( Based On 24 student's data )
Masters in Mass Communication, batch of 2016
College Infrastructure : Infrastructure is quite commendable. However, the students do face transportation issues which largely has to do with the location of the institute, rather than the facilities provided.
Placements & Internships : With regard to journalism course, we have two internships throughout the four semesters. The iinstitute is particular and facilitates good organizations to come to the college for recruitment. Some organizations with which we have association with are Network 18, The Hindu, The Indian Express, The News Minute, etc.
Fees and Scholarship : As a two year masters residential programme, the fees is quite on the higher side. However, student bank loans are available.
Academics & Faculty : Regarding the journalism course at SIMC, the institute gets prominent people from the industry to interact with the students, which I consider one of the positive aspects. Two internships in the 2 years of the course and three in-house publications are add-ons with respect to exposure to the industry.

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Bachelor in Media Studies, batch of 2012
Social Atmosphere : Excellent student diversity. People from all over he country as well as overseas study here. No dorm parties becuase by the second year, most students wish to live in a private accommodation and not campus. No alcohol use at campus is permitted. Plenty of social acitivities restaurant, clubs, bars and malls in Viman Nagar.
Societies & Associations : SIMC Sports league competes with other Symbiosis sports groups. Additionally, the joint campus fest also incorporates cultural and student bodies to administer the event
Hostels & Food : Both are great. Off campus housing options are usually more prefered by students who want their own freedom. Viman nagar has plethora of housing societies with flats that student rent out in groups to stay the course of three years. The vicinity has the best restaurants, clubs, healthcare and banking facilities.
College Infrastructure : Beautiful library with good resources for learning. The classrooms are equippped with dolby digital sound for movie viewing and learning, there is a movie library at the students disposal and many more such facilities including a healthy lunch centre with juice and snack counters.
Placements & Internships : The key highlight of the course structure is that internships are mandatory and compose a part of your CGPA at the end of the program. 5 internships down the line, the idustry of media and entertainment is will to hire you as an SIMC candidtate becuase of the hands-on experience  gained. As a result of which placement percentage is extremely high and alums across the country work in tandem to connect one another.
Fees and Scholarship : SIMC is a very reputed college, and hence avaialability of loans to those wishing to study there is never a problem. SIMC themselves facilitates these applications with any hep one might need.  15% of the students secure scholorships but the fee is extremely affordable for a programme like that so the investment is completely worth it.
International Exposure : Not everyone gets a fair chance at international exposure, but there are a lot of international student who get to lie the indian campus life. As a result of which the lernign and sharing is so vast and motivated with cultural understanding.
Academics & Faculty : Available courses are menat to put you thorugh all forms of media and then choose specialisation in the final year. I think this is amazing. Excellent structure of academics, helps me till today. Very case based approach.  

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Vishnu Vardhan
Communication Management, batch of 2016
Social Atmosphere : If you thought that being located in the middle of absolutely nowhere,some place away from the hustle of Pune city, close to nothing but Mother Nature had the all the trappings of adead campus, you really haven’t come to SIMC." "Hustling and bustling breakfast at the mess, interactive classes, after-class pit stop at the coffee shop,conversations over tea, more conversations over dinner, and back to a hostel that never really sleeps."
College Infrastructure : "An average day on campus defies expectations." "As if the individuals weren’t enough, top notch infrastructural facilities, not just for sports, but also forphotography, sound recording, videography and the works, make students want to explore different facts."
Placements & Internships : Gearing young trainees towards being ready for the corporate world is a process.Understanding this, we introduce our students as post-graduate trainees to the corporate world in phases. The first touch point is a Social Responsibility Project, after the first semsester,where young trainees learn to apply process of understanding client requirements and applying their skill,while imbibing a social consciousness. The second phase is the Summer Internship Programme,where trainees are exposed to the media and communication industry as per their chosen area of specialization.We make sure that we help our students explore their interests and find their niche. This process culminates in the final placement where we plug industry needs with the right set of skills.
Academics & Faculty : SIMC offers courses covering the entire spectrum of the media industry. Each course has been designedwith the kind of attention to detail and rigour the industry expects of our students and our students expect of us. Recognizing the fact that industry expectations can best be gauged by industry,we have had industry professionals consult with our panel of resident faculty and academicians,to help design the curriculum. Here courses are dynamic and revise every year to align with current trends.SIMC believe in iteration as a means to design and deliver courses, that are relevant to the media and communication landscape.

