Course Total Fees
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Rs. 10,41,667
Master of Technology [M.Tech] Rs. 3,07,500
Master in Hospital Administration [MHA] Rs. 1,20,000
Master in Management Studies [MMS] Rs. 6,45,000
Master of Business Administration [MBA] Rs. 7,00,000
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] Rs. 2,55,000
Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Laws [B.Com LLB] {Hons.} Rs. 7,50,000
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] Rs. 2,02,500
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.} Rs. 3,75,000
Master of Commerce [M.Com] Rs. 60,000
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Rs. 2,86,667
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Rs. 1,83,214
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] Rs. 1,20,00,000
Master of Science [M.Sc] Rs. 3,00,000
Master of Science [M.Sc] Rs. 1,56,429
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 60,000
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [BA LLB] {Hons.} Rs. 7,50,000
Bachelor of Arts [BA] Rs. 1,40,000
Diploma Rs. 15,000
Master of Arts [MA] Rs. 60,000
Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] Rs. 60,000
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 10,000
Bachelor of Design [B.Des] Rs. 6,00,000
Bachelor of Arts [BA] Rs. 2,40,000
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Rs. 3,00,000
Master of Arts [MA] Rs. 1,00,000
Master of Science [M.Sc] Rs. 2,00,000
Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology [BASLP] Rs. 7,00,000
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Rs. 1,50,000
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Rs. 10,00,000
Certificate Course Rs. 15,000
Certificate Course Rs. 8,00,000
Certificate Course Rs. 91,250
Diploma Rs. 1,05,000
Diploma Rs. 53,333
Diploma Rs. 20,000
Doctor of Medicine [DM] Rs. 60,00,000
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] Rs. 60,92,308
Master of Audiology and Speech Language and Pathology Rs. 3,00,000
Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch] Rs. 51,00,000
Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] Rs. 3,00,000
Master of Surgery [MS] Rs. 1,17,00,000
MBBS Rs. 1,12,50,000
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 40,000
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 76,000
Bachelor in Public Health [BPH] Rs. 1,80,000
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy [BOT] Rs. 3,00,000
Bachelor of Optometry [B.Optom] Rs. 3,60,000
Bachelor of Physiotherapy [BPT] Rs. 8,00,000
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Rs. 3,00,000
Master in Occupational Therapy [MOT] Rs. 1,50,000
Master of Physiotherapy [MPT] Rs. 2,00,000
Master of Public Health [MPH] Rs. 2,50,000
Master of Science [M.Sc] Rs. 3,00,000
Bachelor of Dental Surgery [BDS] Rs. 15,00,000
Master of Dental Sciences [MDS] Rs. 33,60,000
Certificate Course Rs. 35,000
Diploma in Hospitality Rs. 1,65,000
Bachelor of Architecture [B.Arch] Rs. 13,75,000
Master of Architecture [M.Arch] Rs. 2,00,000
Bachelor of Laws [LLB] {Hons.} Rs. 4,50,000
Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] Rs. 2,40,000
Master of Computer Application [MCA] Get Fees
Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] Rs. 1,00,000
Master of Education [M.Ed] Rs. 1,20,000
Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] Rs. 80,000
Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm] Rs. 7,00,000
Doctor of Pharmacy [Pharm.D] Rs. 25,00,000
Doctor of Pharmacy [Pharm.D] Rs. 15,00,000
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] Rs. 9,00,000
Doctorate of Pharmacy [Pharm.D] Rs. 25,00,000
Doctorate of Pharmacy [Pharm.D] Rs. 6,00,000
Master of Pharmacy [M.Pharm] Rs. 3,00,000
Kanchipuram, India
Based on 371 student's data
Based on student's data
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The course fee for the B.Tech degree in SRM University varies minimally from one branch to another depending on the lab equipment and excursion charges for the same. While the college does promote "no...
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