Ganesh Reddy

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] | Batch of 2017

GITAM University, Vishakhapatnam Review by Ganesh

Overall Rating : 7 / 10

Written on 30 Mar 2018

Academics & Faculty
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7 /10

Daily college starts at 9 and each class is of 1 hr. Each lab is assigned once a week. Projects will be done last year and one after 3rd year (internship).there are 3 mid exams and internal marks for 40 in which best of two will be taken. If you get like 1st mid 20, second one 25 and third 28. The second and third will be taken and average 25+28/2= 26.5 or 27 will be allocated and remaining 10 marks for many things such as assignments, attendance and all. Teaching quality of some professors are good but some really are bad. Method of teaching goes in accordance with the schedule everyone follows. Mostly on board with marker. Overall it's not bad...I would say it goes well for a student who finishes his exams on the course but the problem is administration or way they take actions is kind of stupid.

Fees & Scholarship
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4 /10

When my cousin started it's 80000 per year .that's in years 2009-2011 but when I got admitted in 2013 it rose to INR 179000 and now in the year 2018 it rose to INR 275000 per annum.(which I think is a bit of expensive considering this college) The scholarship is available for only science, pharmacy students..not for engineering and not for management or for MBBS. Maximum 200 is bit high Mark here. That is the number of persons who get a scholarship. Loans can be taken from any bank.if needed. It's not so simple that you go and take a loan. you need to follow the procedure which is a bit headache. All banks give loans...such as SBI, Indian bank, Union Bank etc

Placements & Alumni Network
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8 /10

I have done my internship on web development which can be a plus during campus interviews Companies such as Microsoft, TCS, Delloite(there are few more good companies)hire you for the programmer, Software engineer, developer, and consultant. The average salary is around INR 3.6 lakh rupees per annum.Highest is around INR 9.6 lakh per annum that Microsoft paid for. A total of 65% got placed excluding the ones who wanted to go for higher education and persons who still have not cleared some exams. Alumni is updated Every time unless you are too bored to update yourself on Google sheet which was shared by the alumni head.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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6 /10

There are around 8 hostels in the campus. The food at the hostel is bad and I suggest you take room outside if you come from North India .fee varies from room to room. Yes available at INR10000 per month with food. They are better than college hostels. A midday meal (lunch 12:00 pm) will cost you around 70rs. A plate of chapati is around 30. Food is good here in college with 4 canteens. Wifi doesn't work much's like the big joke.labs are good for normal work, not updated equipment.In Libraries, some books are not even available in normal times.Dining Halls are good. Above all parking place suck really low at the campus.Apart from that everything is good. Nice fresh air and gardens to sit and study.

Clubs & Associations
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5 /10

Apart from all living friendly and closely. The local students organize meetings based on the caste..which I don't like at all..there were lions clubs and many societies. Unless you join you don't really know what why spoil the fun(if you think they are fun it's no). Many events such as music or gem fest are quite popular here ..there were also cultural nights and sports. Despite all odds I liked it...if you don't have a challenging atmosphere it won't be called a college but if you impose rules of school to college how does it look? ..well the same thing happen with my college too.

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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In order to be eligible, you need to clear your 10th and 12th class without any pending backlogs.Make sure that no backlogs should be there when you are applying to the college. Clear the entrance exam.For Information please type GITAM ITAM entrance exam on Google.Make sure you go to official GITAM website only. Get a good rank..which is around 1000-10000 and secure the spot for admissions. This exam is also called gat entrance exam.Everyone needs to write it unless you wanted to be admitted through management quota.(typically buying by paying more ..) Generally cut off is around 65% excluding languages for btech.


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