Tarun Rosario

Bachelor of Arts [BA] | Batch of 2015

Christ University, Bangalore Review by Tarun

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 03 Apr 2018

Academics & Faculty
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8 /10

I did a triple major from Christ, back when it still had a university status, my subjects included Psychology, Sociology, and English Literature. The course material is decided by Christ itself, and it changes up every few years. The staff in their approach and competence vary as per the department, but as a whole are approachable and adept.

The experience at Christ is unbeatable, mostly because of your fellow students and the wide array of extracurriculars you'd get involved with the university's internal assessments are varied and engaging as well. For the most part, you will get a good amount of time to pursue your course and work on a wide array of side projects as well.

So apart from the strict policies and at times unfair handling of student issues, I would recommend the Christ experience.

Fees & Scholarship
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7 /10

The course fees are about INR 20,000 per semester, so it averages out to a little over a lac for most of the BA courses. There are courses such Economics Political Science and Sociology that a subsidized by the government, so this is just a ballpark figure.

There are scholarships available in your final year, for studies abroad but the seats are highly limited and require a wide array of extracurriculars as well. The college however does pay for the scholarships for the most part, it varies as per the college and country.

Placements & Alumni Network
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8 /10

The placements in Christ are of high quality and are definitely worth your time. Several prestigious companies such as KPMG, Deloitte, L&T, EY, have tie-ups with Christ. Though as an art student these companies may not be directly involved with what you have worked on in your course. However, there are companies like National Instruments and Reuters that will be closely related to the work of literature and journalism students.

 The salary average salary packages vary from about 2 lacs to about 4, so it's not a bad start at all. Apart from this, the alumni network does provide support in the form of jobs posted by other alumni, so even once you graduate you do get good opportunities through what is essentially the college placement network.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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8 /10

The infrastructure of the college is great, the classrooms and building and campus as a whole are well maintained. There is a good amount of greenery and the canteens are of high quality. The food on campus is inexpensive and of high quality, particularly in the gourmet hall. There is a girls hostel on campus and one for boys located a kilometer away, they are alright apart from the extremely stringent policies and curfews. I would recommend staying away from them though, I'm yet to meet someone from the hostel who wholeheartedly recommends it.

Apart from this the college buildings are well equipped in terms of projectors and other essential amenities, particularly so in the central block.

Clubs & Associations
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8 /10

Any extracurricular activity you can think of, Christ probably already has an association for it, so you'll never be starved in terms of creative outlets. There are clubs for theatre, poetry, filmmaking, book reading, etc. and if you're more inclined towards sports, Christ has teams for practically every form.

So yes, I would say Christ is definitely the place to be for great extracurriculars.

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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You need to be a 12th standard pass to be eligible for this course, and your grades need to be above a minimum of 60% (at least that was the cut off in 2012). There is no test involved, but there is an interview conducted by the faculty of your potential course. The interview is fairly typical and centers around gauging your personality, though there are a couple, of course, related questions.

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