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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2018
Societies & Associations 10/10

Life in college is all about sharing knowledge, having a great time in sharing each others culture and most importantly working on topics useful

College Infrastructure 7/10

The classrooms are equipped with free WiFi with lecture desk and speakers with mikes .the college has an endless number of labs and playrooms and restrooms to avenge out thirst for sports.dining halls are basically in the lobby where there is a canteen for our daily meal.

Academics & Faculty 10/10

The quality of professors in NIT Durgapur is overwhelming and they are always in a mood to give us imperative knowledge and ample work related to our topics. Students are taught on the basis of a strict discipline based routine.

Fees and Scholarship 7/10

Course fee for the first year is INR 135300 rupees. The second year is INR 138550 Third year is I 111050 Fourth year is INR 111550.

Placements & Internships 7/10

Many key companies like Microsoft, direct group, Amazon, etc hired candidates for higher paychecks in fact as high as 26LPA. Alumni are great with experienced professors.


Candidates pursuing minimum graduate (10+2)in any discipline getting at least 55%marks in graduation for general category obc and 50% for SC/ST with a valid cat score with at least 60% in both 10th and 12th. I took WBJEE exam.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Civil Engineering), batch of 2018
Societies & Associations 8/10

Students can take part in various clubs and societies within the college, like CCA, Math n Tech club, Linux users club, Debating Society, Dance Club, Music Club, based on their interest and skills. Mainly three major fests are held in each calendar year, Arohan (Techno-management fest), Abhiskar (Technical fest) and Recstacy (Cultural fest). We also have football, cricket, hockey and basketball teams who regularly compete in inter nit tournaments. Overall non-academic life can be very fun if you wish to enjoy it.

College Infrastructure 6/10

Smart boards and projectors are recently installed in all classes, but almost all professors restrain themselves from using it for reasons unknown to me. The library is a little out of sorts; sometimes important books are not available. There is an adequate number of hostels and construction of new girls' hostel is recently finished and that of boys' hostel going on scheduled to be finished within one year. Apart from hostel foods, there are some canteens and restaurants within college premises who provide reasonably good food at affordable price.

Academics & Faculty 7/10

The routine is not so strict as compared to other private colleges. Class timing is effectively from 8:15 am to 5:30 pm. But during off periods or lunch breaks, you can come back to the hostel or go to the library or outside of campus. In every department, there are some teacher(s) who are student friendly and some who are not. But if you can pass the early storm up to the 4th semester, you can enjoy the college life.

Fees and Scholarship 5/10

The fee fluctuates every year because the college is funded by World Bank. Regarding this consult college website. The SC and ST students, however, have the opportunity of tuition fee waiver. Also, there are some scholarships offered by the college. For further details see the relevant section on the college website. As for educational loans, you can avail it at a very low interest from SBI, whose branch is located inside the campus.

Placements & Internships 7/10

Various types of companies including Core companies, IT companies, Financial companies visit our campus for placement and sometimes they offer paid internships also. Generally, the IT companies offer heavy pay package of over 8-10 LPA. The foreign IT and Marketing companies also offer heavy. Some of the heavy packages in my year - D. E. Shaw (32 lpa), Amazon (27 lpa), Goldmansach (22 lpa), Microsoft (21 lpa). But core branches like mine are often not allowed to apply for IT companies. For core companies, the PSUs like BPCL, IOCL offer nearly 15-16 lpa. But other private companies generally offer below 6 lpa as starting salary.


The institution takes admissions based on AIR of JEE-Mains and then the admission is performed by CSAB for 5 rounds (spot round included). Generally, for each branch 50% seats are reserved for home state quota. Also, the general caste reservation rules as per Indian Government also applies. For Civil Engg, the closing rank for General category was around 30,000 for home state quota. If you are from outside WB, you have to secure rank below 20k -22k.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2019
Placements & Internships 8/10

I have got an internship in Sun Pharmaceuticals with stipend 20kpm. Companies from all kinds of field come for campus placement. Avg salary package ranges from 4-7LPA



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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2018
Academics & Faculty 10/10

Class timings are well managed. You don't have to be present in the college for entire 8 periods. Usually, we have 6 classes per day in 1 st year, which reduces to 2 classes per day in the 4th year. Quality and method of teaching are very good as you are being taught by professors of NIT.

Fees and Scholarship 10/10

4 lakhs is enough to complete your Btech. Hostel fees are about INR6000 per semester. Mess fees is about INR2500 per month. College provides a scholarship for tuition fees too. The loan is usually not needed but if one wants it is easily available from Canara Bank and SBI in the campus itself.

Placements & Internships 10/10

A lot of companies come to hire you. I got the internship in Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles in 3rd year. And got placed in LnT Power in 4th year. Every branch gets 80 percent of placement. Companies keep arriving round the year. For CSE branch highest salary was 32 lakhs. For ME branch it was 17 lakhs provided by IOCL. 3 to 4 mass companies also come including TCS, INFOSYS, IBM, etc.


