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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2019
Societies & Associations 7/10

NSS is the only society formed in college. College festival- magistech held every year and other cultural activities are held on occasional days. Life is beautiful in college.

College Infrastructure 7/10

Only one hostel for boys. Hostel fee is INR 30000 per 6 months. Food is average. The lab is good.

Academics & Faculty 10/10

College starts at 9:40 am and closes at 4:10 pm. Method of teaching is excellent. Feeling lucky to study in this college.

Fees and Scholarship 7/10

Couse fee is INR 150000 per annum. Scholarship and fee reimbursement is available for top rankers. Average of 60 students get the scholarship in each branch.

Placements & Internships 10/10

I have done an Internship at Satyavati constructions private limited. Salary is up to INR 1 lakh per anum.


EAMCET is the entrance exam for inter based students and ECET exam for diploma students.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2021
Academics & Faculty 10/10

The college timing is from 9:40 am to 3:20 pm The teaching quality is good.And we some experienced teachers and team. The overall experience in the College is great

Fees and Scholarship 10/10

My course fee is INR100000 per academic year in this college. Averege number of students that get scholarship may be around 40 percent

Placements & Internships 9/10

There are many companies that hire from our college. Average salary might be INR 1 lakh. So finally it is a good college


We can get a seat in this college through EAMCET and MAINS exam. I took EAMCET exam

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2020
Societies & Associations 8/10

Good clubs, societies on campus. Tech and sports. Awesome I'm very happy to get a seat in MGIT.

College Infrastructure 8/10

1 hostel for boys and 1 for girls. INR 50k per year. Average food. Good classroom no wifi.

Academics & Faculty 8/10

9.40-4.20 timings, 2 mids and a number of assignments. Good method of teaching.

Fees and Scholarship 5/10

INR 1 lakh rupees. Rank below INR 10k in the entrance gives free seat 200-250.

Placements & Internships 6/10

No not yet done any internship. Yes, Highest package is INR 14 lakhs per annum, 60% may be placed.


Inter or diploma anyone is required. The exam is EAMCET. Good marks will give a seat in our college.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2019
Societies & Associations 5/10

We have many active clubs like music clubs, dance clubs, arts club etc. Our main college fest is Nirvana.

College Infrastructure 4/10

We have a boys hostel outside our campus. The fee is 5,000.the food in the canteen is better but not so great.

Academics & Faculty 6/10

Our college starts by 9:45 am and ends by 4:20 pm. We get our assignments, projects every 3 weeks.Our teachers are well qualified and make teaching easy to understand.

Fees and Scholarship 7/10

Our course fee as of now is Rs 87,900. We get notifications about internships through Internshala site to our class groups.

Placements & Internships 7/10

We get companies like TCS, Deloitte, Accenture etc.The average salary is 4-5 lacs per annum. Last year we got the highest salary of 12 lacs per annum.


To get into Mahatma Gandhi Institute and technology (MGIT). A minimum rank of >4000 is needed to get a seat in computer science engineering branch. We can get into by Eamcet entrance exam.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Civil Engineering), batch of 2020
Societies & Associations 8/10

Street Cause, Music Club, Arts Club, Dance Club. Nirvana, Magistech. You can enjoy as well as gain some knowledge without undergoing any stress.

College Infrastructure 7/10

One for boys, one for girls. Both are at a fee of 35k(INR) per year. None. Food is nice and costs Rs 25 - 40(INR) per meal. Awesome and well maintained.

Academics & Faculty 9/10

9:40 A.M to 4:20 P.M is the timings of the college with 1-hour duration of each period with 6 periods. Projects are supervised by the faculty superbly and the assignments too. Awesome.

Fees and Scholarship 6/10

1 lakh(INR) per annum with accreditation fee of Rs2500(INR). Fee reimbursement of Rs35000(INR) P.A. is provided by the Telangana state government. Roughly 20 to 30 students. Loans are needed for those who can't afford the fees. Yes, they are available from the Andhra bank of our college.

Placements & Internships 7/10

Not much bad, but we have to look after them on our own as college doesn't provide internships instead they provide information about them. L&T is keen to visit this year. Currently, 16 lakhs(INR)  per annum was highest. May increase next year. Not so good.


