( Based On 15 student's data )
, batch of 2020
Societies & Associations :

There are around 75 clubs available on campus. Pragyan is the main students' event.

College Infrastructure :

Hostels, labs, and other infrastructure is very good.

Academics & Faculty :

Our college was awarded as the best academic curriculum of the year.

Fees and Scholarship :

The tuition fee is INR 1.25 lakhs per year for the open category.

Placements & Internships :

I have no idea about internships.

Admissions :

The admissions are based on JEE MAIN rank.

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, batch of 2017
Admissions :

You get at least below 1500 rank in JEE Main for general category people to get into NIT Trichy, ECE. I took JEE Main, JEE Advanced, VIT entrance, SRM entrance exam, EAMCET, Manipal University entrance exam, BITSAT.

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B.Tech, batch of 2020
Societies & Associations :
  • There are around 100 student societies and clubs at NIT Tiruchirapalli.
  • FESTEMBER(cultural), PRAGYAN(technical), horizons aaveg etc are the main festival on the campus.
  • You will be having a better experience here and you will surely enjoy the college life.
College Infrastructure :
  • Around 65 hostels for all streams and hostel fee is Rs 30000-40000 inclusive of the mess.
  • You cannot stay outside because it is outskirts of the city.
  • You have to adjust to the quality of food and it's quite good.
  • Sophosticated infrastructure and all other stuff are up to date at NIT Tiruchirapalli.


Academics & Faculty :
  • Basically, two sessions from 9am to 5pm, 1 cycle test and may be cycle-test 2 or mid-sem based on faculty.
  • The quality and method of teaching are better than most of the IITS.
  • It is blessed to complete graduation from a NIT.
Fees and Scholarship :
  • The course fee is around Rs 1.5 lakh per year.
  • Merit scholarships and category based scholarships are available at NIT Tiruchirapalli
  • The loans are up to you and can be taken from SBI banks all over India.



Placements & Internships :
  • Best placements are available in this college.
  • National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Thiruchirapalli has been placed the top 8th technical institute by an Indian famous magazine OUTLOOK.


Admissions :
  • The eligibility criteria are that one should get 75% in 10+2  and appear for JEE MAIN entrance examination.
  • The entrance examination to be taken is JEE MAIN.
  • For a better future in BTech course, AIR 1000 below is useful.

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B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2017
Societies & Associations :
  • Many student societies and clubs are formed in our college NIT TRICHY with time. Around 60 associations are there with name and fame. 
  • Festember , Pragyan, and Nittfest are main fests in college happening with more than 10000 footfall every year. 
  • Life is awesome. Single word explains.
College Infrastructure :
  • 25 hostels are available in NIT Trichy. Rs.4500 per month. 
  • No need of PG for our college. Food in our college is pretty good. If not, an action is taken and the issue is resolved quickly. 
  • There are several sources for food almost all the day in college. 
  • The quality of classrooms,labs,libraries,wifi and all are satisfied and good. Best place to study without any restrictions. To be yourself.
Academics & Faculty :
  • Daily Our classes at NIT Trichy starts at 8:30 and goes till 12:30 in the afternoon.
  • Classes from 1:30 to 4:30 might or might not be there depending on their timetable. 
  • Each week has 2-afternoon lab sessions. Quality and method are pretty good in some and bad for some courses. 
  • Our administration is trying to implement the new method of teaching like flipped classes. 
  • Overall Experience in college is awesome and learned a lot. Definitely a different me than before.
Fees and Scholarship :
  • The Course Fee is approximately Rs.50000 per year. 
  • But at present Due to a hike of fee in NITs, The fee raised to Rs.80000 per year. 
  • The scholarship options for reserved candidates are countless. 
  • They provide the scholarship for excellent candidates as well. 
  • Average ratio of students who gets a scholarship is 30-40%. 
  • Loans are given by SBI branch which is available on the campus and are needed for economically backward students.
Placements & Internships :
  • The internship I have done is Research on Smart Grids in Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. 
  • There are a lot of highly reputed multinational companies that come for placements and hire from our college every year.
  • Lets say for Electronics - TI, Qualcomm, Sandisk, Nvidia, Synopsys, MediaTech. 
  • For Software - Innumerable all the year. 
  • Electrical - L&T, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, ABB, Mahindra,Maruti, Hyundai, Siemens, Schneider.....and Analytics - a decent number of companies.
  • Average Salary is Rs. 8-9 lakhs per anum.
  • Alumni Network Base is so strong in all the fields.
Admissions :
  • First of all, We can get admission in NIT Trichy by qualifying in JEE MAIN Examination. 
  • The eligibility criteria depend on the marks scored in JEE Mains and your respective Board Marks. 
  • I got the rank around 2700 all over India. 
  • After the results of JEE Mains are out, All the students can apply their preferences of colleges and departments(courses). 
  • Based on your rank, the JEE board allots the department(course) in respective college. 
  • The cutoff for EEE dept which I am in is 3100 AIR(All India Rank). 
  • The least rank you can get into NIT Trichy is around 15000 AIR.

