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Ruchika , batch of 2019
07 Sep 2017

The admissions to the course happen on the basis of an entrance examination conducted by the University of Delhi. The course guidelines are formed by the central institute of education, DU. The eligibility is to have a minimum aggregate of 50% marks in +2. 

Manisha B.Com (Hons), batch of 2017
09 May 2017
  • Typical cutoff is 85 %
  • The student must write an entrance exam to get admission is this university. 
Suman M.A. (Hindi), batch of 2015
05 Apr 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • The student union is available here who always works for students(president, vice president, etc) at Lady Shriram College.
  • We are clebrating our annual fests with full excitement.
  • The campus is amazing, the environment is always good at Lady Shriram College.
College Infrastructure:
  • There are only one university hostel avilable at Lady Shriram College and  fees is around 3900.
  • P.G's in Satya Niketan are available and the rent is started from 7000 onwords.
  • The food was good in the campus centeen as well as the hostel mess, canteen meal charges is 45 to 60 per meal.
  • Everything is good and the library is also having AC, overall infrastructure is good
Academics & Faculty:
  • Classes begin in the arts faculity at (south campus), not in Lady Shriram College.
  • We get assignments and tests time to time so the quality of teaching is amazing at Lady Shriram College.
  • Overall experience is very good.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee is around 17000-18000 at Lady Shriram College.
  • Merit-based scholarships available here.
  • P.N.B bank is available for the loan facility.
Placements & Internships:
  • No internship company is coming at Lady Shriram College.
  • The average salary is provided around 250000-350000.
  • I have no idea regarding Alumni network as I'm a student of Hindi literature.
  • Eligibilty criteria for B.A(Hindi) requires at least 55% marks at Lady Shriram College.
  • Delhi university entrance exam for admission and based on merit list students gets entrance.
Shreya B.Com (Hons), batch of 2019
05 Oct 2016 Rating :
Academics & Faculty:

Daily routine is great but the timing is quite exhausting as its from.8 45 to 5 30.

Assignments are nice and easy as well. Faculty is good. Overall experience is that its more like a school.

Muskan B.A. (Psychology), batch of 2018
05 Aug 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • There is a hostel in the campus.
  • Pgs are easily available.
  • Food in college is amazing. There are 3 cafetarias and the food is affordable.
  • Quality of classrooms and labs and washrooms are well up to the mark.
Placements & Internships:
  • Havent done
  • A lot of companies come for placements in the college and various societies within the college are also involved in distributing the placements and making the students aware of the opportunities.
Academics & Faculty:
  • Academics is amazing at my college. Timings are a bit harsh but the teachers put in equal amount of effort in teaching so its great.
  • Quality and method of teaching are both great.
  • Overall experience in college is really very exciting. Its a whole new world, new experience.
B.A. (Sociology), batch of 2020
25 Jul 2016 Rating :
Placements & Internships:
  • Placements are decent here, so dont worry.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Course fee is Rs 2 lakh per year excluding hostel facilities.
  • Scholarships are available for prospective students who score good in mains marks and CBSE OR ICSE PLUS TWO BOARDS.
  • No loans are required
Academics & Faculty:
  • Daily routine is good exhaustive and many assignments are given on real world problems and teachers come to class very late.
  • Teaching is phenomonials.
Shivani B.A. (Economics), batch of 2019
20 Jul 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • There are 300 hostel in the college.
  • Pg are within 500- 600 km.
  • Average food costs Rs 35 per plate.
  • Best class equipment with 24 hrs WiFi.
Placements & Internships:
  • I have done internship at loankuber and newsbyte.
  • Most of kpmg and e&y comes for the placement.
  • Average package is of Rs 29 lakhs per annum.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Fees of the course is Rs 14000-16000 per year.
  • Various schlorship but only for meritorious base and academic base.
Academics & Faculty:

So I will start here with magic of LSR;which will feel by the students of the college. Following details are 1)10/10 in NAAC rating 2016 2) winner of green camp always in previous year. 3)This year 4 student bagged 2 lakh internship from then one is in brazillian company which is not usual for student of Delhi university . This is because of strong and dedicated placement cell of lsr. 4)regarding to classes are from 8:30 to 4 Five lecture and tut class ,in which we can clear our doubts 5)regular seminar ,conference it can be of department or of college 6) our. Colleges don't prompt any film star on fest because they feel that we should be motivated by the people who have done something on their own 7) every department have their own different team for different work ,so not on big level but on smaller level everyone get chance to enhance their ability.