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BMS, batch of 2017
Social Atmosphere : students come from various states and countries and there is no segregation on terms of caste,creed,religion,sexual orientation and race. student parties are strictly prohibited inside campus and hostel and you may carry out parties in a PG at your own risk. alcohol is strictly prohibited, and if found breaking college rules, can lead to severe consequences. there are no bars and pubs in the immediate vicinity of the college. dutta mandir chowk, houses a number of eateries and restaurants.      
Societies & Associations : there are a number of clubs like the theatre, dance,rotary, literary, journalism, audio visual clubs which attract students wishing to pursue these streams. sports played in the campus are cricket, basketball, football, table tennis and volleyball and there are intra batch matches held every year.       
Hostels & Food : the girls hostel is extremely comfortable,secure with round the clock water and electricity supply. the food served is higher than normal hostel standards and hygiene is always maintained by the staff.        
College Infrastructure : girl students can find accommodation in the girls hostel, 1.5 kms away from the college. hostel is wifi enabled, with double and triple sharing rooms, 4 meals a day in adequate intervals, common room for television. there is no hostel facility for male students but a number of affordable PG's are available in the vicinity. the classrooms have the latest projectors with the latest sound system.          
Placements & Internships : the college provides 5 internships and then finally placement in the 6th semester. 1st and 2nd semester- NGO 3rd and 4th- CSR 5th- industry          
Fees and Scholarship : the highest SET scorer get a fee waiver for the First year. the college fee is somewhere close to 2lakhs INR per annum. the highest girl SET scorer gets the jayatee deshmukh scholarship. the critera for selection of students deserving scholarships is very competitive.
International Exposure : the college offers a semester abroad deal, all expenses carried out by the student interested in the course. the college also has external faculty for languages like french and spanish.      
Academics & Faculty : Symbiosis Institute Of Media and Communication (UG) is one of the foremost institutions for budding media professionals. the college offers students to choose from from 4 specializations: film and television, journalism,advertising and public relations. the college provides wholesome exposure to the media industry. through interactions with alumni and veterans of the industry. the course is also extremely comprehensive with subjects ranging from world history, psychology, sociology, communication theories and many more inspired from the field of humanities. in it's quest to make competitive media professionals, the college also conducts class tests and self study tests every alternate mondays and challenging assignments every alternate sundays. the college, which might seem like a tough place but it sure has its perks, as there are 3 field trips and 1 study tour every semester.          

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MBA, batch of 2015
Placements & Internships :
  • Some of the companies that are in the campus for the placement are - Lodestar, wizcraft, Inobella and leo burnett. 
Fees and Scholarship :
  • The toppers of the SNAP exam get the scholarship.
  • The fees is around 12-13 lacs and the loans are also easily available.
  • The banks themselves approach you with all the loan det 
International Exposure :
  • The campus has many student from foreign countries.
  • The university is affiliated too the Symbiosis International University and hence the campus will provide you alot of exposure. There are international fests and seminars happening.
  • Visiting professors also provide an insight into the global market and trends.  
Academics & Faculty :
  • The academia and curriculam applied is at par with any top B-School.
  • The professors are experienced and helpful. The visiting faculty(especially for PR)  is a treat to listen to.
  • The college is completely getting applauded for the increment in the ratings and is doing good. The professors support creative thinking. Problems need a practical approach to be solved.
  • The curriculam design all in all is rich and there's plenty of oppurtunity and exposure for you here.  

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MBA-CM, batch of 2014
College Infrastructure : The infrastructure of the college is very good as compared to other Indian colleges. The classrooms are pretty huge and there is enough capacity to seat more than 120 students. The library has every material you need before the exams or management related queries. 
Fees and Scholarship : The topper of the entrance exam gets the full scholarship. About 2-3% of the total students get scholarship from SIMC. The administration department is quick to process the loans which students apply from different banks and there is no hassle there. 
International Exposure : The foreign exposure is attained by the seminars and events and summits which keep the campus of SIMC abuzz. Many media biggies are here to guide us through the highs and lows you'll experience in  the field of Media. No student exchange programs exist. 
Academics & Faculty : The faculty is good and  experienced. The visiting faculty is really amazing and you get to learn a lot from them. The professors are easily accessible outside the college and are helpful and will guide you whenever possible. The academia here is absolutely wonderful as compared to other colleges.

