Fees and Scholarship 6/10
  • The fees is high.
  • Even though various scholarships are available from time to time still the students are not satisfied with the infrastructure facilities and the fees.
Academics & Faculty 7/10
  • The staff is experienced but the lectures are not conducted on a regular basis and the student teacher staff interaction and rapport is comparitively less.

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Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Chemical Engineering), batch of 2017
Placements & Internships 4/10
  • I did an internship at the Rashtriya Chemical Fertilezers, Mumbai. We had to study the process and the flow sheet of the plant allotted to us and make are port for the same.
  • Placements are very tough in our branch. Only a few get selected in campus placements.
Fees and Scholarship 4/10
  • Course fee is Rs 1,25,000 per annum.
  • Scholarships options are available on for the top 1st students from every branch.
  • Students are very few in number who get scholarships.
Academics & Faculty 6/10
  • Lectures are conducted everyday from morning 9am to 4pm or 5pm in the evening. This also includes the practicals and tutorials.
  • The teachers are helpful in matters creating ambiguity in the lessons taught.

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Bachelor of Engineering (BE) (Information Technology), batch of 2018
College Infrastructure 7/10
  • There is no hostel facility.
  • The classrooms are good.
Fees and Scholarship 7/10
  • The fee is around Rs 1.5 Lakhs a year.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • Only people with a particular range of pointer can apply for the same.
  • One can easily apply for loans
Academics & Faculty 7/10
  • The classes are from 9am to 4pm. Exams consists of 2 periodic tests and semesters.
  • Faculty is good an experienced.
  • Overalll experience is great.

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whats this, batch of 2021
College Infrastructure 4/10
  • Infrastructure of the classrooms are not good at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College

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Bachelor of Engineering [BE], batch of 2011
College Infrastructure 5/10
Infrastructure i.e classrooms, labs , library of TSEC is good but can be improved further as we do not have any playgroud faclities for sport enthusiast and they are forced to use National College's ground. Gymkhana which is in the new building of TSEC is a small place, it can be made more spacious  
Placements & Internships 7/10
Jobs provided are good.  With brands Delliote,EnY, Morgan Stanly coming to campus, TSEC witness 100% placement every year. Mass recruiters like Accenture, Infosys, LnT Infotech recruits a major chunk of the batch.
Fees and Scholarship 7/10
College fee during my time was 63k per year i.e. 2007-11, but last i heard was 1.25L per year. education loans can be availed easily if required . Many scholarship are available for top rankers - Tata, Dadabhai, plus some scholarships are provided by college as well for the needy ones.
International Exposure 2/10
Since it offers bachelors programme as its main course, no foreign exchange programme is included and thus international exposure is not experienced.
Academics & Faculty 8/10
TSEC, life is chilled and fun. Helpful Faculties, classes schedule is well organised which makes u feel relieved towards the end of the week. A well mix of academics and cultural events, tech fest and other events makes its very lively. And the seriousness of academics is also not compromised by strictly adhering to deadlines. Periodics, Practicals, Vivas and Final Exams are well spread throughout the semester. All in all, a good experience of engineering where you learn without having a hectic or boring schedule.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2009
Social Atmosphere 8/10
Great diversity. Student parties are primarily there during the college festivals and alcohol use is banned within the capus. There are bars/pubs nearby
Hostels & Food 7/10
Housing is purely off campus as the college does not have any hostel facility. Also the quality of food served within the campus is quite good and there are some really good places to eat nearby
International Exposure 5/10
There is no scope for any foreign student exchange partnership and you have no other option. English is the language used for teaching.
Academics & Faculty 7/10
TSEC is quite easy going when it comes to studies and has a chilled out feel to it. The professors are quite helpful in clearing doubts and are available

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2007
Societies & Associations 8/10
Hundreds of clubs and associations that you can be part of.. The social life at TSEC is just amazing. There are so many extra curricular activities you can take up while at TSEC - sports like cricket, badminton, TT, carrom, and committees like IEEE, IES, NSS, etc. There are social events happening all round the year. If you are tech savvy, you can participate in Robot competition and similar. If you are art-lover, there are painting competitions you can participate in. There is something for every person that TSEC has to offer. Its an amazing environment to study in.
College Infrastructure 5/10
Not so great. The development is slow in terms of infrastructure and embracing new technology.
Placements & Internships 7/10
Good on-campus job recruitment. Most of the companies are software-based that usually pay decent. Very less options seen for students from other departments - very few to none companies from BioMed, Electronics or Telecomm industries, though software companies are usually open to hire students from different departments too provided they are familiar with software designing principles and some basics. Very less to almost no visibility of the "giants" in the software industry like Google, Amazon, etc. There are a few "dream" multi-national companies that have pre-screening based on merit.
Fees and Scholarship 6/10
The scholarships are strictly merit, caste and family-income based, and these are usually to cover your tuition fees.
International Exposure 5/10
Mostly Indian students..
Academics & Faculty 7/10
Overall the course structure under Mumbai University is very theoretical and that's how it is in TSEC too. The lectures are very detail oriented but theoretical. Professors are very knowledgeable and friendly, but most of them focus more on delivering the details in the text book than the real use cases, or any specific case studies. There are very few professors who would focus on real world applications in addition to the technical details. Even the assignments are very "textbook" oriented, but that is the case with most of the colleges under Mumbai University. Lab work is very interesting because that is the only place where you would get to apply the techniques or details that you learnt in the class.

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B.E Electronics and Telecommunication, batch of 2007
Social Atmosphere 7/10

No discrimination whatsoever a homogeneous crowd with people from different backgrounds and religions, completely integrated. A feeling of love and respect amongst students Lots of parties organised throughout the year with an exception only during the semester exams. Student events and parties are organized on campus and also outside.

Societies & Associations 7/10

Lots of students associations, with lots of events planned. Cultural, Technical and various other kinds of clubs exist with healthy student participation. The college supports the associations in a healthy manner Cricket and Football are the main sports played. The sports associations had a significant budget with key sponsors we participated in national level sports tournaments. Other sports included badminton, table tennis, tennis etc.

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