You can pursue the course by writing AP EAMCET. The cutoff ranks are different for different caste. Generally 24k-26k(INR) rank is the cutoff for my course.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Metallurgical Engineering), batch of 2017
Placements & Internships 9/10

The placement is good in this college.


TS EAMCET is the common entrance test for admission.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechatronics Engineering), batch of 2020
College Infrastructure 7/10

The hostel fee per year is INR 55000. Classroom quality, labs, the library all are very good. No dining hall is provided here.

Academics & Faculty 5/10

The timing of the college is from 10:00 am to 4:20 pm. Faculties always give a huge number of assignments. Method of teaching is not so good.

Fees and Scholarship 3/10

Now my course fee is INR 1 lakh per year.

Placements & Internships 7/10

Many companies come for the placements here according to the branch. The average salary is INR 5 to 6 lakhs per annum and the highest salary was INR 14 lakhs per annum.


I appeared in TS EAMCET for the admission and ranked around 5000 in TS EAMCET.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Civil Engineering), batch of 2019
Societies & Associations 9/10

Students clubs in the college are music club, dance club, photogaphy club, technical clubs etc. The main fests in the college are magestic and Nirvana. Life in the college is good with friends.

College Infrastructure 9/10

Our college has boys and girls hostel. The hostel fee is INR 48000/- per year. Overall infrastructure of the college is good.

Academics & Faculty 8/10

Our college timings are from 9:40 am to 4:00 pm. Method of teaching is good. The overall experience of the college is good.

Fees and Scholarship 9/10

My college fee is 1 lakh per annum.

Placements & Internships 7/10

I was trained and worked in CADSYS INDIA LIMITED when I was in Diploma. Companies such as Tech Mahindra and Dell come for campus placement.


I got a seat in this college through TS EAMCET entrance exam as I am a diploma student. The typical cutoff rank for civil is 30000 rank in TS EAMCET.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2017
Fees and Scholarship 5/10
  • Actual fee for any degree at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology is above 1lakh rupees
Placements & Internships 7/10
  • companies like Infosys, TCS, Deloitte, Wipro, etc will visit regularly for offering placements
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad is the top 2nd engineering college in Telangana.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology offers various technical degrees 
  • Mechatronics branch is offered at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology
  • Eligibility criteria is either diploma or intermmediate .By writing entrance examinations like tseamcet and tscet

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2020
Academics & Faculty 7/10
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology has a very good infrastructure in terms of regularities.
  • The method of teaching is very nice with detailed explanation. 
Fees and Scholarship 5/10
  • I have paid Rs. 1 lakh as my tuition fee for a whole year at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology.
  • Reserved categories do get a scholarship from a state government.
  • No loan is needed for tuition fees but if any body really need can get easily from Andhra Bank.
Placements & Internships 7/10
  • I haven't done any internship till now and even our college doesn't provide any.
  • Most IT companies visit Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology campus for placement and the average salary is around Rs. 4.5 lakhs per annum.
  • I wrote TS EAMCET exam and got 27000 as my rank to join Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology.
  • I got this college because of NCC B certificate, with NCC quota.
  • Basically, a normal candidate should get less than 7000 to get into this college in TS EAMCET.

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B.Tech(Metallurgy and Materials Engineering), batch of 2015
Societies & Associations 8/10
  • The primary objective of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, [MGIT] Hyderabad is to impart value-based education to the present and future generations of our country.
  • The Management works with a vision to strive for excellence and coordinates all efforts in transforming the institute named after Mahatma.
  • The Management extends their support and advice the student committees in organizing many Technical, Cultural Festivals & Conferences.
  • The college is known for celebrating NIRVANA, it is an annual cultural festival.
  • Annual Literary Magazine Musings, and each of its constituent departments conducting annual technical symposiums & conferences.


College Infrastructure 6/10
  • There is only one boy's hostel in Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, [MGIT] Hyderabad and many private girls hostels in the college surroundings.
  • The hostels are good enough for the students with good facilities like neat rooms, bathrooms, drinking water and food.
  • There are separate playgrounds for hostelers as well.
  • The cost is Rs. 4,000 per month.
  • PG and other options outside the college are good in number with a lot of opportunities and low cost.
  • Food is provided with good nutrients and taste with a rate of Rs. 25 per meal.
  • The quality, neatness, and equipment of the labs and classes are good.

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