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MBA-CM, batch of 2013
Placements & Internships : There are companies like Leo Burnett, FCB Ulka , Media Agencies- Lodestar, Mediacomm etc, Wizcraft, Inobella etc are here for the placements. The average placement is around INR 5-6 lacs.      
Fees and Scholarship : The college fee is aprrox INR 11 lacs and the scholarships are provided to  only 2% of the students. The loans are easily available and there's no problem in applying for one as SIMC has a good reputation.
International Exposure : There isn't any student exchange programe as such but the events and programs that go along with the curriculum gives a lot of exposure to global infrastructure and framework.  Also, there is a mixed crowd here at SIMC, so you get to know people from different cultures as well. 
Academics & Faculty : The classes conducted do not follow a very strict schedule as is a bit flexible as relaxed. The quality of teachers/professors is fine- where there are teachers who are visibly just alright, there are those who are really doing a good job. Though, the visiting faculty is really good, especially for PR. The design of the curriculum is innovative and different from what's followed by other top B-Schools.    

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MBA-CM, batch of 2014
Placements & Internships : There are programs going on in respective sems like there is Social responsibily program in the first sem. There is a lot of exposure which you get through the intership you do. PR agensies, Event Agencies, Advertising agencies are here during the placement session. 
Fees and Scholarship : The topper of the SNAP gets the full-scholarship. Around 2% of the students get scholarship at SIMC. As the college is pretty reputed, financial loans are easily available. The college fees is approximately around 10-11 lacs. The administration also easily processes the loan application and there isn't any hassle there. 
International Exposure : The campus has many global events going on plus, in SIU there are many students from other countries. There isn't any foreign programs as such, but the global level events within the campus is a good source of exposure.
Academics & Faculty : My field of choice is MBA in CM. The courses are divided over three categories or specialization perhaps- Business Communication, Public Relation and Master of Management. The faculty is helpful and accesible outside the classroom as well. The visiting faculty is sometimes really good and you get to learn a lot from them. 

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Bachelor of Media Studies, batch of 2012
Social Atmosphere : There is a mixed ethinicity and people from different cultures are here. Its a great place to be in for three years as the aura is just brilliant. The seniors are helpful to and would generally give an insight so as to what should you plan to do after this UG course. 
Fees and Scholarship : The college fee for one year in the three year course UG program is around 1.25 lacs. The entrance exam is SET, after which there is GD and  personal interview. There isn't very popular scholarship as such and one would really need to follow everthing about the schloarships provided by the college.  
International Exposure : The exchange programs isn't there as such but there is a mixed ethinicity and you'd find students from foreign as well. The main spoken language would be English and Hindi.  
Academics & Faculty : SIMC is ranked among the top colleges for UG courses in Mass Communication and Media Studies. The academia is core and they know what they teach. Most teachers love here what they teach so the quality of teaching is outstanding. The schedule isn't hectic and there are many seminars and all that take place along with the usual classes. 

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MBA, batch of 2014
Placements & Internships : There is this Social Responsibility Project that is offered after the first semester. Then, the summer internship program is where you really get to learn alot. There's alot of exposure that you can get from these things. Many PR agencies,Advertising Agencies(Leo Burnett, FCB Ulka etc), Media Agencies( Lodestar, Mediacomm), Event and activation agencies( Wizcraft, Inobella etc) are here for the placements.    
Fees and Scholarship : The SNAP topper gets a sure shot scholarship by the university. If the topper is a male, then the female topper also gets scholarship. 
International Exposure : As such no student exchange programs exist, but the seminars and summits provide a lot of exposure. The ethinicity is contrasting with people from all over India study here at SIMC. The main language of communication is English.  
Academics & Faculty : The academia is top notch with students surrounded by intellectual and experienced scholars. SIMC's communication management course is considered among the top with few to compete against this core education structure/format. It's rated one among the best in media and communication and is continuing to be so. The internal faculty is good but the visiting faculty is just amazing and top level.     

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MBA- CM, batch of 2016
Societies & Associations :
  • There are clubs held in Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication.
  • We are involved in some activities and assignments in the campus.
Hostels & Food :
  • The food is good at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication.
  • We are provided with variety food and they serve nonvegetarian food thrice a week.
  • The hostels are nice and airy.

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