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BA English Literature, Communication & Journalism (Self Financing, batch of 2019

Art club, Green club, Alumni association arts day, and Caligo management fest are the main events of the campus.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Marian agrees with this saying, and thus, along with regular studies, the college has a plethora of co-curricular activities, organized and run by students. It includes festivals and competitions organized by various departments in public speaking, debating, quiz, creative writing, painting, dramatics & theatre, etc., which contribute to the wholesome development of the students.

Master of Social Work [MSW], batch of 2021

8.30 to 3.30 and night 6 to 8. Good quality teaching using ppt. Very nice experience, climate, and environment are very fresh.


Samaritans, art club, green club and alumni association Arts day, caligo management fest, spectra fest, college fest (Mari fest) Life is good.

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com], batch of 2016

Clubs and other activities are not so good as compared to other colleges.

About Marian College, [MC] Idukki

Marian College, Idukki, has been inspired by the thoughts of Lord Jesus Christ, the Catholic church juridiction of Kanjirapally, ever since her height to the status of a diocese on the 12th of May 1977, has been sworn towards positive social mediation for the betterment of the society at large; forever accustom to a vision of ‘life in abundance’. Implanting quality education to the youngsters of the society has always been a primary concern of the Christian Missionary effort, and Marian college Kuttikkanam is an aim towards the pacification of such concern. A number of scholarships have been introduced in the college to help the needy candidates. The church jurisdiction confronts as a missionary activity of the church, for the cerebral, sentimental, divine and physical establishment of the pupil.


Marian aspires to be a transformational leader in education, facilitating and celebrating the full flowering of ‘life in abundance’.

Marian is envisioned as a centre of excellence in learning. Here knowledge is intended to become 'knowledge-plus' through introspection and fine-tuning (Saadhana) of oneself. Marian is a place where 'tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection'. Our effort should always be to excel ourselves. Our today has to be better than our yesterday. Our tomorrow has to be better than our today. At Marian quality is not an act; it is a habit.

“We believe that Jesus came so that we “may have life and have it in abundance” John10:10.

Marian College perceives education as a very important vehicle for the realisation of this abundance. This encompasses material well-being, intellectual maturity, moral uprightness,emotional stability and spiritual inspiration.

 Along with students, our teachers, parents and management, society at large are also our 'constituents'. We want all of them to experience holistic abundance, and through them the entire mankind should come to experience it.

What this vision statement means to us:

Marian does not want to be a mere dispenser of information (knowledge), or a mere agent of formation (skill development). Our vision uses information and formation as stepping stones to the transformational process.

We believe that we are called to play a leading role in education, setting standards with goal,clarity and determination.

We see this leading role as one of facilitation: we create the learning environment, learning and change happen from within the individuals.

God has created each one of us with the potential for life in abundance. We see the process of ‘discovering’ this potential as a celebration. Jesus came so that “we may have life and have it in abundance.”

We are aware that transformation is a rippling process: it starts within us, the stakeholders,and then ripples out in to society at large. “We must become the change we seek in the world” (Gandhiji).


We, at Marian, commit ourselves to achieve our vision through:

  1. Relentless pursuit of knowledge, realizing that the horizons of knowledge are ever expanding.

  2. Fostering spiritual and humane values, being proud of our Indian ethos and the Christian message.

  3. Networking and collaborating for synergy, knowing fully well that in today’s world none of us can be as smart as all of us together.

  4. Establishing campus-community network, because we are aware of our obligation to reach out to our less privileged brothers and sisters.

  5. Promoting sustainable living, being sensitive to the fact that our planet Earth is the only earth that we and our future generations have.

  6. Ensuring a learning environment of creativity, adventure of ideas, constant innovation, enabling academic ambience and state of the art Information- Communication-Technology.

This is precisely the Marian mission; the growth of her sons and daughters in wisdom and stature, before God and people. We believe in education with character and values. We want to uphold values which are Sanathana, i.e., eternal and universal. We are proud of our Indian heritage and want to be spiritually anchored in Indian Ethos. Therefore she espouses a unique paradigm of education rooted in the composite multi religious, culturally pluralistic and heritageproud Indian ethos.

Why to join Marian College?

1. Excellent facilities:

Marian College has excellent facilities in its campus. The audiovisual hall regularly used by several departments for conducting presentations and entertainment activities like screening films, documentaries on important topics, etc. Auditorium, conference halls are well furnished too.

2. Wide collection of books in the library:

There are more than 12000 books in the library. The library of the college has been spread over in 12,500 square feet area and has a wide collection of books and journals, including international journals. The college also subscribes to 190 national as well as international periodicals. Moreover, the college also has digital library facility and also has terminals for online reference of journals.

For more details about admission please contact :-

Ph: 04869 -232203, 232654

Facilities :-


In the wake of rapid technological advancement, the role of library has to be redefined and remoulded. A library has to function in accordance with the changing needs and demands. The Marian Library has undergone tremendous changes in its functioning by adopting latest technologies so as to give the users quick access to print and electronic information resources.


Marian College has been providing hostel facilities for its students from the very beginning itself. In 1995, the Charles Villa at Pee

Career & Placement Cell :-

Life long learning is a key feature of today's world and the Career Cell at Marian helps the students to plan the many stages of their career, updating their professional skills. It works along with the Placement Officers. Arranging classes and training sessions in soft-skill development, conducting aptitude, dexterity and such other tests, organising coaching classes for various competitive examinations, etc are some of the activities undertaken by the Career Cell. Educational decisions are often

Scholarships Available (General)

  1. Scholarships for Economically Backward students.

Scholarship for students from specified categories

  1. Mar Mathew Vattakuzhy Endowment Scholarship. (Available only to students who belong to Kanjirappally Diocese).
  2. Scholarships for Dalit Christian Students. 

Merit cum means scholarships  (Please attach a self appraisal Performa to apply for these scholarships. )

  1. Mar Mathew Arackal Endowment Scholarship. (One student from each class is entitled to get this scholarship).  
  2. Fr George Ampazhathu


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Best MBA colleges in India

Asked By: Anonymous 23 May 2016


Hi Riya,

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Answer By: Getmyuni

27 May 2016


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