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CMAT Score vs Percentile

Updated on - May 25th, 2020 | 05:11 PM by Smit Raj Ekka

CMAT candidates often get confused between CMAT score and CMAT percentile. There is a huge difference between the CMAT scores and CMAT percentile. So to make it easier the CMAT percentile calculation formula is explained below. The CMAT 2020 results will be announced in February 2020, after the CMAT 2020 Exam is conducted.

How to Calculate CMAT Percentile?

How to Calculate CMAT Percentile?

To calculate the CMAT percentile, the rank is required. The CMAT score determines the CMAT rank for each of the candidates. The CMAT paper is a total of 400 marks, based on the performance of the candidate, the scores, the rank, and the corresponding percentile is determined. After the rank is declared, the CMAT percentile calculation formula can be used to determine the aggregate percentile of the candidate.

What is CMAT Score?

CMAT score is the total marks obtained by the candidate in each section of the question paper. Candidates are given marks in each section separately which is then summed up to arrive at CMAT Total Score (out of 400). CMAT scorecard contains each candidate’s section-wise score, section wise percentile, overall score, overall percentile, and the CMAT All India Rank (AIR).

How is CMAT Score Calculated?

According to the CMAT marks distribution pattern, the CMAT overall marking is the same for every section and the marks allotment is as follows:

  • 4 marks will be allotted for each correct answer.
  • -1 mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer.
  • No negative marking for unattempted questions.
  • The overall score will be calculated by calculating the total marks gained or lost in each question.

CMAT Marking Scheme

The CMAT question paper carries 100 questions, divided equally into four core sections. Total marks allotted in the CMAT paper is 400. The table below describes the marking scheme of the CMAT 2020 exam.

Marking Scheme for CMAT 2020 Exam
CMAT Exam Sections Number of Questions Marks allotted
Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation 25 100
Logical Reasoning 25 100
Language Comprehension 25 100
General Awareness 25 100

CMAT Percentile Calculation Formula

CMAT percentile is calculated on the basis of rank of the student vs the total number of students who appeared in the CMAT Exam. According to NTA, the CMAT percentile can be calculated by:

Percentile (P)=

(100 x No. of candidates appeared in the examination with raw marks equal to or less than the candidate) / Total no. of candidates appeared in the CMAT examination that year

For example, suppose 5,000 candidates appeared in the CMAT Exam. And candidate A has got no.1 rank. His CMAT percentile score will be:

100 x 4999/5,000= 99.98

You can also calculate the rank with the formula given below:

Percentile (P)= 5,000 – 1(rank)/5,000 x 100= 99.98

CMAT Rank Allotment

CMAT ranks are allotted on the basis of candidates' CMAT scores. The candidate who scores the highest marks out of 400 among all CMAT test-takers will secure the much-desired All India Rank 1. For example, in CMAT 2019, Navanshu Surendra Sharma and in CMAT 2018 Atul Nimish Kulkarni scored 341/400 and was declared AIR 1.

In case more than one candidate secures the same ranking, the same rank is assigned to all of them but is CMAT displayed in the CMAT rank list by sorting their names alphabetically. For example, if three students get 25th Rank then the subsequent candidate will be ranked as 28th. Sometimes the tie-breaking policy comes into play which is described below.

CMAT Tie-Breaking Policy

If more than one student gets the same score in the CMAT examination, the tie-breaking policy comes into action. The examination authority has adopted this policy for the tie-breaking scenario. The tie-breaking policy is as follows:

  • If more than one candidate scores the same marks, ranks have been allotted to candidates on the basis of the sectional score.
  • Even in some cases, candidates older in age have been given preference.

CMAT 2019 Cutoffs for Top B-Schools

Based on CMAT cut-off, here is a list of some of the top colleges that released their CMAT cut-off for admission.

Top Institutes CMAT 2019 cut-off
Top MBA Colleges Cut-off
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies 99.92 percentile
Goa Institute of Management 99.85 percentile
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai 99.06 percentile
Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi 95.00 percentile


The CMAT percentile calculation formula will not give an exact calculation of percentile always. It will probably give you an idea of what your CMAT percentile be like. And based on this percentile you can predict the colleges you should target strategically.

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