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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2020
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • Average salary in Dehradun Institute of Technology, [DIT] Dehradun is Rs. 6.5 lakhs.
  • Placing companies are Infosys, Ashok Leyland, Honda, Tata motors, Mahindra Tech, and much more.
  • To get admission in Dit candidate should have 60% aggregate in 10 and +2.
  • Infrastructure is gigantic and situated at a perfect place.
  • The faculty is good as they are very helping in nature.
  • But to pass in semesters you have to get 30% marks in every subject.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2016
Societies & Associations 10/10
  • There are a lot of student societies, from Computer Society of India, Literary Club, Dramatics to Electronic and IEEE club at Dehradun Institute of Technology, [DIT] Dehradun.
  • The main fests on campus are The Annual Techno-Cultural Fest and another separate fest called The Sports Fest. These fests are a mixture of learning fun, team work, and entertainment.
  • The life in college is marvelous, and I would definitely like if more and more students get the opportunity to become a part of this wonderful institution.
College Infrastructure 8/10
  • There are 2 girls hostel and 4 boys hostel present at Dehradun Institute of Technology, [DIT] Dehradun. The hostels give a very homely feeling and are well maintained. The fee is around Rs. 80k per year.
  • The PGs outside college are also good and their cost is around Rs. 4k per month.
  • The food in college both hostel and cafeteria is quite hygienic and nice. The fee for the food provided in a hostel is included in the hostel fees whereas the food in the cafeteria is also at standardized rates.
  • The facilities provided in the campus premises are all well equipped and well maintained. Classrooms, labs, and libraries have all the amenities for students' benefits and Wi-Fi along with other key infrastructure are also up to date.
Academics & Faculty 10/10
  • The daily routine at Dehradun Institute of Technology, [DIT] Dehradun is quite a power packed and not boring to be specific.
  • Class timings are from 9 am to 3 pm and projects are done over a period of 2 weeks. Tests are a surprise as well as planned.
  • The quality, as well as the method of teaching, is quite different and nice as we don't get bored in class instead the lecture is more like an interactive session.
  • The overall experience in college is very refreshing and enthusiastic as there are activities going on and it a fun filled time.
Fees and Scholarship 7/10
  • My course fee per is around Rs. 2 L.P.A at Dehradun Institute of Technology, [DIT] Dehradun.
  • There are a number of scholarship options available to students based on their merit and ranks.
  • The average number of students getting a scholarship in a batch of 2000 students is almost 100 students.
  • Loans depend on from person to person and if they are needed then they are very easily available from the OBC Bank.
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • I have pursued an internship with Bhartiya Airtel in Delhi NCR for a period of 6 weeks as a Trainee wherein I learned to build a server on my personal laptop called Nagios Server using Linux.
  • I have pursued an internship with Indigo in Delhi NCR for a period of 6 weeks as a Trainee wherein I learned Help Desk Ticketing System by working on their live servers and databases.
  • My college provides a wide variety of courses ranging from Engineering, MBA, Pharmacy to Architecture. Thus, companies that visit us for campus recruitments are also in large numbers and in variance from Infosys, L&T, Adobe (IT) to Ashok Leyland, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank (Finance), Indian Navy, DRDO, AON Hewitt (Consultancy), Ranbaxy (Pharmaceuticals), etc.
  • The average salary is around Rs. 4 L.P.A with Rs. 12 L.P.A being the highest. Also, the campus has maintained a 100% placement record.
  • Alumni Network is one aspect of the college which is extremely important and should be strong. I myself an active part of the core committee of this team and we put in a lot of hard work and efforts for our Alumni.  
  • The eligibility criteria for the course that I wanted (B.tech Computer Science) were AIEEE rank less than 60,000 and 10th and 12th a min of 60% to join Dehradun Institute of Technology, [DIT] Dehradun.
  • I took the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE).
  • The typical cut offs for my course vary between 50-60k ranks and now after 2 years since the competition is even more cut throat it has sliced down to 40-45k rank 

