Indu Mathi (Electronic Media) | Batch of 2017

Anna University, Chennai Review by indu

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 17 Apr 2015

Academics & Faculty
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10 /10

The class time starts from 8.30 and gets over around by 4.30. We always have 3 assessments before the end semester that also includes assignments. There is no other media course in my campus. The quality of teaching is good anyhow, whatever you learn outside the campus gives you more knowledge and confidence. 

Foreign Exhange & International Exposure
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5 /10

Only top 3 students of the departments will be given an opportunity to study in foreign university with scholarship. Language of teaching and language spoken will be bilingual (both english and tamil).

Fees & Scholarship
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6 /10

College fee costs around RS.20,000 per semester. Since it is a course only few scholarships will be available and the availability of bank loan is high but with interest.

Placements & Alumni Network
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7 /10

I had done internship at Hello FM and Puthu yugam. TCS, HCL, Infosys, Amazon and many. The salary depends on the department in which the job is offered nearly or more than Rs.20,000per month. Alumni network depends on your capability of keeping in contact with alumnis.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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9 /10

The quality of classroms, labs and libraries which we use is of very good quality. There is no restriction of wifi usage and libraries which helps students. We also have Anna Centenary library which is one of the largest library. College buses will be available for industrial visits even in nights.

Hostels & Food
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8 /10

Campus hostel accomodation is neat and good. There is no compulsion for students to join the college hostels. The quality of food is 7/10.  

Clubs & Associations
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10 /10

Cultural clubs are a big platform for students, the students will be given full freedom to initiate their ideas in clubs. Sports is also another best part of my college. The cultural  and sports events which occur every year is a good platform for students to expose their talents other than studies.

Social Atmosphere
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10 /10

There is no such political, economic and religion problems in campus. The ragging is strictly prohibited, even a vechile named Anti-ragging vechile will surround the college all the time for the safety of students. Boys and girls are free to talk to each other, there is no such restriction. Alcohol use is strictly prohibited in and around campus, there is no bars/pubs around college campus.


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