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B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2017
Admissions :
  • For getting admission in any B.Tech course the minimum requirements are Higher secondary education and passing JEE MAIN entrance examination.
  • The cutoff for CSE is generally around AIR 1300 for other states quota and around 2400 for state quota ( There is a 50% State quota for every course ).

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M.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2016
Societies & Associations :

1. The student societies, clubs and associations on campus are:

2. The main festivals on campus of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] are:

3. The life in NIT college is Awesome.


College Infrastructure :
  • There are around 20 hostels, 8-Mess, Approximately15 canteens with CCD are on the National Institute of Technology, [NIT] campus.
  • There are no PGs near the NIT college because it is outside Trichy.
  • Food quality is average but canteen food is money worth.
  • The quality of classrooms, labs, libraries, dining halls is good. The wifi is not good.
Academics & Faculty :
  •  The daily routine in National Institute of Technology, [NIT] is Excellent (according to student comfort schedule is decided)
  • The quantity and method of teaching are Very well.
  • My overall experience with NIT Trichy is very awesome.
Fees and Scholarship :
  • The course fee of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] is 1.5lakh(including hostel accommodation)
  • There are no scholarship options available to M.Tech students.
  • There is no scholarship for PG students
  • No loans are available for the M.Tech students. Some bank provides the loan that is your hometown bank not local bank near the college.
Placements & Internships :
  •  There is no stipend for qualifying GATE. However, if you get a college through GATE and join it for masters, it is Rs. 12,400 per month with teaching assistantship(optional).
  • Key Companies like IT, Manufacturing etc hire students from National Institute of Technology, [NIT] college.
  • a)Average salary-10 lakh for B.tech & 5-6 lakh for M.tech

          b)Highest salary for B.tech & M.tech(2016)- 21(PayPal)

          c)For some batch, it is 100% in M.tech Safety Engg., Thermal Engg., Computer Science, Welding Engg., etc.ery Broad Alumni Network of college.

  • Very Broad Alumni Network of college.
Admissions :
  • The eligibility criteria of the National Institute of Technology, [NIT] GATE qualified student via CCMT Counselling and Also B.E./B.Tech/ M.Sc or equivalent.
  • The entrance examination I wrote for NIT is GATE
  • The cutoffs are General category - 650. OBC category -550

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BTech, batch of 2016
Societies & Associations :

There is literllay a club for everthing that you want to do, be it dancing, singing, designing, martial arts, acting, sports, debating, environmental care, management, Magazine and now we have our own radio station too etc. we have them all. The most notable would be the Dance Club, Music Club, the teams working for festivals, The Design team. I was part of the NIT Design Team, the Feeds Magazine (Monthly College Magazine) and a social responsibility group.

Cultural Fest- Festember (Ranked as one of  the top 10 cult fest in India.

Technical Fest- Pragyan (Again ranks as one of he top 10 tech fest in India.

More than this we have workshops and fests organised by various clubs in the campus. The best part of all this is that, everthing is organised by the students, even the cashflow.

Life in college is amazing, the best one I've ever got till now.

College Infrastructure :

There are around 20 boys hostel and 5 girls hostel and it is still growing. Hostel fee (including mess) is 22,000 Rs. per year.

Options to stay outside are almost none and nobody wants to. You have absolute freeedom inside college, although the girls have a curfew time of 9am. But for the boys, you literally have no strict rules. Your life is in your hands.

Food in the college is good, not great. But it's been getting better every year.

Quality of:

1) Classrooom- Average

2) Labs- Average

3) Dining Hall- Good

4)WiFi- Amazing

5)Audittorium- Amazing

We have a CCD inside campus too.

Academics & Faculty :

The earliest that a class starts is 8:30 am and depending on the no. of classes end timings keep varying. Each class is for 50 min.