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2018
Fees and Scholarship 6/10
  • The course fee at Dehradun Institute of Technology, [DIT] Dehradun is Rs 86000 per sem i.e. Rs 172000 per year.
  • The 1st topper of the university will get 10% scholarship on tuition fee.
  • Scholarship options are available but on an average, only 3 students of university get the scholarships.
  • Loans can be easily availed from OBC bank which is available in the college campus.
  • We can get a loan of Rs 1 lakh easily in DIT, Dehradun.
Placements & Internships 6/10
  • No, I haven't done any training or internship till now.
  • Infosys, TCS, Amazon, Adobe are the major key companies and still many more.
  • The average salary figure is Rs 4 lakhs per annum in DIT, Dehradun.
  • The highest salary figure is Rs 13 lakhs per annum till now.
  • The alumni network is good and they are well settled.
  • The eligibility criteria are to have 70% in PCME and JEE MAIN score should be more than 80 to get into DIT, Dehradun.
  • I took JEE MAIN as the entrance examination.
  • I got 92 marks which are greater than the typical cut-off(80) and that's why I got admission and also, I got 68% in PCME.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2018
Placements & Internships 8/10

I did a marketing internship at Amex in Gurgaon

The stipend was Rs.14, 000 for duration of 2 months, from June to July 2015

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2017
Societies & Associations 6/10

There are so many societies in Dehradun Institute of Technology like for music, drama, art, literature, writing, computer science, SAE, BAJA etc.


College Infrastructure 7/10
  • There are around 4-5 hostels in Dehradun Institute of Technology campus. Hostel fees is supposed to be submitted yearly and it is over 1 LPA.
  • PGs outside college are easily available and costs around 6000-7500 including food. Food is given 3 times and snacks are also offered twice.
  • The quality of food is average compared to other hostels.
  • The infrastructure of college is excellent.
  • All computer labs in building have centralized AC. WIFI is also available.
Academics & Faculty 9/10
  • Classes in Dehradun Institute of Technology are from 9-4 pm and lunch is for 1 hour only.
  • The teachers here are pretty hard working and they are always available.
  • There are 2 internal exams(Sessionals) and a final semester.
Fees and Scholarship 8/10
  • Course fee of Dehradun Institute of Technology is around 1.2-1.6 LPA for state quota students.
  • Yes, there are scholarship options available for first year students based on their marks in Boards.
  • If needed, students can easily avail education loans.
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • I did my internship from BSNL HALDWANI. As it is a govt. institute there was no stipend offered.
  • Key companies that visit Dehradun Institute of Technology for placements include Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Yamaha, Adobe, Amazon, Ashoka Leyland, LinkedIn etc. Average package is around 3-3.5 Lpa. Highest package offered till now is 15.5 lpa by AMAZON.
  • Almost 90-95%students from CS,IT,MECHANICAL and ECE branch got placed this year.
  • The alumni network is great and is very helpful.
  • There was no such hardcore cut-off for admission.
  • It is based on the number of availability of seats that the students are given preferences.
  • It is difficult to get a CS or MECHANICAL branch as for this you will need to have good marks in either board(above 75%) or the JEE MAIN entrance examination.
  • There are 2 counselling for admission in college one of which is based on the marks in boards and the other one on JEE MAIN marks.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2018
Societies & Associations 7/10
  • There are lots os student society and clubs like CSI, CodeGenx, PDC, IEEE, SAE and lots more.

  • Tech Fest, Sports Fest, vishwakarma puja, Diwali, Holi and cultural fest are always organised at regular intervals in Dehradun Institute of Technology.

  • College life is very nice and good environment for enjoying and studying.

College Infrastructure 7/10
  • 4 BOYS Hostel and 1 Girls Hostel - InCampus 1-Off campus hostel for both boys and girls separate.

  • Food at hostel mess is Average. Especially Dinner is Bad. It costs approx Rs 35 per meal in Dehradun Institute of Technology.

  • Classroom is very good.Large Space and nice Arrangements. Lab quality is good but old version pcs are used and many of them. Doesn't work. Wifi is provided with unlimited access during 6:00Pm To 9:00 Am, Speed is good.

Academics & Faculty 6/10
  • Class hour from 9:00 am to 4:00pm in Dehradun Institute of Technology. Assignments are always given at regular intervals i. e. 5 Assignments in each subject. Projects in Final year.

  • Teaching skill is good but not so excellent.

  • Overall experience is satisfied.

Fees and Scholarship 5/10
  • Approx Course fee is Rs. 200000 in Dehradun Institute of Technology.

  • Only for 3 top rankers college provides Scholarship on its 1 year Semester basis. For New Admissions they provide 100% Scholarship to Board Toppers, State Topper and JEE MAINs rank under 50,000. And after this criteria they decreases scholarship upto 30% until a certain mark but only in case of JEE MAINS rank.

