Course Total Fees
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Rs. 3,82,000
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Rs. 2,96,460
Master of Engineering [ME] Rs. 1,42,116
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] Rs. 1,50,000
Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] Rs. 1,50,000
Master of Business Administration [MBA] Rs. 4,80,971
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] Rs. 1,31,400
Master of Commerce [M.Com] Rs. 68,000
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Rs. 1,68,000
Master of Science [M.Sc] Rs. 74,000
Diploma in Humanity Arts Rs. 90,000
Bachelor of Arts [BA] Rs. 2,37,000
Ph.D Rs. 5,58,000
Bachelor of Architecture [B.Arch] Rs. 5,00,000
Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm] Rs. 3,72,000
Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm] Rs. 2,79,000
Master of Pharmacy [M.Pharm] Rs. 2,41,500
Pune, India
Based on N/A student's data
Based on student's data

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