We have 2 cycle tests and one final exam. During the course of the semester, you will be given plenty of assignement to work on.

I wouldn't say the quality of educaion is great, it is average, although we have some great professors.

Overall experience is simply amazing, This college is goin to teach you lot, not just stuff related to studies but other things like, how to be self reliant, strong, street smart, in short it is going to prepare you for the world out there.

Fees and Scholarship :

If your coming through SAT it is a heft 3.5 lakh per year.

You get scholarships based on your SAT score and board marks.

Placements & Internships :

Being from an NIT, getting internships wasn't that much of a problem. I did intern in three different places, with different roles.

First one was in a Civil Consulting company in Bahrain called NASS for 2 months. This one had no stipened, but that was fine as it was one of the biggest firms in the Middle East. 

Second one was in IIM Bangalore, for data analytics. Got a stipend of 10,000 Rs for 2 months.

Third one was in IIM Trichy, again data analytics. Got a stipend of 5000 Rs for 3 months (This was an on campus project)

When it comes to placements, NIT Trichy is full of them. Almost all the departments get an assured 95% palcements, and some 100%. Average package offered is 5 lpa. Lowest being 4lpa and highest can go upto 35 to 50 lpa.

NIT Trichy has a strong alumini network maintained by students studying presently.

Admissions :

I am (or was) an NRI. So instead of the AIEEE, I had to write a seperate exam called SAT 2. SAT 2 unlike the normal SAT, which has only english and math, had Physics Chemistry and Math. It was out of 2400. 

For the branch that I opted for, to get into the top NIT's, the cutoff was 1800 plus a goood board score (75% above).

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MCA, batch of 2018
Societies & Associations :

The main fest in NIT is Cultural-Festember,Tech-Pragyan, Management-NITTFEST

The college life in NITT is very nice i.e free of restrictions and filled with liberties to learn new, wonderfull and amazing things

College Infrastructure :

There are 18 boys and 5 girls hostels in NIT. Together they accommodate 5320 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Hostel fee is Rs 30,000 per semester including mess charges.

PG options are not available.

Food in college is of medium quality and mess charges are taken in advance i.e starting of the semester in the hostel charges itself.

The Quality of Classrooms, Labs, Libraries, dining halls, Wi-Fi and other key infrastructure is really good.


Academics & Faculty :

The classes schedule is very flexible and suited to students needs.

In NIT Class timings are usually from 9:30 am in the morning until 12 in the noon. The labs are conducted from 2pm to 4 pm once a week.

The  Quality and method of teaching similar to normal government college i.e Highly Paid faculty but poor teaching skills.

As far as my overall experience in  this college is concrened I'll say if want good placements,good alumni network  and NIT Degree stamp come here but don't expect to much from the faculty you have to learn by yourself only.

Fees and Scholarship :

Tuition Fee in NIT is  Rs 35,000 per semester.(Total 6 semesters)

In total including all the hostel,mess and other charges the fees can amount to approximately 1.5 lacks per year (Rs 70,000 tuition fees+ Rs 60,000 Hostel Fess+others).

Scholarships are available for SC,ST students as they are not charged tuition fees.

Loan facility is available at the campus itself and involves very fewer efforts as NIT Trichy is one of the premier institutes in the country.


Placements & Internships :

You get internship(s) opportunities from 2nd year i.e 3rd semester onwards in NIT.

Key companies that do placements are Microsoft, DE SHAW, Amazon, Morgon Stanley, SAP LABs etc..

As far as placements are concerned they are unmatchable as compared to another NITS with the average package of more than Rs 8 lacks and Highest Package up to Rs 31 lacks P/A. Close to 80 companies recruits MCA students comprising in all fields like R&D, consulting, E-commerce, software development, DBA etc.

Admissions :

Eligibility criteria for National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli is a graduation with minimum 60% marks in the qualifying degree.

Admission procedure is through NIMCET (All India MCA Entrance Exam) conducted by NIT's.

NIT TRICHY has the highest cutoff in NIMCET 

The cut off  for general is 50th rank in NIMCET

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B.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2019
College Infrastructure :
  • 17 hostels are there in NIT TRICHY . Per month we have to pay around INR 2500.
  • Food is good.
  • Wifi is very fast and is available throughout. Totally campus is of 600 acres.
Placements & Internships :
  • The college has 100% placement record. Many of the graduates go for higher studies. And also internship is another factor why NIT  is considered as the best.
Fees and Scholarship :
  • The fee is little high.
  • Government provides many scholarships.
  • Also Alumni of NITT provides many opportunities and internships.
Academics & Faculty :
  •  Class starts by 8:30 A.M and ends at 4:50 P.M. The students really enjoy the flexible curriculum. Students can decide the date of exams. We can decide project topics, etc.
  • The teachers are very friendly and great.

