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Charu Lata
Master of Computer Application [MCA], batch of 2019
College Infrastructure 3/10

2 hostels, Not so good.No idea about the fee. No pg available outside the college. No individual canteen but shared with Ambedkar college canteen. Everything is unorganized

Academics & Faculty 3/10

9-5 classes. Many assignments plus presentations. Not so good except few teachers. They just focus on quantity, not quality. 3 exams: Minor 2, Minor 2, Majors Internal and external practical. Not so good as I expected.

Fees and Scholarship 4/10

70 Thousand in Indian Rupees. One or two scholarships No idea but maybe around 30-40 No idea.

Placements & Internships 6/10

I did an Internship last year for two months June-July 2017 which was basically for data analysis but later on, I got indulged in Digital marketing and content writing. Microsoft, TCS, Amazon etc. Not an idea about salary


I gave NIMCET which is an entrance test for MCA to get admission in NITs and on the basis of all India rank and caste category there was cutoff which was given through college.We had to just fill in the college form separately for admission, it wasn't included in NIMCET college list.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2020

JEE mains is the entrance exam which makes the eligibility criteria for girls who have passed Class 12th

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Master of Computer Application [MCA], batch of 2020
Societies & Associations 7/10

There are several societies and clubs in the college There are 2 fests tech fest and cultural fest College life in general is awesome

College Infrastructure 8/10

There are 2 hostels but I don't know about the fees of it No idea about PG's Food is fine Infrastructure is good

Academics & Faculty 10/10

Assignments are given regularly and exams are conducted thrice in a semester 2 minors and 1 major Method and quality of  teachers is really good and innovative It is awesome

Placements & Internships 9/10

I m doing an internship with a start-up whose funding is given by the college and its stipend is performance-based Companies likes Microsoft, Adobe, Accenture, etc visit the campus with a package of almost INR 10lakhs to 20 lakhs Many students get placed based upon their capability Alumni network is quite weak


The eligibility criteria were 60% in graduation. And the admission was through entrance test The university took it's own entrance test It is an engineering college so most of the admissions are taken through JEE MAIN

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2019
Fees and Scholarship 9/10

The fees are around 80k for two semesters. Yes, scholarships are available but only for the top 3 ECE students based on their performance up to 2nd year.

Placements & Internships 7/10

Placement for ECE a bit down here. Although, people do get placed in core companies other than IT companies. But you need to be really good for that. Alumni network is pretty good and they are very supportive.


So, I started preparing for JEE MAINS in 2013 and then I appeared for the exam in 2015 and luckily got an AIR 26K which was OK! Then I applied for JAC (Joint Admission Counselling) for the Technical colleges of Delhi. Based on my rank (for OD), I got ECE in IGDTUW. I lost ECE in DTU and ICE in NSIT to the people with their AIR around 25899(approx). That was a disappointment then because I didn't want to study in an all-girls college. But now that I have been in IGDTUW for the past 5 semesters, I love this college even though it has certain shortcomings. When I came here, I realised that I was one of the first ones to grab a seat in ECE. The cutoffs for ECE have gone further down for ECE in IGDTUW for the past two years. The infrastructure of this college is a bit miserable but they are working on it. Now it's much better than when I joined the college. Like every Technical college classes are meant for completing the goal of 75% attendance. But if you get lucky then you will find yourself in the presence of pretty amazing teachers. Also, they need you to give three exams per semester- Minor 1, Minor 2 & then Majors. Events and the societies in this college are really amazing and they provide plenty of opportunities to girls who otherwise shy away in a co-ed college, generally. Girls here are pretty smart and expressive. The environment overall is really healthy for self-development and growth. There is one more common problem here. There are a lot of monkeys roaming around on the college campus.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2020
Placements & Internships 7/10
  • Average salary package at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women is 6-7 lakhs. Highest package is 27 lakhs
  • The candidates applying at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women have to answer the JEE mains.
  • There are different maximum rankings for different courses.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2018
Societies & Associations 9/10
  • There are many student clubs like dance, drama, fashion, music club are available at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, [IGIT].
  • The main festivals of campus are cultural fest Taarngana, and technical fest.
  • Life in college is awesome.
College Infrastructure 7/10
  • There are two hostels are there one for UG and other for PG at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, [IGIT].
  • The area is central in the city so you get PG's at very reasonable price.
  • The quality of food is goos and does not even cost high.
  • All the labs were fine but now they are developing it more and wifi is also available but at limited places.
Academics & Faculty 7/10
  • The daily routine is follow perfectly all the classes are held on time.
  • The quality and method of teaching are good.Every teacher is efficient and fine in teachings.
  • My overall experience quite good.
Fees and Scholarship 10/10
  • The Course fee is Rs 60, 000 only at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, [IGIT].
  • Nsp ,sc st welfare,s.b.jain scholarship available.Around 100s of people get it.
  • Loans are not needed.
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • The key companies come at for final placement are Microsoft, Accenture,xperia, Expedia, and many more.
  • The average salary is 8L.
  • Alumni network is good.
  • The eligibility criteria for Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, [IGIT]  is above 60% in 12 or equivalent degree and JEE MAIN qualified. Admission was through JAC counselling conducted for DTU, NSIT, IGDTUW, IITD I took JEE MAIN exam and cleared it above.
  • The cut off with good score. Rank must be up to 50000.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2020
Academics & Faculty 7/10
  • The college begins at 9 am. Like other colleges it has a timetable for 5 days which students have to follow . Sat and sun is off . Worst thing of this college is that it  has 2 sessionals and then end sem . Students get projects and it's their wish if they really want to explore they can do this . Assignment are frequent .
  • Faculty is nt up to the mark . It's like another school 9-5 continuous classes and a break of 1-2 only . Teachers only emphasis on cramping and not on the concepts .
Fees and Scholarship 8/10
  • For all the branches the fees is 75000 and it's less in comparison to other colleges at Indira Gandhi Delhi.
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • In IGDTUW companies like maruti , mahindra , TVs , Etn and many more visit every year as I have mechanical engineering so I dnt know about much of other branches .
  • But ya for mechanical It's 100% placement . Average package is of 6-7 lakhs per annum . Highest package is of like 14 lakhs per annum . Basically the placements are quite good.
  • Eligibility criteria is to crack JEE MAINS for this college basically it depends on ur All India Rank .
  • Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical recruits within 50k for admission to almost all the branches. 

