( Based On 24 student's data )
M.B.B.S., batch of 2023
Societies & Associations 8/10
  • The life in college in King George's Medical University is overall very good to feel proud of being a part of noble profession overall excellent colleges.
  • There are many student societies to join for extra curricular activities.
College Infrastructure 9/10
  • The hostel is also available on King George's Medical University.
  • The quality of food is quite.
  • the infrastructure is excellent all labs are well maintained.
Academics & Faculty 9/10
  • The quality and method of teaching are excellent, there are very good professors regular training and practical classes.
Fees and Scholarship 9/10
  • The course fee at King George's Medical University is around 20k per annum.
  • Tscholarshipsips are also provided to needy ones.
Placements & Internships 10/10
  • King George's Medical University is providing the internship.
  • The overall expereinece is very good in this college.
  • The eligibility criteria for King George's Medical University is 12 pass.
  • The cutoff marks are  550+ marks in the competitive exam.

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M.B.B.S., batch of 2019
  • The eligibility criteria for getting admission in King George's Medical University is to pass the 12th in PCB stream.
  • The students have to clear the NEET exam to get admission in this college.
  • The cut-off for my course is 75 to 80%.

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M.B.B.S., batch of 2021
Societies & Associations 8/10
  • The main student fest in King George's Medical University is Rhapsody, held every December on large scale.
  • Pan college clubs are yet to come up however it is starting this year.
  • There are many dynamic Anatomical & Physiological societies present in the campus.
  • The college life is good.
College Infrastructure 10/10
  • King George's Medical University building is simply the most beautiful amongst medical colleges in India. 
  • There is separate girls and boys hostel present in the campus and it cost Rs. 6,000 per year.
  • The quality of food is okay in the hostel.
  • There is 300 students seating facility is available for the students in the classroom.
  • There are a wifi and a central library available for the students.
Academics & Faculty 10/10
  • King George's Medical University is ranked by Outlook 2016 survey as the best college in India.
  • The coursework is very rigorous and an emphasis is especially laid on clinical approach.
  • Clinical postings, that start from 2nd year only are the foundation stone for making great doctors.
  • There are fantastic teachers here, most of which love to guide students. Professors are willing mentors for undergraduate students for research activities. Most of the teaching is via audio-visual aids, however, a teacher may switch to blackboard teaching for distilling concepts clearly.
  • Tests & exams occur every week for the students. 
Fees and Scholarship 10/10
  • Course fees at King George's Medical University per year are Rs.  60,000 approximately including tuition & hostel fee but excluding food costs. 
  • Scholarships are available generously for students via Prime Minister's fund for minority students and for students with family annual income below Rs. 2 lakh.
Placements & Internships 10/10
  • One has to do compulsory internship program for MBBS course at King George's Medical University.
  • The stipend provided during the internship is Rs. 20,000 per month.
  • KGMU, being established in 1905, has an extremely strong alumni base due to its old age and annual intake. 
  • The eligibility criteria for joining King George's Medical University is clearing the NEET exam with good marks.
  • Cutoff marks for state general quota are 550.
  • Cutoff marks for All India general quota is more than 580.


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M.B.B.S., batch of 2019
Placements & Internships 7/10
  • I will join for an internship after 2 years still I am studying in King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow.
  • Alumni network in college is large.
  • I was selected through competitive exam NEET in King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow.
  • My rank was 134 in CPMT exam.
  • The KGMU is a very prestige collage.

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M.B.B.S., batch of 2013
Societies & Associations 9/10
  • Campus in King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow is so beautiful and amazing.
  • Rapsody is the main festival celebrated in the college.
College Infrastructure 10/10
  • There are 6 hostels in King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow.
  • Hostel Fee is Rs. 3,000 per year.
  • The Pg facility is provided with Rs. 4,000 per month.
  • Food in hostel is Rs. 100 per day.
  • The quality of classroom is super.
Academics & Faculty 9/10
  • In King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow class starts in Morning by 8:00 am up to evening 8:00 pm.
  • The quality and method of teaching are very good.
Fees and Scholarship 7/10
  • The course fee is Rs. 3,0000 per year in King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow.
  • In college minority scholarship arranged by institutions for the students.
Placements & Internships 7/10
  • Still, there is no internship program for us.
  • Eligibility criteria for joining King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow is Intermediate passed and admission is based on CPMT exam.

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M.B.B.S., batch of 2018
Societies & Associations 6/10
  • There are student societies.
  • The quality of King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow is good.


College Infrastructure 6/10
  • There are 6 hostels.
  • The classrooms are good in King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow. There is wifi available in the campus.


Academics & Faculty 6/10
  • The class timings are from 8 am to 4 pm in King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow.
  • The quality of teaching is good.
  • The overall experience was good.


Fees and Scholarship 6/10
  • The course fee in King George's Medical University, [KGMU] Lucknow is Rs 30,000.
  • No, loans are not needed.
  • The eligibility criteria I to pass 12th-grade with 55% or above.
  • The entrance exam taken is the NEET.


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M.B.B.S., batch of 2019
College Infrastructure 9/10
  • There are about 10 hostel's. Separate for girls & boys & also seperate hostels for UG & PGS students. Hostel fee is about Rs 5000 per year.
  • Security is strict, quality of food is good.
  • Lift in hostels, ground for sport in front of hostel, Gym room. WiFi is also there.  Quality of classroom, labs, library is best. Dining hall is also good.
Placements & Internships 10/10
  • I'm M.B.B.S Student 2year (2014) So I can't comment about internship & companies.
  • Alumni network is very strong.
Fees and Scholarship 10/10
  • KGMU is government university. For getting selection, students have to crash tough competition. Fees is about Rs 50,000 thousands per year.
  • Scholarship is given to those students whose guardian income is less than Rs 2 lakhs per year. If studentsare not affordable to pay this amount, sometimes college also help.
  • Even all bank easily get ready for loan to students.
Academics & Faculty 10/10

Myself Akhilesh Kumar Pal, M.B.B.S Student of 2014 batch of K.G.M.U Lucknow. K.G.M.U is one of best university among medical universities & one of the oldest university( Established in 1905). Here classes are regular starting from 8am to 4 pm & also evening posting of 6-8 pm (ward posting). Teachers teachs us through projector, exam patterns is MCQ based, also here is regular test of topics which is completed in class.. Classes are interactive & based on question answer based. In evening posting 6-8 pm we go to wards & saw the patients,how our sir treat them, which diseases is common in India, so we learn a lot. Also there is classes of yoga & how to make urself stressfree. College organize debates, lots of cultural events, sports events for students, motivate us to actively participate. Some modern topics are taught through foreign lectures. Overall I feel proud myself for being student of such a graceful university. 

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