To take entrance in NIT DURGAPUR you have to clear JEE MAIN cut off. I scored 196 marks to get a mechanical branch in NIT Durgapur.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Chemical Engineering), batch of 2021
Societies & Associations 6/10


College Infrastructure 5/10

Hostels are worst. The only first-year hostel is awesome. WiFi speed is pathetic, food is average and costs around INR 2,500 per month for non-veg and INR 3,300 for veg. Classrooms are excellent and Labs are below average.

Academics & Faculty 4/10

The class timing is from 8:15 am to 5:30 pm. Only a few professors are good others are just average. Overall experience was good.

Fees and Scholarship 8/10

The fee is INR 1,25,000 per annum. The loan can be availed by SBI and Canara Bank.

Placements & Internships 5/10

The companies like Reliance Industries, Haldia Chemicals, Vedanta, Durgapur Petrochemical, Asian Paints are among few core companies that visit our college. The average salary offered was INR 4.6 lakhs per annum for Chemical Engineering. The maximum salary offered was INR 9 lakhs per annum.


The candidate must clear the JEE MAIN + JEE ADVANCED 2019  exam and must have passed the 12th with minimum of 75% marks from a recognized institute. The cutoff mark for general is 80-115 and the rank must be below 32,000.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2020
Societies & Associations 9/10

There are many clubs in NIT DURGAPUR. Many events are organised here every year, you will definitely enjoy your college life here.

College Infrastructure 7/10

There are 13 hostels in NIT DURGAPUR, and one is under construction. Food in the hostel is average.

Academics & Faculty 8/10

Here's a busy routine, especially for core branch guys. Quality and method of teaching are good.

Fees and Scholarship 6/10

If you belong to sc/st then there is a lot of option for scholarships. There are also scholarships for top 3 students from every department but they have to give another exam for a scholarship. Only top 3 students from each department are allowed to give this exam.

Placements & Internships 7/10

Here, the average salary is hovering around 6 lakhs per year.


I passed JEE MAIN for coming in this NIT.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Agricultural Engineering), batch of 2017
Societies & Associations 7/10
  • There are 7 clubs present in National Institute of Technology like a dance club, a music club.
  • The main festival is arohan, rectacy, mukti, ank etc.
  • The life in college is good and balanced.  
College Infrastructure 7/10
  • There are 12 hostel and 2 upcoming hostel present in National Institute of Technology.
  • The hostel fees are Rs. 3,000 per month.
  • The food cost is included in hostel fees. But the food is not so good. 
  • The classroom condition is very bad, labs are best, library and dining hall is good.
  • The internet speed of institute broadband is 100 MBps and it is available for all students.
Academics & Faculty 7/10
  • Class starts from 8 am ad end at 5.30 pm at National Institute of Technology.
  • There are 2 semesters and 2 midterm exams.
  • The professors are highly qualified.
Fees and Scholarship 3/10
  • my course fee National Institute of Technology per year is Rs. 1 lakh pa.
  • Institute merit cum means scholarship is available for the students. Only 5% of student students gets scholarship facility.
  • You can get loan very easily.
Placements & Internships 5/10
  • I have done my internship at sail and other company for 1 month. 
  • key companies which visit the National Institute of Technology campus for placements are like tata steel, tata motors, Jsl, Jsw, Vedanta etc.
  • The average salary package is Rs. 5 lakh pa.


  • The eligibility criteria for joining National Institute of Technology is passing the 12th with 60% of marks and clearing the JEE MAIN exam.
  • The cut-off for the course is 130 out of 360.

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Bachelor of Engineering (BE) (Information Technology), batch of 2018
  • The eligibility criteria to join NIT Durgapur is that you must have completed 12th class by the time you apply for admission.
  • Getting a decent rank in JEE MAIN entrance examination (formerly known as AIEEE) could get you placed in this college.
  • For my course(Information Technology) the opening rank was approx. 10000 and the closing rank was 16000 for general category students(other than West Bengal state students) when I joined.
  • Ranks vary by category and the state of residence.