Placements & Internships 7/10
  • Adobe, Hike Messenger, Amazon, Infosys, HCL, IVY Comptech,Wipro,TCS are key cpompanies.

  • Average Salary Package is Rs. 450000 approx. Highest Salary Package is approx 10 Lakh

  • 80% of CS, IT Students gets placed in Dehradun Institute of Technology.

  • Alumni network is not so strong and not given so much priority.

  • In 12th or board 60% in Physics, Chemistry, Maths & English was Compulsory. I Choose taking admission on 12th marks basis in Dehradun Institute of Technology. 

  • Through JEE MAINS - 60 Marks was cutoff. Students were given flexibility for taking admission from one of two or both.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2018
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • Key companies that hire from the college are -Wipro TCS -Infosys -HCl -Adobe -Amazon( came on 2015 ) -Ashok Leyland -various reputed companies come to campus Average placement is 4-5 lakh per annum Ashok Leyland at core level offered outstanding salaries exceeding 10 lakh per annum A very strong alumni network over the globe For more information visit college's web page dedicated to alumni network http://www.dituniversity.edu.in/alumni/
  • Getting a percentage above 65% / 80+ marks in jee mains or jee advance clearance. I gave my class 12th boards and JEE Main examination. For my course I.e computer science, it was based on first come first serve basis

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2017
College Infrastructure 9/10
  • hostels-4,fees-9000 pe month.
  • there is the main option of pg outside available in 5000 per month.
  • food in college is the excellent cost is included in hostel fee .
  • Quality of Classrooms, Labs, Libraries, dining halls, Wi-Fi and other key infrastructure are very good
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • Internship and stipend totally depend on upon you ,college does not provide internship opportunities
  • Key companies and roles-IT
  • Average salary figures per year-3.3 lakh
  • highest salary figures -14 lakh
  • percentage of the batch -90%
  • Eligibility criteria :-Minimum 60% marks in X Std & aggregate 65% marks in XII Std and minimum 60% in PCME /PMBE/ PMEComp.
  • Entrance Exam-Jee Mains
  • Cut OFF-80

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2017
Societies & Associations 7/10
  • There are societies like SAE,BAJA,IEEE,CSI. There different clubs too like Personality development club,literary club and a few more. I still feel there is need of many more clubs. There is tech fest every year which is good but don't expect it to be like it or nit fests. There is sports fest SPHURTI too but as I said before due to the location it is not done on a very big scale. Life is awesome here because of the location.The college is surrounded by hills and on top of it, all Mussoorie is just 20 km away. It's not as hectic as some people would say at least not until 3rd year.
College Infrastructure 7/10
  • There are 3 hostels for boys and 1 for girls. hostel fee was around INR 80000/year. There may be a hike for the new admissions. The quality of the food is very good in the college mess and it's included in the hostel fees and even the laundry is included in it. Classrooms,labs are good in condition. Wifi works just fine. Library is not up to the mark. it is the only thing that disappoints me. Books for each semester is provided by the college that you will have to return at the end. The sports ground is too small due to the location of the college.
Academics & Faculty 8/10
  • The college timings are 9am-4pm. Emphasis on Projects. assignments are provided on a regular basis,there are class tests and internal marks carry a lot of weight. Teachers here are well qualified( i can say it about my branch ie. mechanical). Always helping and motivating. My experience in college till now is very good. I would not complain about anything except the management part. Students are quite good here. Teachers are well qualified. The location is awesome. And lastly, i would like to say that college plays its part, its you who will have to make the most of the opputunities that you get.
Fees and Scholarship 6/10
  • For all India quota, it is expensive.When I took the admission it was about INR Rs.140000 for 1st year and then it increases every year and in final year it is near to 190000. Now there has been a hike in the fees and for that visit the college site Dituniversity.edu.in . yes, students who are top 3 scorers in their respective branch for a year get awarded scholarships. Loan depends on different people.I don't study on loan but some of my friends do. It's not difficult getting loans.
Placements & Internships 7/10
  • I have done an internship in a small scale industry.The placements are very good for CSE,IT branch, and even ECE. Core companies visiting campus are few in numbers. Civil branch placement is not good.
  • Students can apply through JEE counseling and through 12th boards marks.After applying ,on the day of counseling a merit list is prepared and according to it, students are called in to select the branches.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2021
Academics & Faculty 9/10

Dehradun Institute of Technology, [DIT] Dehradun is one of the good colleges in Dehradun and fees is very minimal.

