( Based On 14 student's data )
Kumar Arghya
M.B.B.S., batch of 2018
Societies & Associations :
  • The main festival in Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education And Research are college fest, fresher day, Utsav, saraswati puja etc.
  • Life in college is not enjoyable.
College Infrastructure :
  • In Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education And Research, there is a hostel facility provided to the students.
  • PGs are available near the college.
  • Food cost Rs. 40 per meal.
  • The quality of classroom, labs, toilet are good.
  • There is no wifi facility available.
Academics & Faculty :
  • Class timings in Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education And Research are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in between there is a clinical class for 1 hour.
  • The quality of teaching is good.
  • Teachers use PPT for a better understanding of the students.
  • There are many tests conducted.
Fees and Scholarship :
  • Course fee in Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education And Research is Rs. 11,000 per year.
  • The scholarship is not easily available to the students. Only a few gets a scholarship.
  • I didn't prefer any loan.
Placements & Internships :
  • In Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education And Research, there is 1-year internship program for the students.
  • There is no proper placement facility for the students in the college.
  • Alumni network in college is not good.
Admissions :
  • Eligibility criteria for joining the Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education And Research, [IOPGMEAR] Kolkata is passing the 12th standard (in physics, chemistry, biology) with 50% for general category and 40% for reserved students.
  • Students have to attend the JEE or NEET examination to get admission in the college.

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MBBS, batch of 2018
Societies & Associations :
  • We have photography club, two political associations pedominant in Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research.
  • We organise intra and inter college fest , cricket and football competitions, photography contest etc.
  • Life in college is usual...at end of day getting cleared in all profs is self satisfying.
College Infrastructure :
  • There are two hostel within the campus....main hostel ( 1st and 2nd floor for girls), moni chhetri hostel(2/3forboys and 1/3girls....the dilapated building ...to be vacated) gilrs to be shifted in hostels under process in the academic building premises of Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research.
  • Two small hostels for 1st year boys outside campus one behind M.R. Bangur Hospital at Tollygunge, other at Kalighat. hostel cleaniless is an issue...not so good. pets excreta , pets could be found all around in hostel floors . security moderate. toilets not washed regularly. hostel fee as per govt. of wb only 144/- per year. Pg's available though far with costing exceeding upto 5000-10000 rupees per month.
  • Food moderate taste and hygiene .... not so good. per meal min. cost 30/-
  • Classrooms are good, labs are well , library present but for ug only one book can be issued, no wifi,has the highest equipmental infrastructure as a govt. medical institute in eastern india. dinning halls average. Our college is infrastructurally developing is prime concern for wb govt. as a superspeciality tertiary referral hospital in state.


Academics & Faculty :
  • Class timings are 8:00am to 4:00pm in Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research , projects shuold be done within time and practical files are to be routinely maintained and checked. assignments not as such. exams like short items , ward endingds,semesters and 4 prof exams  compulsary to be given.
  • Good teachers ....quality of teaching is good...but one should decide only after their own experience.
  • Overall ambience is like any other hospital. we have table tennis for recreations. no other facilities for recreation as such. we have a small ground . good gardening inside.
Fees and Scholarship :
  • Course fee in Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research is 10000-12000 rupees per year decided as per govt. of west bengal. full and half fee waver stipendship....given by govt. of west bengal.
  • Swami vivekananda scholarship on basis of merit for family income less than 80000 rupees per yaer, given by govt. of west bengal....etc students can apply for any national or local society scholarships as applicable.
  • Loans for this course for a average earning family 80000-100000 rupees may not be needed.


Placements & Internships :
  • All of us pursuing MBBS course have to do compulsory 1year internship...with stipend about 18000-20000 rupees under wbuhs. if we pursue housestaffship we get 23000-25000 rupees under wbhus. as doctors we are not facing placement issues as such in Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research. We can definitely apply for various government ,non government, private hospitals , institutions ,companies, etc to be appointed as a doctor , physicians. or pursue our knowledge for higher educations...to serve as teachers in medical education services. professors probably earn about 1-1.5lakhs per month. though salary varies as per central and state government runned institutions respectively. or we can pursue along with that as researchers in medical fields.
Admissions :
  • Eligibility criteria for Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research is as per the neet examination for ug admissions in india .
  • Cutoffs are decided on the basis of the examination results.... for both centrally based counselling for all india and state quotas respectively.

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MBBS, batch of 2020
Societies & Associations :
  • Tmcp and dso two political societies and no other unofficial society. No club.
  • Sarswati puja main festival, which is not so good.
College Infrastructure :
  • There is one main hostel for boys and not so good quality, fee is Rs 12000 per month.
  • PGs are too much costly about Rs 8000 per month.
  • Meal charge is Rs 3000 per month and its of no good quality.
  • Good class room, average labs and no libraries, average dining hall, no wi fi available, no other special structure.
Fees and Scholarship :
  • Fee is Rs 11800 per year.
  • Merit cum means scholarships are available.
  • 30% students get scholarships.
Academics & Faculty :
  • Class timings are from 9 am to 4 pm, semester and final exams, topics wise part exam.
  • Smart class by projector and also chalk teaching.
  • Overall a good experience.

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