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Master of Computer Applications [M.C.A], batch of 2016
Fees and Scholarship 9/10
  • The course fee is Rs 75,000 per year at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, [IGIT].
  • Scholarships are available on the basis of financial situation.
  • I don't think a loan is needed for such fee.
Placements & Internships 10/10
  • As I am in the 1st year till now I have not done any internship but many students here do internships.
  • Companies like Amazon, Sabbre, SAP visit our campus and recruit many students.
  • Alumni network is really very helpful at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, [IGIT].
  • The average salary figure is Rs 6 lacs per annum.
  • The eligibility criteria to get admission for my course is through NIMCET (NIT Common entrance test).
  • They ask for minimum 60% aggregate in graduation.
  • As my college is in Delhi NCR so there is a quota for Delhiites.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2019
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • The placement and internship opportunities are good.
  • Great companies of core field visit our college and offer good jobs.
Academics & Faculty 8/10
  • IGDTUW is a prestigious university and one of the best courses offered here is b.tech. The teachers are well qualified and the overall atmosphere is also great.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Information Technology), batch of 2017
College Infrastructure 6/10
  • There are 2 hostels with clean rooms and washrooms. There are no PG options near the college. However, students stay in PGs located near Vishvavidhyalaya, Malviya Nagar etc. There are 2 canteens in college and food options are limited to samosa, Maggie, burger etc and is not that great. For proper food students go to Stri Shakti canteen of Ambedkar University (Same campus).
  • Food prices there are extremely low, INR 40 to 50 per plate and food is good.
  • Considering the buildings are old, classrooms are not that furnished but are neat. Labs are properly equipped and maintained, especially Computer Center. Library is there but often lacks the required books. Sadly, Wifi is not available in campus. It is in the library but the speed is extremely slow. However, the Internet facilities in labs is pretty fast.
Placements & Internships 10/10
  • Placements of IGDTU are amazing. Companies from all the sector hire from our campus. CS/IT branch enjoys 100% placements every year.
  • Big companies like Microsoft,Amazon, IBM, VISA, Expedia, Intuit, SAP, General Electronics, Ford, Mahindra, Honda, Grey Orange, Infosys etc come to campus every year for several profiles.
  • Average salary is INR 8 to 9 lakhs p.a. While the highest salary is INR 26 to 30 lakhs p.a.  Almost every student who sits, gets placed by the end of the year.
Academics & Faculty 8/10
  • Class routine is satisfactory. 75% attendance is compulsory. Projects, however are mostly student initiated. Students themselves approach professors for their projects. There are 2 mid-semester exams and one end-sem paper.
  • Quality and method of teaching is professor dependant. There are some amazing professors who go out of the way to interact and teach students.
  • Overall experience of college is good for the self-driven students who don't hesitate to approach the faculty for studies and projects.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2018
Fees and Scholarship 7/10
  • My B.Tech fees for the first year was  INR 65000/- and it is the same for all the branches. The fees keeps reducing every year for the existing students by a certain amount. 
  • The college provides B.Tech , M.Tech, P.Hd courses. The fees varies for every branch and is affordable.
  • The college offers various scholarships too.
Societies & Associations 7/10
  • There are several clubs and socities i.e, The Technical society, the Literature society, Cultural society, Dance and singing society.
  • There are several other clubs which keeps the college going other than the academics.
College Infrastructure 6/10
  • It is an ancient college building which was used by DCE for more than 6 decades and then was used by NSIT too. Hence the building is a little old.
  • The infrastructure is being improved.
  • Almost all facilities are available , keeping in mind that it is a girls college.
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • Placements and internships are very good. Especially the mechanical students have 100% placements. Several companies came last year as well and selected several students for internships.