Naman B.A. (Political Science), batch of 2018
19 Jul 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • There is only one Hostel in our college. The hostel is pretty good with a large dinning hall to a mess and good double bed rooms.
  •  There are a couple of PGs outside our college. The PGs are airly good. The price depends which may available at Rs 12-000-20,000 per month.
  • The food can be good and bad depending on the stuff that one wants to eat.
Placements & Internships:
  • I haven't done any internship so far. But last year our placement cell declared a student getting Rs 1,00000 from her internship at KPMG. Many of the internships are unpaid as well. 
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The fees of our course is Rs 16,500.
  • Loans, if needed can be availed from Punjab National Bank at the college itself.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The daily life of a college student at Lady Shri Ram College begins at 8:45 AM. The teacher enters the classroom at sharp 8:45 with a proper lecture in mind. After some serious studying, he/ she tells us to prepare for a assignment depending on the last date. We are also given group projects or research work to be submitted on a certain time. The day ends at 5PM (depending on the timetables). The teachers at LSR are incredible and hard working. They make the classes interactive, which makes us want to research more.
  • The experience so far has been wonderful, mostly focussing on the studies. Rarely do we get an off.
Shweta B.A. (Political Science), batch of 2018
15 Jul 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • Hostel is there for out station students. There are 300 seats UN hostel. Fee is around 6000 INR.
  • PGS are there near college.
  • Food in cafe costs around 50 INR per meal.
  • Classrooms and others infrastructure is very good. WIFI is there
Placements & Internships:
  • Not done any internship.
  • Companies offering good packages come. Average package is Rs 10 LPA.
  • We have a alumni cell that connects us yo our alumanais.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Course Fee for political science (Hons.) is Rs 16290 per year.
Academics & Faculty:
  • Classes start at 8.45 Am and at times go on till 4.30 Pm. For internal assessment we have to make presentations and give assignments. Exams happen normally like other DU colleges.
  • Quality of teaching is very good and professors give lectures and we take down notes.
  • Overall experience in college is amazing and engaging.
Shriya Bcom , batch of 2018
24 Jun 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • Hostels are decent. Hostel fee is affordable. Mess food is pretty good and pocket friendly.
  • LSR has the best campus in DU.
Placements & Internships:
  • I haven't ever done any internship or job. 
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Fees is low and pretty affordable, scholarships are provided to students with disabilities.
Academics & Faculty:
  • LSR is renown for the quality of education it provides. It is a very good college and helps develop ones personality. It is fun and engaging. Almost anyone can fall in love with it.
  • However there are some drawbacks as well. The internal assessments are way too tough.
  • Attendance is compulsory and a big hurdle if you want to participate in co curriculars.
  • The college timings are 9 AM to 5 PM. Additionally, the gap between 2 classes may be as long as 3 hours.
Himanshi B.El.Ed, batch of 2017
11 Jun 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • College has its own hostel, apart from this, there are a number of PG's around and they are well maintained.
  • The cafe food is quite popular but it is slightly over-rated as compared to other DU colleges.
  • Infrastructure is certainly the best thing that LSRians cherish.
Placements & Internships:
  • LSR usually gets a lot of opportunities and usually has the highest placement records in Delhi University. It has 100% placement record.
  • Also the alumni cell is quite active.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The annual fees is around INR 15,000/- a year.
  • There are a number of scholarships that the college provides.
B.A Journalism , batch of 2018
08 May 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • The college food is nice and even the cost is low.
  • There is hostel for college students who are from distant places.
  • Infrastructure of the college is nice.
Placements & Internships:
  • Placements are good enough.
  • But there are not suitable internships for Journalism students.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Fees structure is good enough.
  • But Journalism students have to pay more than the others because of the expensive equipment.
Academics & Faculty:
  • Hello, I am Neha from Lady Shri Ram College for Women.
  • My college already has the reputation and goodwill for its academics and highly professional teachers.
  • There is a different kind of environment in my college. It's a kind that makes you do something constructive and creative.
  • Something that I really want to appreciate in my college is the cleanliness and greenery.
  • Our class rooms are properly ventilated and clean.
  • The time table is hectic and the professors continue teaching even after the bell has gone.
  • The most depressing part are exams.
  • All in all college is fun with friends who help us get out of the the boring lectures, project, assignments and exams.
Dhairya B.Sc (Statistics), batch of 2017
07 Jan 2016 Rating :
Placements & Internships:
  • Lady Shriram College provides good internship options.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee at Lady Shriram College is quite less.
  • Lady Shriram College provides scholarships to students.
Academics & Faculty:
  • Lady Shriram College provides good qualtiy of education.
Dhairya B.Sc (Statistics), batch of 2017
08 Oct 2015 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • Lady Shriram College, [LSR] has 22 societies offering exceptional opportunities to grow and learn. The societies and associations are exceptional. That is why Lady Shriram College, [LSR] makes you an amazing leader and above all an all rounder.
Hostels & Food:
  • Hostelers at Lady Shriram College, [LSR] have been provided with all the needed facility with great food.
  • Our canteen usually called' cafe' has great food with much importance given to cleanliness and we have a separate cafe management team that looks into the working of our college canteen and hygiene.
College Infrastructure:
  • Lady Shriram College, [LSR] has some of the best infrastructures of any college in DU. Everything is so high tech and best facilities with world class infrastructure. It has won the green cup for its beautiful gardens and lawns among the Delhi university colleges.
  • Everything is so clean and everyone in college is very much aware of their responsibility of keeping their surroundings clean.
Placements & Internships:
  • Lady Shriram College, [LSR] has the best placement cell. The jobs and internships offered are suitable to the requirements of every individual. Placement cell team works very hard to get the best placement for the students as the future of students depends on it.
  • Companies like Deloitte, mc Kinsey, Parthenon, KPMG, Ernst and young are among the companies that came this year. For first years and third years, there are an innumerable number of internship opportunities from which they can gain best experience and exposure. Hence, we have highly competitive students with a wide range of skill set.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Lady Shriram College, [LSR] has various schemes and scholarships that enable students to continue their education in case they are unable to pay their fees.
International Exposure:
  • At Lady Shriram College, [LSR], we not only focus on academics but also on extra curricular activities. We have many schools like Kings college of London and various other foreign institutions that come to offer opportunities for summer schools and further educational options at Lady Shriram College, [LSR].
  • Spicmacay is the society which also enables foreign visits as a part of student internships.
Academics & Faculty:
  • Lady Shriram College, [LSR] has been a prestigious institution for the past 50 years. It is the topmost college of arts in India as well as we have an outstanding faculty and a bunch of highly competitive students .
Sanchali JOURNALISM HONOURS , batch of 2018
19 Sep 2015 Rating :
Societies & Associations: All the societies work unendingly and present such amazing functions that u'd be tempted to join atleast one.
Hostels & Food: We have one café, one nescafe and one private caterer in our college. The food tastes good.
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