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Master of Computer Applications [M.C.A], batch of 2019
Societies & Associations 9/10
College Infrastructure 7/10
  • There are 9 Hostels at present, 7 for boys 2 for girls. First year gets seperate hostel as a measure for anti-ragging.
  • PG costs are around Rs 6000 per month.
  • Food in hostel is great if you are from Eastern or North Eastern or South India, its average for North Indians. Mess charge is 3000 per-month.
  • Labs are great, classrooms are average with projectors and all.
Academics & Faculty 7/10
  • Class timings are from 8:15 am to 12:pm then 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm, You will get to work with many exciting projects that is for sure, assignments are headaches as always. There will be a mid sem and then end sem.
  • Quality of teaching is average, its not that great but it should be generalized as am talking about computer applications department only.
  • Overall experience is great in word, it would transform you as a person for sure.
Fees and Scholarship 7/10
  • The couse fees is Rs 36000 per semester.
  • State schloarships are available for students.
  • around 8-9 students get scholarship in every batch.
  • yes, loan is needed in most of the cases and its easily available through SBI. We have two banks in our campus SBI and Canara Bank.
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • Campusing is great, companies like microsoft, amazon, directi, visit every year. google last visited in 2015.
  • average salary of MCA is 4 lakhs per annum.
  • The administration is working hard to get along with all the alumni.
  • The eligibility criteria was 60% in 10th, 12th and undergraduation.
  • You have to take NIMCET to get admission in MCA at NIT Durgapur.
  • You should get rank below 400 at least.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2017
College Infrastructure 6/10
  • There are 12 hostels including 1 for foreigners with attached bathrooms and all facilities, 4 hostels for girls and remaining for boys.
  • There are separate quarters for masters and professors.
  • Hostel fee is included in registration fee that amounts about Rs 16000 per year and there is separate mess fee about Rs 3000 per month.
  • PGs are not near around our college campus and that is not worth to live there if found.
  • The food is average in the college and that costs approx Rs 100 per day.
  • Classrooms are well-equipped with projectors and mic facilities. There is a hall as weel as a Gallery.
  • Labs are not so well to do but satisfactory.
  • Library here have not sufficient books according to the number of students.
  • To get a book you should reach first to ensure that there is any book you required is left.
  • There is LAN connection for internet facility and that works on high speed at NIT Durgapur.
Societies & Associations 9/10
  • There is a Gymkhana representing the student body in the college which works for students welfare.
  • Every year there is a president selected among students by-election and many posts are there.
  • Various student societies and clubs are there like CCA, ANK, SAE, Glug, Strokes for arts, Radio Nitroz, Dance Club, Entract Club, Prakriti, Darpan, Literary club
  • Main festivals of the college are Tech fests- AArohan, ANk, Motor Zudung, Mukti and Verve, Clutural Fest- Recstacy
  • The life in the college is very good if you have a good company of students.
  • It will be excellent else if you are not in any group then just simple at NIT Durgapur.
Academics & Faculty 7/10

Class Timing - 8:15am to 12:15pm then a lunch break upto 1:30pm and then class resume from 1:30pm to 5:30pm . This is the maximum class one can have in a day. But as per the schedule  there is maximum of 32 hrs a wek in five days. exams are taken in two seating for different batches of students and the internal examination is taken after 5:30pm if not possibke to be taken within 5:30pm.


Fees and Scholarship 7/10
  1. Per year course fee is approx 85000
  2. Institute Scolarships(Income based Full and half waiver)), OPJEMS(Tallent based mainly for toppers), State, you can visit our website for more infomation regarding this.
  3. 60% of students get the scholarship from any source or oppotunity they get .
  4. If a students is very poor such that he/she  cant afford to pay the mess fee even after full repayment of tution fee by getting any scholarship then there is need of loan. It is very easy to get the loan. There is a branch of SBI inside out college campus which provide education loan at an affordablerate of intrest.  
Placements & Internships 8/10

There is very few internshipp opportunity for mechanics students in this college. Few of us got chancwe of internship in CERN in Geneva(mainly Toppers) and one more firm gave this opportunity i.e. Saint Gobain with stipend. And remaining students found the opportunity in their own but nt for paid internship. These were summer industrial traing in many companies like Fiat, Tata Motors, Maruti Suziki and many more

Companies that hire from our campus are

Finance, marketing sales and IT
Future First, Mu sigma, Oracle FSS, Cgi, PWC, ZS Associztes, ABB, Honeywell, Infosys, Wipro, HDFC, HSBC Axis bank, IBM, TCS, Fusion chart, and many more

Manufacturing And Automobile-
Tata Motors, Mahindra Nad Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, TIPL, Hero Motor Corps, Honda, Volvo, Tata Mettalicks, Saint Gobain, Damler,Fiat and many more

Some NGOs and educational institutes also visit our campus for hiring process.


To Get admission in NIT Durgapur, you first have to go through JEE Mains conducted by CBSE for Indian students and for foreigner students they have to qualify some other exam, their tutuion fees are also different from the indian students. To appear in JEE Mains should have a minimumqualification of either appeared 12th board exam or appearing for it in the corresponding year. If you have not appeared or appearing in 12th exam you should have any degree equivalent to it.According to the new system there is 40% weightage to 12th board marks and 60% to the JEE Mains so, pay equal attention on both side. Moreover the normalisation system gives more power to the marks of 12th board. To get admitted NIT Durgapur with Mechanical engg you should have a rank of around 5000-9000 if you are general, upto 18000 for obc. These are for those who are not domicile of West Bengal,if they are the cut off is more relaxed.

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Binaya Ranjan
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2017
Societies & Associations 10/10
  • There are a lot of student societies and clubs present some of them are SAE club, MESA club, DANCE club, MUSIC club, etc.
  • There are tech festivals as well as cultural festivals happening at NIT, Durgapur which are ANK, VERVE, REKSTACY.
  • The life in the college is so beautiful. I will really miss it a lot.

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