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Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Finance), batch of 2018
Societies & Associations 9/10

NMKRV college is associated with several societies such as Youth Red Cross, UNICEF, etc. students in college also have certain clubs such as "NATYA" for drama "NUPUR" for dance and "NINADA" for singing which is quite exciting as there are may more such clubs and groups that keep others entertained through thrie skills.

In the college there will be two main fests that happen which are "NIHARIKA" and "Sports meet" which are completely fun for students.

College life is generally engaging and filled with fun activities

College Infrastructure 10/10

NMKRV College for Women was found in 1973, and since then it is the same building with some improvements. It is spread around 4-5 acres of land which includes a "U" shaped four storied building with 2 chemistry labs, 2 math labs, 3 computer labs, 1 seminar hall for guest lectures and small programs, outside is a big auditorium named "Mangala Mantapa" where all big events take place, a 3 storied library, next to it is a medium-sized auditorium called "Saraswati" and a big canteen with south, north Indian and is cuisine where food is above average. There is a ground that is connected to all these buildings and have a sports room where all the equipment are kept. 

There are no hostels as in because most of the students are Bangaloreans, but some exceptional students are allowed to stay in RV Trust hostels which is about 5kms away from campus and is in Basavanagudi which costs around ₹12,000 per month. But students who wish to stay in PG's find it easy because there are well maintained PG's near the college with good reviews.

Academics & Faculty 10/10

College opening timings is from 9:30a.m to 4:00p.m, where in between there is 30 minutes of Lunch Break from 1:30p.m - 2:00p.m. There is a strict routine where teachers are bound to take the attendane within 10 mins after class commencement through IPOMO app, and will have 6 hours of class compulsory, they will announce if there is a let-off.

Teaching methods are usually engaging, teachers are hiried mainly based on their knowledge, almost all the teaching staff are working for NMKRV for more than 10 years which make special. Techniques are unique as they keep all the students curious and glued with their teaching skills. All of them are highly educated.

Once you get into the college, initially students find it difficult to cope up with the teaching speed and vast knowledge that is being input but, as and when time flies they get used to it and will not regret joining NMKRV college. 

Fees and Scholarship 8/10

As it is a Women College the honorarium is quite average, fees they charge for BBA course is ₹54,000 for a year.

Every year they announce scholarship, any students with more than 75% are eligible for applying for scholarships whereas they also have another type where the SC/ST caste students get more benefit. About 80% of students who would have applied will get the scholarship. 

Loans are easily available through a short procedure where the college had an account with Bank Of Maharashtra, which is located in front of the college main gate. The process also takes less time to get approved and hence, happy ending.

Placements & Internships 9/10

NMKRV college has a different department for all placements and internships called as "DISHA", where they are connected to the companies and have well maintained relationship with them. Here, students who are willing to do part-time job can also apply. DISHA has helped many students to find their dream job. It is connected with most renowned companies like INFOSYS, Oracle, JP Morgan, Northern Trust, ICICI, TCS and many more with average of about ₹13-14 lakh per annum for freshers. 

Internship is a must for all final year students hence, they also help in guiding students on internships too, for instance if you get an intership in JP Morgan then your stipend is around ₹19,000. and TCS is ₹13,000 etc.


There is no cut-off's as such but they only accept girls who have 65% or more. The study curriculum is engaging as you have updated screen based classes every day and many more classroom activities that keep students glued. overall, it is an ethical and neatly maintained college.

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Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com], batch of 2018
Placements & Internships 6/10

I have not done any internships yet. Companies like KPMG, Infosys hire from our college. The alumni network is good.


Students must pass 12th exam with minimum 60%. There is no entrance exam. 

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Master of Science [M.Sc], batch of 2015
Societies & Associations 8/10

The college environment is generally lively. They engage in a lot of sports, there are management and cultural activities throughout the year. 

College Infrastructure 9/10

The college infrastructure is pretty decent. All the facilities such as classroom, labs, canteen, washroom, auditorium, library, parking etc- 432 well maintained. The food provided by the canteen is good in quality. The location of the college is such that you have various options for PG facilities around the area. 

Academics & Faculty 9/10

The college faculty is amazing. The amount of dedication and support they extend towards their students is commendable. There were regular assignments, projects and weekly presentations which really helps the students going forward. Their quality and method of teaching are quite good.

Fees and Scholarship 8/10

The fee structure is quite reasonable compared to other colleges. My course i.e Master's in Mass Communication had a fee structure of INR.35,000 per year. 

Placements & Internships 5/10

The college did not provide any internship as such. Students had to search for the company to complete their final year project/internship.  


The basic eligibility criteria was a Bachelor's degree in any stream, not necessarily in the field of Journalism or Mass Communication. There isn't any entrance exam.

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Master of Commerce [M.Com], batch of 2018
  • There is no entrance exam that we have to go through to get admissions in NMKRV.
  • The only criteria for this particular course are that you need to have a Bachelor's degree in any field (BA, BCom, BE, etc.) with a minimum percentage of 65% overall passing marks.

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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Biotechnology), batch of 2019
Academics & Faculty 4/10
  • The college timings are from 9:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m
  • The quality and method of teaching are good. 
  • The experience in college is good. 
Fees and Scholarship 1/10
  • The course fee is 34,000 per year.
  • Many scholarships  are available.
  • The student must have at least 60% to get admission. 
  • There is no entrance exam

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