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Varanasi, India ,
Based on 26 student's data
Based on student's data
Computer labs
Gaurav Gaurav   Rating:  5.6/10

Plant Biotechnology ...

  • The daily routine of my class is planned very well. Our class starts from 10 am in the morning and continues till 1pm. After this we have lunch till 2pm and then we start our prac... Read more >
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Course Total Fees
Bachelor of Arts [BA] Rs. 8,866
Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} Rs. 8,960
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences [BAMS] Rs. 59,850
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.} Rs. 8,960
Bachelor of Dental Science [BDS] Rs. 48,240
Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] Rs. 5,670
Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA] Rs. 8,960
Bachelor of Laws [LLB] Rs. 10,050
Bachelor of Performing Arts [BPA] Rs. 8,960
Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm] Rs. 48,240
Bachelor of Physical Education [B.P.Ed] Rs. 8,960
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Rs. 9,501
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Rs. 12,285
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.} Rs. 11,300
Certificate Course Rs. 15,000
Diploma Rs. 7,900
Diploma Rs. 10,000
Doctor of Laws [LLD] Rs. 5,100
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] Rs. 42,320
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] Rs. 61,780
Master of Arts [MA] Rs. 7,310
Master of Business Administration [MBA] Rs. 90,670
Master of Business Administration [MBA] Rs. 90,670
Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch] Rs. 42,320
Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch] Rs. 61,780
Master of Commerce [M.Com] Rs. 7,990
Master of Computer Application [MCA] Rs. 69,060
Master of Dental Sciences [MDS] Rs. 61,780
Master of Education [M.Ed] Rs. 13,100
Master of Education [M.Ed] Rs. 13,100
Master of Financial Management [MFM] Rs. 90,670
Master of Fine Arts [MFA] Rs. 7,290
Master of Laws [LLM] Rs. 8,790
Master of Library and Information Science [M.Lib.I.Sc] Rs. 8,990
Master of Pharmacy [M.Pharm] Rs. 42,320
Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] Rs. 1,700
Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] Rs. 4,870
Master of Physical Education [M.P.Ed] Rs. 8,250
Master of Science [M.Sc] Rs. 12,607
Master of Surgery [MS] Rs. 42,320
MBBS Rs. 59,850
Others Rs. 49,020
Others Rs. 20,183
Ph.D Get Fees
Ph.D Get Fees
Ph.D Rs. 19,880
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 12,043
Post Graduate Diploma Rs. 24,043
Course Total Fees