Course Total Fees
Certificate Course Rs. 12,100
Master of Technology [M.Tech] Rs. 39,550
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 23,750
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] Rs. 28,350
Bachelor of Tourism Studies [BTS] Rs. 16,900
Diploma in Business Management Rs. 15,625
Distance MBA Rs. 32,000
Master of Business Administration [MBA] Rs. 10,100
Master of Tourism Management [MTM] Rs. 13,550
Distance B.Com Rs. 9,150
Master of Commerce [M.Com] Rs. 7,500
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Rs. 28,725
Distance M.Sc Rs. 40,575
Certificate Course Rs. 2,360
Diploma Rs. 3,750
Diploma in Humanity Arts Rs. 11,750
Distance BA Rs. 15,075
Distance BA Rs. 3,450
Master of Arts [MA] Rs. 8,536
Master of Social Work [MSW] Rs. 23,250
Others Rs. 26,200
Certificate Course Rs. 3,750
Master of Journalism and Mass Communication [MJMC] Rs. 19,750
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 11,533
Certificate Course Rs. 3,100
Diploma in Medical Rs. 7,200
Bachelor of Hotel Management [BHM] Rs. 55,800
Certificate Course Rs. 5,495
Diploma in Hospitality Rs. 13,250
Master of Hotel Management [MHM] Rs. 27,400
Certificate Course Rs. 6,100
Master of Laws [LLM] Rs. 32,650
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 6,250
Certificate Course Rs. 4,600
Distance BCA Rs. 45,000
Distance MCA Rs. 64,300
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 12,500
Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] Get Fees
Certificate Course Rs. 4,013
Diploma Rs. 9,900
Certificate Course Rs. 4,938
Dehradun, India
Based on N/A student's data
Based on student's data

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