Academics & Faculty 6/10
  • Faculty is good. Some of them are really great. 
  • There is a lack of practical application and better exposure should be given to the students.
  • College is great and it is an all girls college but it has its own fun and experience.
  • Canteen has great food. 
  • College is at the central location so it is near to CP and North campus as well.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Information Technology), batch of 2016
Societies & Associations 8/10
  • There are ACM, CSI and IEEE chapters that are active in the college. There are several clubs like the literary society, enterpreneurship club, fashion society, dance group, street play group, greensphere etc that are active in the college.
  • Each year a technical and a cultural fest is organized by the college which sees attendees from all over Delhi. This year we had Sunburn at our campus, last year it was Hardy Sandhu.
  • College life is good, its great fun. You will definitely find your niche here ;)
College Infrastructure 7/10
  • There are two hostels - one for under-graduates and the other for post-graduates.
  • The mess fees is Rs 12k per semester and hostel fees is INR 29500 per year and a welfare fund of INR 3000 per year. The mess food is good. All sorts of vegetables are served and it is not loaded with potatoes, special dinner is cooked for occasions like Holi, Diwali etc. 
  • The labs and libraries are sufficiently equipped. High speed wifi is also available.
Placements & Internships 10/10
  • I got an internship at Microsoft for INR 25000 per month and the got a PPO of INR 10L.
  • Most of the hiring is from IT based companies, however, placements for the mechanical brach is also good. There are 100% plscements in the campus. Average salary is close to INR 5 Lakhs per annum. Salaries go as high as INR 20 Lakhs per year.
Fees and Scholarship 8/10
  • Per year college fees is Rs 47000.
  • I am not sure about scholarships but I am sure there must be something.
  • Loans can be easily procured from any bank, however, Punjab and Sind Bank will be the best.
Academics & Faculty 8/10
  • Its a girls college and the benefits of that are endless. There is lower competition and a multitude of oppurtuinities. The faculty and the HOD are very helpful and extra-curriculars aside from academics are encouraged. The curriculum has recently been revamped and contains all the upcoming subjects, things that companies look for. Big data, cloud computing, virtualization are part of the curriculum as well along with all the other basic subjects like algorithma, data structures, DBMS and operating systems etc. Big companies visit the campus for placements and the packages go as high as INR 20 lakhs.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2016
Societies & Associations 8/10
  • Various societies like Technoliteracy(literary club), (eco-club)Greensphere, Spicmacay(forms of art and performance) that help in the overall development of the students, moulding their thoughts and actions so that they can adjust well to the society.
College Infrastructure 7/10
  • IGIT is very convenient to reach in terms of location as one can reach here without any transportation hassles.
  • The library here has a good stock of books, which can be further improved for students doing intense research work.
Academics & Faculty 7/10
  • The faculty at IGIT are very supportive and helpful.
  • Be it in terms of classes, clearing our doubts, projects, attendance issues etc ..they are always ready to help us out in every way possible.

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Master of Computer Applications [M.C.A], batch of 2014
Academics & Faculty 9/10
  • Project work and assignments are assigned on weekly basis at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women giving enough opportunity to learn while practising and come up with new ideas.
Societies & Associations 9/10
  • There are many clubs and student Associations because of which the students get to participate in various non-academic activities in and outside the campus.
  • Organisation of cultural and technical fests gives students immense opportunity to showcase their talent and interact with people from various other fields.
College Infrastructure 7/10
  • Although the infrastructure is about 70+ years old, the same as being made compatible with the latest technology available to every student in classrooms, library and labs at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women.

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