Quality and method of teaching is good.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Metallurgical Engineering), batch of 2020
  • The course I recommend is B.Tech (METALLURGICAL) Eligibility criteria is measured by the IEEE marks and the students eligible can directly come to college, and fill the admission forms.
  • There is cutoff marks which if you scored you get placed in the college. It is not much just 60% so chillax.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2016
Societies & Associations 8/10
  • DIT Motoracing, Amperazana, IEEE, Clickrarti, etc
  • Youthopia
  • Life in this college is awesome. You will love the college, the scenic beauty, the climate.
College Infrastructure 8/10
  • There are two in campus hostel. One for guys and another one for girls. At that hostel fee was Rs 75000 per month. But now you need to check at college website.
  • Outside the college there is a lot of PGs. You can also find near Jakhan most of the student of the lives there. It would cost Rs 6000 per month on an average.
  • Food quality is average. It costs Rs40/meal.
  • Quality of Classrooms, Labs, Libraries, dining halls, Wi-Fi and other key infrastructure is very good.
Academics & Faculty 9/10
  • I have done internship from Wipro Tech and Stipend was Rs 18000 per month.
  • Most of the companies that hires from my campus are IT(Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Hike, Adobe, HP). Some other companies for other branches which comes for campus are Ashok Leyland, Dabur, Havells, etc.
  • Average salary is Rs 3.5 LPA and Highest Salary approx is Rs 8 LPA.
  • Alumni meet helds every year. This year the students who are working in foreign, alumni meet held there.
Fees and Scholarship 8/10
  • Mine course fee at Dehradun Institute of Technology, [DIT] Dehradun per year was Rs 1,06,000/-per year but now it has been revised please check on www.dituniversity.edu.in
  • For Students of Uttarakhand who has good marks and also who has there parents in govt job can avail scholarship.
  • Most of the students of uttarakhand avails scholarship. I dont know the exact figure.
  • It all depends on your financial status. If you need loans, it can be easily availed from Oriental Bank of Commerce which is the nearest to the college.
Placements & Internships 8/10
  • The academics of this college is very good. You can bunk classes but not often. Class timings is 9am to 4pm where lunch is between 12pm to 1pm or 1pm to 2pm as per your routine scheduled. You will have two internals and then semester exam per semester. You need to submit the assignment given on time else it will reflect in your internal marks. You won't get good internal marks.
  • Quality and method of teaching is very good comparing to other colleges in the state.
  • My experience at this college has been great so far.
  • Eligiblity criteria for admission was AIEEE score and 10+2 aggregate.
  • I got admitted with AIEEE rank.
  • Minimum 60% marks should be there to be admitted in my course.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2017
College Infrastructure 6/10
  • There are 4 hostels. Hostals fee is approx Rs 90 thousand per annum which includes bus fee and food also included.
  • The food they provide is healthy.
  • There are different buildings for different core. Our college is wifi free campus and Infrastructure is good.
Placements & Internships 7/10
  • Many companies comes for placement. Average is approx Rs 3.5 Lakhs per annum and highest package is Rs 11 lakhs per annum.
Fees and Scholarship 6/10
  • Fee is Rs 1.5 lakh per year.
  • The students who got highest marks above 70% scholarship are provided.
  • Loan from every bank is available.
Academics & Faculty 8/10
  • This is the best college I seen. Teacher pay attention to every student personally. The way the teacher is fantastic.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2019
College Infrastructure 8/10
  • There are 4 boys hostel and 2 girls hostel. Hostel fee is Rs 90 thousand per annum.
  • PGs and food courts are available near the campus.
Placements & Internships 7/10
  • I have not done any internship yet. but my seniors have done paid internships referred by college.
  • Average pakage goes ariund Rs 4 lakhs per annum with highest package of Rs 11 lakhs per annum.
Fees and Scholarship 9/10
  • Course fees at Dehradun Institute of Technology, [DIT] Dehradun is Rs 1.5 lakhs per annum.
  • Scholarship is available for students who. score above 9 cgpa in semester.
  • Very few students get scholarship because of their rules.
  • No loans needed.

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