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M.Tech (Metallurgical), batch of 2017
Societies & Associations :

1.At NITT, we firmly believe in producing well rounded personalities, hence it isn't all work and no play at our campus. Numerous skills and talents have been unearthed from amongst our students and to allow these talents to flourish, numerous clubs have been started for likeminded individuals to meet and polish their skills. Along with that, there are social services clubs to allow students get in touch with reality and do their bit for the upliftment of the human race.

Subdivided into various categories, you'll find clubs catering to all tastes at this campus from the highly technical ones to the social ones

Academic Societies,Computing GroupsFine Arts,Cultural Societies,Language Groups, Community Services,Social Services,Sports,Alumni Groups,Student Publications,Hobby Groups

2.The College calendar is interspersed with numerous events whether technical or cultural, at inter departmental level or inter college level. The organisation and execution of most of these events is handled by students themselves guided by the faculty incharge. Here is a brief overview of the various events that form a part of the annual lifestyle of a NITTian.

Convocation Day,Alumni Day,Pragyan - Technical Festival ,Festember - Cultural Festival,NITTFEST - Inter Departmental Cultural Festival,Golden Jubilee,Student Technical Symposium,Sports Day

College Infrastructure :
  • There are 18 boys' and 5 girls' hostels. Together they accommodate 5320 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Two more hostels (2 for boys) are under construction.
  • It's lies in suburban, around college it will take Rs 3000-6000 per months as better as get..
  • Totally 11 messes and about 6-10 food courts are there.. in messes north india, South india dinnings are special in each mess and for Andhra and Kerala have seperate mess for deticatedly for special crusines
  • Classes are done in Lecture Hall complex and Orion Complex, pleasent atmosphere and Good Audio and video systems. Central library avaliable 9:00am to 11:00pm, and intranetwork(Internet facility) is avaliabe in hostels we can use it 24hrs. Additionally computer center(Octagan) is 24hrs. innternet facility is there..
Placements & Internships :
  • For internships may companies core and IT also, they are conducting interview in college itself and offering internship. students can go outside by reference its ok..
  • GE, Tata steel, Benz, Hyundai, Lincoln etc. will come for core branches.
  • Average package is Rs 4.5 lakhs per annum.
  • Alumni is very good and well known persons like Chandrasekaran N, CEO of TCS, T. V. Narendran CEO of Tata Steel.
Fees and Scholarship :
  • Fee is about Rs 43,500 per a semester..
  • For GATE stipend will be available, it’s around Rs 12,400 per month.
  • All the members will get stipend in PG level.
  • No loan needed but if you want any the college will assist you in right way.


Academics & Faculty :
  • Mostly Classes are done by 8:30am to 4:10pm, but any special lecture may be up to 7:30pm. Each subject we want to do one project or Presentation on new topic, or well-known research any Which carries 10% of marks. Every month one cycle test which carries 20%marks. Final exam gives 50% marks. Assignments are usual thing but it gives confidence on subjects.
  •  Excellent Prof. and mostly Ph.D. completed faculty will be there. although the temporary faculty also Ph.D. guys only
  •  One of an Excellent college and good placement record.

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B.Tech (Metallurgical), batch of 2015
Placements & Internships :
  • Key companies such as tcs, cts, ashok leyland, schlumberger, hbsc, LnT etc hires from our campus
  • Rs 4.5 lakhs per annum is the average salary and Rs 32 lakhs per annum is the highest salary.
Societies & Associations :
  • There are many clubs in the campus such as rotaract club, pheonix club, aerodynamics club and many more
  • The college have two main festival that is pragyan which is a tech festival and festember which is cultural festival. the other festivals such as nittfest(inter department cultural commpetition), sportsfete(inter-department sports competitons) etc
  • In general, the life in college is the best. with lots of challanges and oppurtunities to explore ourselves n to make us ready to face the future with confidence
College Infrastructure :
  • There are more than 10 hostels and are good and the fees per semester is Rs 18000
  • The food in the college is average and it costs approximately 50 rs per meal
  • Quality of classrooms, labs, libraries, dining halls, wi-fi are good.

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