Course Total Fees
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Rs. 3,87,000
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] + Master of Business Administration [MBA] Get Fees
Diploma in Engineering Rs. 1,39,998
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] Rs. 1,81,998
Master of Business Administration [MBA] Rs. 2,12,000
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] Rs. 1,22,001
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.} Rs. 1,52,001
Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc] Get Fees
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Rs. 1,51,998
Diploma in Science Get Fees
Master of Science [M.Sc] Rs. 81,500
Bachelor of Arts [BA] Rs. 1,39,998
Diploma in Mass Media And Communications Get Fees
Master of Arts [MA] Rs. 1,04,000
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 1,22,000
Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] Rs. 1,52,001
Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] + Master of Computer Appilication [MCA] Get Fees
Master of Computer Application [MCA] Rs. 2,08,998
Master of Computer Application [MCA] Rs. 1,40,000
Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm] Get Fees
Diploma in Pharmacy Get Fees
Jaipur, India
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Based on student's data

Computer Science...
My college get started at sharp 9 o'clock in the morning and ends up at 5 o'clock with 1 hour of lucnch break in between. I have to submit three assignments for each subject with a test series follow...
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